Streaming sites are gaining popularity with every passing day. To meet content requirements specifically for offline viewing, you need to have an efficient programme that let you download videos at your required settings. Amongst various ways, there are online sites to download Hulu videos and some offline software. Both options come with their own set of benefits and drawbacks. We have reviewed the most asked question, “can you download on Hulu”, using different ways. Hence, you can now enjoy your favorite shows offline.

What Is Hulu Offline Service?

Hulu allows paid Hulu members with ads-free access to store videos for later viewing later. If you are away from a Wi-Fi connection or mobile service. You can conveniently play videos in your logged-in Hulu account.

Offline downloads are only available to premium customers to Hulu's No Ads plan. You can avail these plans at different costs. At $12.99 per month, you can save videos to watch later. Moreover, the standard plan is $6.99 per month for fewer features.

The downside to downloading directly from Hulu weighs more than the advantages.

  • Hulu has a limit on the number of downloads. A total of 25 titles may be downloaded to a maximum of five separate devices.
  • It offers restricted days to store the content, which is up to 30 days. Moreover, if you have seen the watch later videos, the download will automatically expire two days after it is first played.

Direct Download Hulu Shows From Website

If you are more concerned about “how to download on Hulu”, the Hulu mobile app now has a new “download” button in the menubar. You can use this button to search for your favorite TV series and movies that are available for offline viewing.

1. Download Hulu mobile app on your Android or iOS.

2. Open the application and choose "see what's downloadable" from the drop-down menu.

3. It will give you the videos that are available to download offline.

4. In addition, when you search for material that can be viewed offline, a download button will appear under or near the video.

5. Click “Download”, and your video will be saved in the “watch offline or watch later” tab.

What Is StreamFab Hulu Downloader?

DVDFab product StreamFab Hulu Downloader comes as an answer to your question, “can you download Hulu shows”. It let you download any video, movie, or television programme from both the Hulu and Hulu JP streaming services. Moreover, it is not just limited to a few streaming sites, but you can also download videos for offline viewing from Youtube, Amazon, Netflix, and 1000+ more websites.

This means that regardless of where you reside, whether in the United States or Japan, as long as you have StreamFab Hulu Downloader installed on your device, you can download your favorite streaming content for offline watching whenever you want.

How To Download Hulu Shows With StreamFab Downloader

Take a break from “can you download shows on Hulu”, and install DVDFab StreamFab Hulu Downloader on your system to conveniently store your favorite shows for offline use. Let’s have a look at a few simple steps to download and install the StreamFab downloader for Hulu.

Download and Install StreamFab

You can download StreamFab and installed it on your computer by visiting its product page. DVDFab offers two different ways to download the software; you can either download the online installer or the offline installer. Later, you can follow the installation steps to complete the installation process.

1. StreamFab Online Installer

You can visit one from both the product page or the download center to download the setup. The online installer is a tiny setup, about 5MB in size. It automatically downloads the additional components once you have installed the main programme.

Can you download on hulu:Download and Install StreamFab

Moreover, every time you wish to install StreamFab with an online installer, you must have an active connection to the Internet. You can keep Online Installer on your hard drive to automatically download the most recent versions or updates of the product.

1. Download the Streamfab Online Installer.

2. Double-click to launch or run the installation setup.

3. Choose "Click to Install". The software will take a few seconds here for it to acquire the necessary download information

4. At this point, the Online Installer begins downloading the necessary installation components. Once all the components are downloaded, it installation process automatically starts. It will create a desktop icon when installation is done and you are good to go.

2. StreamFab Offline Installer

If you prefer the Offline Installer, you can download the setup file from the “Download Centre” page. An offline installer downloads the whole software package in the first attempt. As a result, there is no need for Internet access throughout the subsequent installation operations.

Can you download on hulu:Download and Install StreamFab

Firstly, click on the text link that says "Download the Offline Installer,". It will download the standalone installer for StreamFab to your computer. However, you will be needing an internet connection to download the first file. Later on, when you run the offline installer, the installation will be completed without the need for an active internet connection.

1. Download and install the Offline Installer from the Download Center.

2. Using the Offline Installer, just double-click it, and the installation operations will begin right away.

3. Once the installation is complete, click the “Launch StreamFab”.

Depending on your personal preference and availability of the internet connection and storage space available, you can download the programme using any method; online or offline.

Download Hulu Shows On StreamFab

Let’s directly get into “how to download on Hulu”. You can follow these simple steps to start saving your favorite TV shows and movies from Hulu.

1. Once you are done with installing the Hulu video downloader, click on the desktop icon to launch the programme. It will open up the main screen with a menu at the left.

Can you download on hulu:Download Hulu Shows On StreamFab

2. Click “VIP Streaming” to view all the available sites to download videos. It offers more than 1000 streaming sites to directly download the content for an enhanced viewing experience.

3. Select “Hulu” from the available options. It will open the streaming site into StreamFab's built-in browser. Hence, you do not have to switch browsers just to watch your favorite show offline.

4. Play the content you want to download.

5. Once you will open your desired show, it will give you a “Download” option.

Can you download on hulu:Download Hulu Shows On StreamFab

6. You can either instantly download all episodes or add them to the queue by clicking on “Add To Queue”.

7. On the left side menu, in the “Library” tab, choose “Downloading”. Here, you can see the progress of your tasks. Moreover, you can pause or cancel the download at any time.

Can you download on hulu:Download Hulu Shows On StreamFab

StreamFab Downloader Main Features

In addition to offering downloading from live streaming sites, StreamFab allows users to organize and manage their downloaded content without hassle.

Let’s have a look at the main features of StreamFab Downloader.

720p HD Video Quality

In terms of video quality, you can download Hulu movies, series, and other videos in HD 720p resolution. This video quality offers a fantastic output on the majority of the devices including smartphones, tablets, computers, and other devices.

An EAC3 5.1 Audio Quality

When it comes to the audios, it is up to the consumers to make their own judgments. EAC3 5.1 and AAC 2.0 are the two choices that are currently available in the latest version of StreamFab downloader. As a result, you can customize your audio quality according to your individual requirements.

Mp4 and Other Formats

Speaking of video formats, there are various possibilities to pick from. You can store your downloaded videos in the widely-accepted MP4 format to ensure that they offer compatible playback on any device. In addition to that, MKV is another format to consider, which is also supported by the majority of current electronic gadgets.

No-Ads Subscription Plans

If you subscribe to the Hulu streaming website's Basic Plan, you will be interrupted by advertisements while viewing videos, which is quite inconvenient. To enhance your viewing experience, Hulu Downloader removes all of the advertisements from your video stream.

Custom Audio And Subtitles

Just as you can change your desired audio and subtitles while viewing a live stream, DVDFab StreamFab allows you to customize your subtitle and audio while downloading. StreamFab Hulu Downloader lets you pick all of the audio and subtitle options accessible to meet your viewing expectations.

External SRT File Or Re-encoded Text Subtitles

In addition to having total control over the language of your subtitles, you also have complete control over how they are saved in case you want to use them for other purposes. With StreamFab Hulu Downloader, it is possible to save your subtitles as SRT files or to remux them right inside videos using the Hulu Downloader application.

Batch Download

Regarding downloading method and speed, the Hulu Downloader saves you a great deal of time by enabling you to download films and TV series in batch. Rather than downloading just one video at a time as you would normally do with other alternatives, StreamFab allows you to download the whole series or multiple videos.

Auto-Download Meta Data

When you download a video using Hulu Downloader, the metadata information, such as the movie title, cast, season, episode title, and cover, among other things, is downloaded along with the video. The metadata is exactly what enables you to categorise your films and make them more accessible in the library.

You can also create your own media collection using DVDFab media server, such as PlayerFab.

Convert To Blu-ray

There is another option for people who have a standalone Blu-ray player or UHD player at home and want to view the Hulu material they have downloaded. You may burn the files to Blu-ray discs and watch them on your home theatre system, which has a bigger screen.

It also makes the process of creating standard Blu-ray discs with attractive menus much simpler, as this Hulu downloader software allows you to automatically import the downloaded videos into DVDFab Blu-ray Creator from DVDFab, which allows you to turn them into standard Blu-ray discs with attractive menus.

That being said, DVDFab offers a full range of products to fulfil your media needs in one place. For instance, you have got convert, players, ripper, live streaming download, media library, and much more in one place.

Moreover, if you are an existing DVDFab user, you can get additional modules or products at lower price.


Amongst a wide range of options, it is difficult to choose a product that goes above and beyond your expectation. That is not the case with DVDFab StreamFab player. The advanced features it offers, unlike other programmes, is that it comes with a built-in browser. It eliminates the need for you to switch between different browsers while downloading. Hence, speaking of performance, quality, and ease of use, you can get your hands of StreamFab or an allrounder creating, editing, downloadingn, and convnerting needs.


1. Can you download Hulu on Windows 10?

In addition to being created specifically for Windows, the programme has a number of useful features that make streaming from a laptop or desktop computer a breeze. The software is completely free to use. You will, however, need to buy a membership in order to begin streaming.

2. Can you download movies on hulu for offline viewing?

At the moment, Hulu does not let you download your favourite episodes and movies to your computer’s local storage. To hulu download offline videos, you will be needing a third-party software to download and store vidoes on your computer for offline viewing.

3. Can I download Hulu shows with StreamFab free?

StreamFab offers the basic features in its free or standard versions. However, you will be needing a subscription to live stream your favorite shows from streaming sites like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many more to download unlimited vidoes for free.