Where to Find CBS All Access On Roku?

Where exactly users can find CBS All Access Roku TV provider for a viewing? Well, this section will tell you everything in detail. Read below to know more.

1. Paramount Plus

A few years ago, users could view all new shows from CBS on the CBS All Access app. But that app does not exist now. It has been restored by the Paramount Plus app. All the original shows from CBS that users used to see on the All Access app (such as Star Trek: Discovery or The Good Fight) are now on Paramount Plus. Fortunately, users can download videos from Paramount Plus. Remember that users will conduct paramount login and have an account for Paramount Plus separately.

Now, go to either the Streaming Channels or Search tab of your Roku's homepage and search for Paramount. Once Paramount Plus is displayed in the search results, tap on it and then click Add channel. Users can then open the app and sign into their Paramount Plus account to begin watching CBS content.

cbs all access roku:1. Paramount Plus

2. Live TV Apps

Users can also get CBS content with the help of any one of the live TV subscription packages, such as Hulu + Live TV. Hulu allows users to watch almost any channel that they would want with a basic cable package, including CBS. Hulu has its own Roku apps that users can find and download just like other apps. In addition to this, users can also get Hulu on Nintendo Switch and different other devices.

cbs all access roku:2. Live TV Apps

3. Official Apps

There are a lot of Roku apps linked with CBS. But the only three that users need to look out for are CBS Sports Stream & Watch Live, CBS, and CBS News.

  • CBS Sports Stream & Watch Live: This app is a free app and allows users to stream live shows and sporting events from CBS Sports Network, CBS, and Paramount Plus. This comprises games from the PGA Championship, NCAA Basketball, NFL, and more. Is CBS All Access free on Roku? Well, some content is free, but users will need a cable provider for some programs or shows.
  • CBS: This is a free app that offers users access to a curated list of CBS shows. The episodes and shows available change frequently, hence do not expect anything you find to remain permanently. If users pay for cable, they can also sign into their cable provider account to stream live TV from their local CBS station and unlock more content. Once done, users can then perform the CBS All Access cancel Roku process.
  • CBS News: This app also allows users to watch live CBS news shows without requiring a cable connection or an account. It airs 24/7 and comprises local updates and world news, along with sports coverage and entertainment. All of these apps allow users to watch CBS. To find them, just look for CBS in either the Streaming Channels or Search section of Roku's homepage.

cbs all access roku:3. Official Apps

How To Watch CBS All Access On Roku?

To watch CBS All Access on your Roku Smart TV or Roku streaming device, users will require a subscription to CBS All Access. Once done, follow the below steps.

Step 1: With the help of the Roku remote, click the Home button.

Step 2: Now, choose the Search Channels in the left sidebar.

Step 3: Look for CBS. When CBS All Access is shown in the search results, tap on it and then choose the Add Channel option.

Step 4: Once the app is installed, click OK.

Step 5: Click the Home button one more time.

Step 6: Search for CBS All Access in your list of installed apps and click it.

Step 7: Login and users can begin watching CBS on their Roku.

cbs all access roku:How To Watch CBS All Access On Roku?

How to Watch And Download Paramount Plus Videos?

Paramount+ is available via the Paramount+ app for Android and iOS, online at its official website, and on a plethora of other platforms. Users can also download favorite videos from Paramount Plus for offline watching. It is possible to download Paramount Plus shows and movies. If you are a Premium user, users can store broadcasts for offline watching. This feature, on the other hand, has limitations. Unrestricted usage of a third-party tool is needed in such a case. With a video downloader, it is easy to download classic tv shows and movies from Paramount Plus.

Features of StreamFab Paramount Plus Downloader

StreamFab Paramount Plus Downloader is an extraordinary third-party downloading tool that allows users to conduct Paramount Plus download for offline viewing. It is designed for both macOS and Windows systems and is compatible with all macOS and Windows versions.

Below are some features of StreamFab Paramount Plus Downloader. Have a look:

  • Advanced technology
  • Highest video quality of 1080p
  • Download videos and live tv from Paramount Plus
  • Various soundtracks available for audiophiles
  • Transfer videos to any device
  • Deletes ads from the downloaded videos
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible video format
  • In-built browser
  • Friendly UI
  • Batch download mode

How to download videos from Paramount Plus?

Follow the below steps to know how to use StreamFab Paramount Plus Downloader.

Step 1: Download and open the tool. Tap the VIP Services section on the left. Now, on the right, open the Paramount website from the supported services.

cbs all access roku:How to download videos from Paramount Plus?

Step 2: Next, users can log in to their account and search for their favorite movie or show. Once you click on the web series, the tool will analyze the content. Once the analyzing is finished, the tool will offer you different options to download the series.

cbs all access roku:How to download videos from Paramount Plus?

Step 3: Select the episode that you wish to download. Do download subtitles and change other settings, select the video quality, audio, and subtitle from the lost. Once done, click on the Download Now option to begin downloading of your video.

cbs all access roku:How to download videos from Paramount Plus?

How To Solve If CBS Not Working Roku?

If you are facing CBS All Access not working on the Roku issue, then below are some solutions that you can try.

1. Completely restart your Roku device

If you are using a Roku player, then users need to go to Settings and click System. Next, click the System restart option. If you are using a Roku TV, then go to Settings and click System and choose the Power option. Next, click the System restart option. Once this is done, users need to unplug their Roku device, wait for some time, plug it back in, and turn it on to check if the issue is resolved.

2. Update Roku

To update your Roku device, click on the Home button on the Roku remote. Now, scroll to Settings and click System. Here, select System update and right-click the Check Now option.

3. Check device requirements

Even though the service provider may mention compatibility with Roku devices, chances are high that outdated versions of media players or Roku TVs are not supported. To check this out, users must raise this query to either Roku or CBS support services.


What's Paramount Plus?

Paramount Plus is a video-on-demand subscription service in the United States helmed by Paramount Global. The programming by service comes mostly from Paramount Media Networks, CBS Media Ventures, and Paramount Pictures, even though it also comprises live streaming sports coverage, original films and series, and, in the US, live streaming of local CBS broadcasts stations.

The platform was initially launched in October 2014 in the United States under the name CBS All Access. In 2020, it was officially declared that the platform will relaunch as Paramount Plus in 2021, using the name of a film studio.

How Much Does Paramount Plus Cost?

The Essential Plan (ad-based) comes for a price tag of $4.99 per month and $49.99 per year. The Premium Plan (ad-free) comes for a price tag of $9.99 per month and $99.99 per year. Paramount Plus provides two plans for users to select from.

Both plans comprise access to some live sports and the on-demand library of the platform, even though the Essential Plan shows ads while watching on-demand content. The Premium Plan offers an ad-free experience for on-demand programs together with live access to local CBS stations. Since CBS streaming is live, regular ads are still included.

How many people can watch Paramount Plus at the same time?

It just refers to how many users can stream multiple contents simultaneously using the Paramount Plus plan. The easy answer to this question is 3. While users can have as many profiles as possibly linked to their account for Paramount Plus but only 3 accounts are allowed to stream simultaneously. In addition to this, it means that Paramount Plus can be streamed with one subscription on up to 3 devices. This is not a big issue, as premium streaming platforms let users stream up to three streams at the same time.

Does Paramount+ have a free trial?

Yes. When users sign up for the streaming platform, users will get 7 free days before the beginning of their subscription. This is about comparable to most other streaming platforms. If users select to discontinue the platform before the end of their free trial, there is no issue. In addition to this, if users opt to maintain Paramount+ after the free trial, they will start to incur charges.


In short, we just had a look at different places where users can get CBS All Access Roku for free. We also had a look at solutions if users are facing CBS All Access not working on the Roku issue. Lastly, we saw that users can Paramount Plus download using StreamFab Paramount Plus Downloader. The tool is an exceptional third-party downloading program that allows users to download any television program or movie from Paramount Plus for offline viewing.