Online streaming has been the biggest turnaround speaking of entertainment. The days of DVDs are long gone since the dawn of online streaming sites. Vimeo is one of the online streaming platforms for sharing videos in the same manner that YouTube and other video-sharing sites do. However, if you wish to download Vimeo to Mp4, there are potential chances of some restrictions. For instance, you cannot directly download content from the Vimeo website, rather it allows you to save or download videos in your Vimeo account, like YouTube – here comes a need for an efficient video downloader that lets you download videos that you can store on your local storage.

What is Vimeo?

Vimeo stands apart from other video-sharing websites because it allows users to submit high-definition videos with a resolution of 1280 by 700 pixels. In addition, after the video has been posted, Vimeo will automatically convert it to HD quality for you. When a user switches to the HD version of the video, they can see a more detailed video, which is unrivaled by the standard video hosting websites. Generally, the uploaded video is split into two files: one has a high-definition resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels, while the other has a standard resolution of 720 by 480 pixels.

In addition to that, Vimeo offers you two most unique advantages unlike its rivals, including:

  • You can enjoy a wonderful added layer of protection for your films with its ability to set passwords for the videos.
  • Vimeo is the only platform that does not use ads on its content.

These features count as important factors that contribute to Vimeo's popularity not just among consumers but also among producers from all around the globe.

But the question is still the same, How To Download Vimeo To Mp4?

Can I Download and Convert Vimeo To Mp4 Videos?

Where Vimeo allows users to contribute their creative videos to the platform, downloading, on the other hand, is not always possible. This is especially the case in particular circumstances, for instance;

  • You can download videos on your local storage to watch offline, edit, or share.
  • If you add the video to the "watch later" list on Vimeo, and the contributor deletes the video, you will not be able to play the video.

Therefore, if you wish to download Vimeo to mp4 videos for offline viewing, you need third-party software or an online resource to save videos for watching later. That being said, then what is the best Vimeo video downloader for Mac and Windows?

Amongst a plethora of options, finding the best video downloader can become daunting. Considering crucial factors like video quality, subtitles, and formats, not every video downloader is the right choice. Moreover, to play your downloaded Vimeo videos or to keep the quality intact you need to use a good video player for the best compatibility and format support. Moreover, if you want better organization and access to all your media files in one place for an enhanced watching experience, a professional video player comes in handy. How to Download Vimeo to MP4?

To help you choose the right video downloader, we have created this guide to walk you through various Vimeo to Mp4 video downloading options.

Let’s have a closer look at the best online video downloaders, Vimeo to mp4 converter mac, and dedicated software like StreamFab. These options come with their own set of benefits and downsides.

1. StreamFab Downloader: Best Tool To Download Vimeo To Mp4

StreamFab is a professional video downloader that is compatible with both Windows and Mac. It allows you to download streaming videos from thousands of different websites, including YouTube, Facebook, and many more.

In addition, it offers an easy-to-use user interface along with quick navigation that let you download videos in different ways.

VIP Streaming Services

Let’s have a look at how to download Vimeo to MP4 videos using StreamFab all-in-one downloader.

1. Go to the StreamFab website and download StreamFab Downloader. Click the “click to install” button to start the process. Moreover, if you are looking for a Vimeo to mp4 converter mac, it is capable of supporting both the Windows and MAC OS.

Vimeo To Mp4:1. StreamFab Downloader: Best Tool To Download Vimeo To Mp4

2. Open StreamFab and go to the “YouTube” tab in the left menu.

Vimeo To Mp4:1. StreamFab Downloader: Best Tool To Download Vimeo To Mp4

3. Choose Vimeo and log in to your account.

Vimeo To Mp4:1. StreamFab Downloader: Best Tool To Download Vimeo To Mp4

4. Play the video you want to download, and it will show you the “Download Pop-up”. Here, you can adjust the settings for audio and videos like resolution, format, subtitles, etc. Once done, click the “Start” button to begin the downloading.

Vimeo To Mp4:1. StreamFab Downloader: Best Tool To Download Vimeo To Mp4

As simple as that, you can also download MP4 movies from over a thousand other prominent websites with StreamFab downloader.

In addition, StreamFab gives you another alternative to download videos quickly. What if you already have a link to your favorite Vimeo video

Paste URL Downloading

On the main screen, click the “Paste URL” option at the top right.

  1. Copy the link to the video you want to download.
  2. Click the “Paste URL” button.
  3. Paste the link in the “Input Video URL”.

Vimeo To Mp4:1. StreamFab Downloader: Best Tool To Download Vimeo To Mp4

  1. Choose your desired format and quality, along with subtitles.
  2. Click the “Download” button to proceed.

Downloading videos from Vimeo and other streaming sites in HD was never that easy. StreamFab downloader offers ease of use and ultimate functionality with its nifty useful features.

2. Download Vimeo to MP4 Videos From Vimeo

Not that Vimeo does not let you download videos directly from the website. Although, it comes with a few limitations and restrictions like the downloaded videos are not stored on your local storage. Moreover, if the original video is deleted by the creator, you cannot watch the video.

  1. Go to the Vimeo website and log in to your account.
  2. Play the video in your desired quality.
  3. Click the download button visible near the video.


  • Quick, easy, and simple to use.
  • No third-party software is required.
  • Offers safe and secure downloading.
  • You can download videos for free.


  • Depending on the creator's settings, some videos do not have the download feature.

3. Chrome Extension to Download Vimeo to MP4 Videos

If you are using and prefer downloading videos using the Chrome browser, you can use an extension for Chrome called "Vimeo video downloader" to effortlessly download embedded videos with only one click.

  1. Go to the Chrome Web Store, and install the "Vimeo video downloader” extension
  2. Play the video on the Vimeo website.
  3. Click the "Download" button near the video.

Vimeo To Mp4:3. Chrome Extension to Download Vimeo to MP4 Videos


  • Do not require additional software.
  • It offers a free downloading option.


  • The video resolution is not high-end.
  • After downloading the pixels distort.


To summarize, both Mac and Windows users have access to a variety of download options for Vimeo films. However, you will need to discover one that satisfies all of your requirements in a single place. StreamFab Downloader makes it possible to download videos from Vimeo in a flash and with no effort, all without affecting the quality or compatibility of the files. Besides, StreamFab is also able to download Disney movies free. If you do not want to compromise on video quality and performance, StreamFab is an efficient video downloader to meet all your entertainment and content needs.