Looking for the best solution for 'No Valid Source is available for this video' Error?

Have you recently bought a DVD of your favorite movie, but you cannot copy it to your computer or smartphone? This is particularly due to file encryption through copy protection. No matter where you buy your DVD, either from an online store like Amazon or a local shop, you might face a 'No Valid sources are available for this video android,' or 'no valid sources are available for this video Android' error since these DVDs are either region code locked or DRM encrypted. DVD copy protection prevents the users from copying the disc for commercial use or distribution. These days, numerous ways of DVD copy protection are available. Various DVD copying protections will be discussed in this article. Furthermore, we will also discuss the best ways to get rid of copy protection from DVDs. And if you need to find the best-performing laptop with DVD player, you may refer to this article to explore more.

Reasons for the 'No Valid Source is available for this Video' Error

While playing a video on Software programs like Handbrake, you might experience an error message popping up. This may be "incorrect file format," "Copy-protected content," or "No valid sources are available for this video." However, apart from these errors, many other reasons may cause 'No valid sources are available for this video in chrome,' or 'No good sources are available for Pornhub's.

:Reasons for the 'No Valid Source is available for this Video' Error

Let us go through the possible reasons behind these errors one by one.

Copy Protection

DVD Copy protection is undoubtedly the main reason for errors like 'no valid sources are available for this video chrome,' or 'no valid sources are available for this video android.' Programs like Handbrake are not designed efficiently enough to get rid of DRM and therefore cannot rip copy-protected DVDs like UOP, CSS, Sony ARccOS, DRM, RCE, etc. Copy protection has many advanced types, and these types include the following:

  1. Analogue Protection system (APS)
  2. Region Code
  3. Content Scramble System (CSS)
  4. User Operation Prohibition (UOP)
  5. Region Code Enhanced (RCE)
  6. Fair Play
  7. High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection
  8. Sony ARccOS

Ripping a copy-protected DVD with Handbrake is not possible unless you use a third-party decrypter like libdvdcss. However, software like DVDFab Passkey for DVD and WinX DVD Ripper Platinum are pretty efficient in removing all kinds of copy protection and ripping your DVD to your device without any hassle.

Invalid input source

Another possible reason behind the 'no valid sources are available for this video' error might be that the source file is incompatible with your software program. The input source file may not be valid or supported by programs like Handbrake. It is suggested to see if your source file is in MKV format or not. And if it is, you should remix it with mkvmerge GUI.

Wrong VLC version

The Bit number of VLC should be corresponding to the bit number of the Handbrake. For example, if you have a 32-bit Handbrake, the VLC player should also be 32 Bit. Similarly, 64 Bit VLC for 64-bit Software programs.

The program is not Updated

When your DVD player software program is out of date or not updated, you might face errors loading your videos. To fix these kinds of bugs, it is highly recommended to download the latest version of the software.

File permissions turned off

One of the many possible reasons behind errors like 'no valid sources are available for this video' can be your file permissions being turned off. Turning on the "share and permissions" may allow your software, such as Handbrake, to read the source file without any hassle.

Ways to Remove Copy Protection from DVD

If you are a HandBrake user and the above-listed problems and solutions are not working for you, it might be the right time to jump to another software that works as no good sources are available for this video fix and is capable of removing the copy protection from your DVD.

Let's move ahead and find out which tools are capable of removing the copy protection from DVDs, and then we will further discuss the pros and cons of those software programs.

DVDFab Passkey for DVD

:DVDFab Passkey for DVD

Are you looking for a tool that is capable of fixing 'no valid sources are available for this video' error? DVDFab Passkey for DVD is updated software that can read almost all kinds of DVDs and quickly remove the protections and region code restrictions without causing any damage to the original DVD quality. It has been tested several times and is more effective than any other software of the same kind available throughout the market. So, it can be regarded as the best software for DVD copy protection removal. This software uses a Windows-based driver that constantly keeps on updating to remain in touch with the latest types of DVD protections. Therefore, it offers the latest decryption methods, features, and technologies.

Now let's find out how to use DVDFab Passkey for DVD to decrypt and rip DVDs to an ISO image or your Hard drive.

Ripping DVD with DVDFab Passkey for DVD

Step 1

  • Install DVDFab Passkey for DVD.
  • Click on the option "Start DVDFab Passkey."

          i  Free Download   

Step 2

  • Insert your DVD or Blu-Ray into the Drive.
  • The software analyzes the DVD or Blu-Ray source and removes the protection automatically.

Once the copy protection is removed, you will see some general information related to the removed copy protection.


  • Can rip decrypted DVDs to hard disk or ISO Image
  • Constantly keeps on updating
  • Provide flexible settings
  • 30-day free trial available


  • Not free to use
  • Doesn't deal with Cinavia and DRM

DVDFab DVD Cinavia Removal

dvdfab dvd cinavia removal feature 1

What is Cinavia? It is an analogue watermarking and steganography system called Verance Copy Management System for Audio Visual Content (VCMS/AV). It is a type of Copy protection system that is quite difficult to remove. However, DVDFab DVD Cinavia Removal can help you eliminate DVD copy protection like Cinavia watermarks. This software, integrated into the DVD Copy (will be discussed in the next section) module and the Full Disc / Main Movie mode for now, is able to produce a lossless AC3 audio track as a replacement once it removes the Cinavia watermark from your audio DVD.

Let's discuss the steps involved in removing the Cinavia watermark from the DVD.

Step 1

  • Download and install DVD Cinavia Removal software.

i  Free Download    i  Free Download  

Step 2

  • Launch the app and choose the Copy module's Main Movie / Full Disc mode. Then insert the Cinavia affected DVD disc into the drive for reading and analysis.
  • After DVDFab reads and analyzes the DVD disc, select the audio track with the Cinavia watermark from the audio section, and click on the Cinavia logo to make sure that a slash appears over the icon.

dvdfab dvd cinavia removal guide 2

Step 3

  • Select the directory
  • Click the 'Start' Button

The last step will begin a conversation to provide a backup to the Cinavia cleared DVD.


  • The only software that can remove Cinavia watermarks completely and permanently.
  • Remove Cinavia seamlessly and automatically
  • Easy to use and user-friendly interface
  • Without damaging the original quality


  • Not free


DVDFab DVD Copy is an easy-to-use and free alternative to HandBrake. It is compatible with both Windows and MacOS. This software can remove any DVD copy protection, including RC, RCE, APS, UOPs, ARccOS, RipGuard, Fake Playlist (99 titles), etc. Furthermore, with its exclusive Cloud Decryption Service, it can decrypt newly purchased encrypted DVD discs timely and quickly. This software doesn't require any third-party software like libdvdcss to decrypt the DVDs. With DVDFab DVD Copy, you can easily copy your DVDs to a blank disc or ISO/folder on HDD with no loss of quality.

i  Free Download   i  Free Download  


  • Remove any DVD copy protection to make DVD copy possible
  • Copy DVD with six copy mode
  • Lossless backup in batch at lightning-fast speed
  • Provide customized options


  • 30-day free trial


Are you tired of that pornhub 'no valid sources are available for this video' error pop-ups? There might be several reasons why your android or OS cannot load and play your videos. In this article, we have gone through all possible reasons behind error loading videos, among which DVD copy protection stands as the main reason. Furthermore, we have also discussed the best tools like DVDFab DVD Copy software that can help in removing copy protections from DVDs.


1. How to fix the error "No valid sources are available for this video chrome"?

If you are facing the error "no valid sources are available for this video in chrome," it is possible that your chrome version might not be updated to the latest one. So, the possible solution to this error is upgrading your chrome to its latest version.

2. What might be the possible reason behind the "Pornhub No valid sources are available for this video" error?

No valid sources are available for this video pornhub error usually occurs when you live in a region where the pornhub site is restricted. Except for copy protection, slow-speed Internet, old-version media player, or cache data dragging on your browser will also trigger the "Pornhub No valid sources are available for this video" error.