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Download Periscope Videos With Online/Software/App Tools

2020-04-19 10:05:46

   Posted by Nicole


Summary: You must be extremely familiar with YouTube, Facebook, or Vimeo, etc. In this article, we are going to introduce you the Periscope platform and show you how to download Periscope videos with online, software and app tools.

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You may always head to YouTube, Vimeo, or Dailymotion, etc., for video watching, however, Periscope is also a good place for video watching and even for broadcasting. This is also the reason why Periscope can compete with these popular social websites. If you have never heard of this platform, then maybe you can dive in to learn more about it.


Part 1: What is Periscope used for?


Aiming to let users share their life better with the world, Periscope offers people, different from other social platforms, an opportunity to communicate with other people by broadcasting. This platform makes it possible for broadcasting viewers to participate in what’s happening in the video and also allows them to talk with the broadcaster by leaving comments as well as give likes to the video. Furthermore, you can watch both the live streaming videos and those broadcast videos in this Periscope platform. To put it simply, you will not miss out on anything shown on this platform.


Part 2: What features does Periscope have?

Interactive viewing experience: While watching video streams, viewers can “heart” the video they like and can even “talk” with the person who is broadcasting through the comments or chat function.

Share the streaming video: Aside from watching video streams and giving “heart” to these videos, you can also share the broadcast video to Facebook and Twitter. Another thing that worth pointing out is that you can copy a video link and find the other videos list posted by the same broadcaster.

Download video stream: It is possible for you to save your video stream on your own device after finishing your video broadcasting in case there is no record once the video is expired.


Part 3: How to download Periscope videos?

As we have mentioned above that the Periscope platform allows you to save the streaming videos on your own device. Then here comes the question that is how to download Periscope videos. The good news is that numerous tools can help you with this stuff because of the developing techniques. Well, the bad news is not all of these tools are efficient to help you with it. But don’t worry. We have weeded through the best tools for you, including online tools, software, as well as an app.

Section 1: Download Periscope videos with DVDFab Video Downloader software


If you are searching for an expert video downloader software to help you download Periscope videos, then DVDFab Video Downloader is your second-to-none choice. For starter, this video downloader software is compatible with both windows-running and mac-running computers. And it is super powerful and professional supporting users to download high-quality videos from more than 1000 social websites. In addition, to help you download videos at a fast speed, a turbo-speed button is designed on this Periscope video downloader. Now, let’s check out the detailed using steps of it.


Step 1: Get this video downloader software on your computer

Like always, get the Periscope video downloader first. Click the below button to download and install it following the guidance.


 i Free Download       i  Free Download  


Step 2: Find your preferred video

Startup this software and then find a video. There are two ways offered for you to do this. Let’s check out the first one: find your video through an URL. You can open the website page of Periscope on the browser and then copy a video URL and then paste it onto the searching bar of DVDFab Video Downloader.

Alternatively, you can use the built-in explorer to find a preferred Periscope video instead of using the browser.


Step 3: Play and download the video

Once you did, please click to play it while a download icon shall show up. Tap on this download icon and then select a video resolution you like. As a result, the Periscope video will start to download. By the way, if you want to check the downloading process, please go for the Downloading button on the navigational column.


Up to now, you have grasped all the key steps of downloading Periscope videos. If you want to get more detailed information about how to download stream videos with this video downloader, please feel free to click here.


Section 2: Download Periscope videos with the PSCP online video tool


There are so many great broadcast videos to watch on the Periscope platform. So the best online tool to get these videos on your computer is to try this PSCP online video downloader. It helps you download videos from Periscope fast and easy. All we need is a video line, even live stream. But only a small piece of 15 seconds is available when downloading a live video stream.

Step 1: Open the website page of Periscope by a browser. Then target a video that you are into.

Step 2: Copy its video link and paste it to the search area of the PSCP online video downloader

Step 3: Tap on the GO button and then the “Download” one to initiate the downloading process.


This online Periscope video downloader is easy to use. No question. But one of the big shortcomings of it is that you are not allowed to select the video output format as well as the video resolution.


Section 3: Download Periscope videos with a third-party app


To download Periscope videos on your phone, we are glad to recommend you a third-party application named Scopedown to help you deal with it. This application allows you to download Periscope videos in the “.ts” format and also to choose a folder location where you want to save the videos. Below are the steps of using this Periscope video downloader app.

Step 1: Select the desired video on Periscope and then tap on the “Share Broadcast” button

Step 2: Choose the option of “Copy URL”

Step 3: Paste the URL link on the download area. Last, press down the “download” button.

A moment later you shall find the downloaded Periscope video on your phone.

Note: An extra player tool is needed if you want to play the downloaded Periscope video on your phone. That’s because a codec is necessary to playback the “.ts” format file.


Part 4: Bottom Line

Periscope platform has strengthened the intimacy between the broadcaster and the viewers and has made the video watching a more interesting thing. Use the Periscope video downloader software, an online video downloader, or a third-party app to download Periscope videos for offline watching.

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