When, by 2022, more than 82% of internet traffic has been generated from online videos, and on an average, a person has spent around 100 minutes per day watching online videos, you have probably got an idea about how demanding, popular, and impeccable any Twitter video could be in your social media world. So, before getting into the most effective two ways to download Twitter video iOS or any other device with the smartest solution of StreamFab All-in-One downloader along with another online downloading option, let's have a quick look at why Twitter has become so inseparable and indispensable in your life and what kind of Twitter videos are there to ensure your indispensible accessibility to Twitter world.

What are the most unavoidable advantages of Twitter Temptations?

  • From any business perspective, there will be nothing more convenient and convincing than Twitter having 6000 tweets watched per day, to reach your valuable consumers with their useful insights.
  • In the business world, providing consistent customer support through tweets and having instant reactions on any of your products or services with Twitter responses have made a revolutionary change in company-consumer interaction.
  • Banding business, building personality, and spreading awareness of any personal thoughts or information, no tool would be more powerful than a click and tweet.
  • With the "neighborly" same community twitter environment and "Tweet-ups" face-to-face meetings platform, you can stay connected to the entire world with one click.
  • You can always stay informed and updated with the community posts, including weather or traffic reports, local news, restaurant views, special events, etc.
  • Twitter is a very smart and advanced way to have learning insights and inputs relevant to your specific field of interest or profession.

What are twitter videos all about to double up your Twitter advantages?

In the ocean of online video content, Twitter has taken its baby steps a little later. However, its late entry into the online video industry opens up more opportunities for your unique exposure and outlook to the entire world. To be distinct and appealing with your versatile video vision, nothing would be more welcoming than the evolving new era of Twitter videos. So, to make the most out of this platform, you have to be aware of certain specifications of Twitter videos.

  • The maximum video length should be 30 seconds.
  • Supported video formats for mobile are Mp4 and MOV.
  • Supported video format for web Mp4 with h.264 codec along with AAC audio.
  • The maximum uploaded video file size is 512MB.
  • The minimum video resolution is 32×32, and the maximum resolution is 1920×1200 & 1200 × 1900.
  • The maximum bitrate is 25Mbps & maximum frame rate is 40 fps.
  • The aspect ratio of the video is 1:2.39-2.39:1.

So, when you know how inevitable the whole Twitter world is in terms of your personal and professional world and what specifications of Twitter videos would live up to your requirements, it's time to save them in your offline world with the best quality Twitter video download iOS or any devices. Like any other social media download, Twitter video download would always help you to head in the right direction while making the most out of your favorite Twitter videos. So, let's begin with the two options to download Twitter videos iOS, Android, and computer.

1) Download Twitter Video iOS: With StreamFab All-in-One

download twitter video ios:1) Download Twitter Video iOS: With StreamFab All-in-One

To download any Twitter video on any of your Windows or Mac PC for its further use through any of your Android and iOS devices, nothing would be more convenient than the utmost flexible and customizable features of StreamFab All-in-One downloader.

While downloading any video from any social media platform, unless and until you save them with your specification and customization, they will be in no use for your later personal and professional use. And when Twitter is all about information and communication, the customization of your download is a must-have in your downloader. So, let's have a look at what will make your Twitter downloads more useful and appealing for their future use.


  • The built-in browsing option allows finding Twitter videos inside this downloading platform.
  • Download videos between 720p to 1080p resolution with EAC3 5.1, AC3 5.1, or AAC 2.0 audio quality.
  • Save your Twitter downloads in Mp4 format to access them on any Android or iOS device.
  • Simply skip ads while downloading videos.
  • Download any of your favorite Twitter videos with your required closed caption and metadata.
  • You can download multiple videos in one go within 10 to 20 minutes.
  • You can also burn your Twitter downloads to the Blu-ray disc collection while saving the storage space of your devices.

How to download Twitter Video iOS using Streamfab All-In-One?

Step 1: Downloading Downloader

download twitter video ios:How to download Twitter Video iOS using Streamfab All-In-One?

After downloading & installing the downloader on your PC, you must go to the "Streaming service" option shown on the left column of the page.

Step 2: Sign-in & select the video

After launching the downloader, you need to locate the Twitter website from the website list under the "popular video site" option shown on the right side of the page and then sign up to your official Twitter account and then find the video to download.

Step 3: Play & download

After selecting the video to download, you must play the video and select all of your required metadata and audio track to save while downloading the video. Finally, to initiate the downloading process click on the "Download Now" option.

2) Twitter Video Downloader

download twitter video ios:2) Twitter Video Downloader

Twitter Video Downloader is one of the most convenient online options to download Twitter videos on iOS, Android, and computers with the easiest copy-paste downloading features. When, among 229 million active users, approximately 43% of users access Twitter through their mobile phones with this online hassle-free downloading process, you can download any of your required tweet videos with a few clicks. So, let's see the highlighting features of this online downloader.


  • Since this is an online downloader, there is no downloading, installation, or registration hassle.
  • Along with the Twitter video, you can download Twitter GIFs with this online downloader.
  • This downloader is compatible with almost all devices and all operating systems.
  • All videos will be saved in Mp4 format.
  • Videos will be saved directly from Twitter CDN.

How to download Twitter Videos?

Step 1: Open Twitter & Copy Link

download twitter video ios:How to download Twitter Videos?

Go to Twitter, and then go to the tweet that has your required Tweet videos that you like to download. Now, you need to copy the link to the Tweet containing the video.

Steps 2: Two ways to copy link

download twitter video ios:How to download Twitter Videos?

Option 1: To copy the link, you can click on the tweet & copy the URL from the browser's address bar.

Option 2: Hit on the three dots icon & next, tap on the "copy link to tweet" option, and to copy the link address, you must right-click on the Tweet link.

Step 3: Complete download

download twitter video ios:How to download Twitter Videos?

Now, paste the URL in the given input URL box of this downloader & hit on the "Download" option.

So, when you have the two most easy, effective, and useful options to download Twitter videos iOS, Android, and Computer, it is high time to make your move fast to capture exclusive video content on Twitter since these videos are available on this platform for a limited period.


What does the Twitter Archive stand for?

The Twitter archive is a newly added feature of Twitter that allows you to download the entire index of your Tweets, including retweets, followers, replies, lists, etc. Along with this Twitter, the archive allows you to browse your first tweet to download.

What are the dedicated Twitter downloaders for iOS and Android?

To download Twitter videos from the app iOS, you can try the given software.

  • MyMedia
  • Video Downloader Pro

These two high-end software are dedicated to iOS download twitter videos.

Here you go with the two Twitter downloaders for Android devices.

  • Twitter Video downloader App for Android
  • Download Twitter videos.

What are some exclusive facts about Twitter?

  • Twitter refers to a short inconsequential burst of information.
  • The founding team of Twitter used to be called "Jitter" and later, it was called "Terrible"
  • The core concept of the multimillion-dollar company Twitter was discussed in a playground by one of its creators named Jack Dorsey.

Last Lead

So, talking about Twitter video downloaders with this article, it has been pretty clear how powerful and important the chirp of this small bird is to keep connected and updated with the rest of the world. So, this is high time to save every single chirp of this bluebird in your offline world to download Twitter videos iOS, Android, Desktop, or Laptop. Your one step with Streamfab Twitter downloader would keep you time ahead in the execution of your thoughts.