Eminem is hands down the greatest rapper alive and a living legend. He doesn’t write songs, he writes fire, and his flow makes him look like a dragon who is burning everything in its sight. Slim shady was off the radar for quite a time, but now our man is back with a bang with two crazy albums, Revival and Kamikaze. Let us walk you through the latest Eminem songs which are nothing short of awesome!!

Part 1: The Latest Songs by Eminem

Fall ft. Justin Vernon

Eminem didn’t receive much appreciation for his last album Revival, and thus people were saying that maybe the real slim shady can’t stand up now. But Eminem being Eminem dropped a bombshell when he announced and released a new album out of the blue. Fall is one song through which he DESTROYED mumble rappers and took a diss at Joe Budden. I think he just took the pen and wrote down his frustration and killed all the people who were doubting his skills with this one and is one of the latest songs of Eminem which is worth listening to.

The Ringer

The ringer is also a latest Eminem song from his album Kamikaze in which he disses rappers like Vince Staples, Lil Pump, Lil Xan, Lil Yachty and even the current POTUS Donald Trump. He tears Lil Pump and Lil Xan to pieces (after songs like Gucci gang they deserved it tbh) by saying that all they are just two mumble rappers trying to copy Lil Wayne. He also throws shade at Vince staple and said there would be an article in the Full magazine about him if Em spits out his anger.

Not Alike ft. Royce Da 5’9”

Eminem really has apparently had enough of everyone, and as we know him, the rap god doesn't keep his mouth shut and says what he wants. In this song, Eminem talks about he is one of the greatest, and there's no one like him. But the reason this latest Eminem song became a hot topic is that he dissed Machine Gun Kelly and asked him to say a thing to his face and not be a coward. MGK made a diss track of his own, and it’s just added fuel to the fire.


Well, I really don't need to tell you what this latest Eminem song is about but this he literally showed why he is arguably the greatest rapper of all time. He takes a jab at those rappers who compare themselves to him and fires back at Ja rule for his 2002 diss that really was really offensive to his daughter who was just seven years old at that time. He says that he is a big guy who didn't take offense from that diss.


Eminem has been in bad relations, and everyone knows that. In this latest track, Eminem literally vents out his anger and frustration about how toxic his relationship was and to be honest, and he says everything that every man wants to say to a psychotic girl who has a problem with everything we do. So, he asks girls why girls can’t act normal and be normal. He may get a lot of heat for this but when doesn’t he.

Lucky You ft. Joyner Lucas

I guess the sole purpose of Eminem to launch Kamikaze was to diss everyone who has ever doubted him and also is putting the future of hip-hop in danger. In this latest song, Eminem kills every mumble rapper out there. He talked about ghost writers and how the modern rappers lack the depth in their lyrics. He crushed everyone with his powerful lyrics and told them he's back to fuck them over.

River ft. Ed Sheeran

This song was like a dream come true for all the audiophiles and in general for everyone who loves music. Ed Sheeran is arguably one of the most versatile singers and has been on a roll lately. His album Divide broke a ton of records, so this song is just a treat for your ears. The main chorus is where Ed gives his voice and Eminem has rapped the verses. This song like Eminem’s many other songs is about his bad relationships and the consequences namely infidelity, abortion, etc.

Walk on Water ft. Beyonce

Revival is one album in which Slim shady collaborated with some huge names in the history and boy he made some epic shit. Walk on water is the latest song Eminem has churned out from his album Revival. In this track, Eminem tries to communicate how despite being so famous, he's still a human and sometimes the debt of expectations from the fan can crush even the best of the best. Beyonce with her soothing voice has sung the chorus and have absolutely nailed it.


Believe is the latest Eminem song from his album Revival and in this song, he talks about how he has struggled all of his life to become what he is now. Everyone knows how terrible childhood and fatal upbringing he has had. So, in this song, he asks his fans do they still believe in him because he's given everything he can to them.


This is the latest Eminem song which has made a buzz all over the world. This song is the soundtrack for the movie Venom and boy everyone had their expectations.

I don't need to convince you to listen to this song because no one would even try to miss the collaboration of Tom Hardy and Eminem for god’s sake!!

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