“Everything Everywhere All At Once” is a science fiction film that has taken the world by storm. Directed by Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, known collectively as “Daniels,” the movie follows a Chinese-American woman named Mei who discovers she can access parallel universes. As she navigates these alternate realities, she finds herself at the center of a cosmic conspiracy.

The film’s title alone is enough to pique one’s curiosity, but its unique plot, well-crafted characters, and stunning visuals make it truly addictive. In this review, we will delve into what makes “Everything Everywhere All At Once” so captivating. We’ll examine the plot, characters, and themes of the film, as well as its critical reception. 

everything everywhere all at once netflix

Why Everything Everywhere All At Once So Attractive

The Plot

Mei’s journey starts with her mundane life as a retired physicist who runs an antique store. She is abruptly thrown into a multiverse adventure when she receives a mysterious package from her deceased husband. Inside the package, she finds a device that allows her to travel between parallel universes.

As Mei jumps from one universe to another, she encounters various versions of herself, each with their unique personalities, experiences, and even genders. The film explores the concept of identity and self-discovery through Mei’s interactions with her doppelgangers.

However, Mei is not the only one using the device. A sinister organization called the Sovereign is also after it, and they will stop at nothing to get their hands on it. Mei must navigate through different universes while trying to outrun the Sovereign and protect her loved ones.

everything everywhere all at once netflix

The plot twists and turns as Mei uncovers the truth behind the device’s origin and the real purpose of the Sovereign’s mission. With each jump, Mei learns more about herself and her place in the multiverse, leading to a satisfying and emotional conclusion.

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The Characters

“Everything Everywhere All At Once” is a movie that explores the multiverse concept, but it is also a character-driven story. The film features an excellent ensemble cast that delivers some of the most memorable performances in recent memory.

Michelle Yeoh stars as Dr. Wang, a brilliant physicist who is torn between her loyalty to her family and her duty to save the multiverse. Yeoh’s performance is nuanced and layered, showcasing both Dr. Wang’s intelligence and vulnerability.

Jamie Lee Curtis plays Dolores, a ruthless businesswoman who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Curtis brings a commanding presence to the screen, making Dolores a formidable antagonist for our heroes.

everything everywhere all at once netflix

James Hong portrays Grandpa Wang, Dr. Wang’s loving grandfather who has a secret past. Hong’s portrayal is charming and heartfelt, adding emotional depth to the story.

Rapper and actor Awkwafina plays Gwendolyn, a witty and sarcastic delivery driver who stumbles upon the multiverse. Awkwafina’s comedic timing is impeccable, providing some much-needed levity to the film.

Tony Leung Ka-fai plays The Seeker, a mysterious figure who is tasked with tracking down Dr. Wang. Leung’s performance is enigmatic and captivating, making The Seeker one of the most intriguing characters in the film.

The Multiverse Concept

One of the most intriguing aspects of “Everything Everywhere All At Once” is its exploration of the multiverse concept. The film presents a mind-bending, thought-provoking take on the idea that multiple universes exist simultaneously alongside our own.

Throughout the film, we see glimpses of different versions of reality, with characters from alternate universes interacting with each other and our main protagonist, Mei. This creates a sense of wonder and curiosity, as we are drawn into the possibility of infinite worlds beyond our own.

The film also touches on the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, which suggests that every possible outcome of any given event is played out across parallel universes. This adds an extra layer of complexity to the story, as we begin to question the consequences of our actions and the paths not taken.

The multiverse concept is a popular theme in science fiction, but “Everything Everywhere All At Once” takes it to new heights with its imaginative visuals and intricate storytelling. It challenges us to imagine what lies beyond our own world and to consider the endless possibilities of existence.

The Cinematography

“Everything Everywhere All At Once” delivers a visual feast with its stunning cinematography that captures the essence of the multiverse concept. The film’s use of color, lighting, and camera angles contributes to the overall immersive experience. It’s no wonder the movie has been receiving critical acclaim for its cinematic achievements.

One of the most significant aspects of the cinematography is the use of vibrant colors to distinguish different universes. The green hues in the universe where Mei (played by Jamie Lee Curtis) lives and the bluish-purple tones of another universe create a striking contrast. This technique makes it easy for viewers to differentiate between the various dimensions and enhances the film’s storytelling.

The Soundtrack

From the opening title sequence, the soundtrack sets the tone with its haunting and ethereal sounds, pulling the viewers into the film’s unique multiverse concept. While some tracks are intense and chaotic, others are serene and calming, reflecting the characters’ emotional states and the plot’s twists and turns.

One standout track is “Infinite Everything,” which features a pulsing beat and haunting vocals that evoke a sense of awe and wonder. The use of synths and strings creates a futuristic and sci-fi feel, adding to the film’s overall otherworldly vibe.


“Everything Everywhere All At Once” is a cinematic masterpiece that has left audiences in awe. The film’s intricate plot and engaging characters have captivated viewers, while the multiverse concept has opened up new avenues for exploration.

Despite being a sci-fi film, “Everything Everywhere All At Once” tackles universal themes such as identity, family, and mortality. These themes are explored through the lens of the multiverse, creating a unique and thought-provoking viewing experience.