The videos posted on the social networking site like Facebook are of various formats, and they are shared with the friends and social contacts as present in the Facebook. These Facebook videos can be converted to MP4 format in several methods. There are several advantages behind the conversion of Facebook videos of any form to the MP4 format. One of such benefits is file compression. The Facebook videos can be compressed to make them smaller with high definition of quality. And also, MP4 is a popular format supported by various devices so it is convenient for you to enjoy these Facebook videos on your smartphone, tablet, and other devices offline. The different methods involved in the conversion of the Facebook videos to the MP4 format are discussed as follows:


Method1- Convert Facebook Video to MP4 with Online Facebook Converter:

The MP4 Converters which are web-based applications provides options to their users to avoid installation hassles of a conversion software on PC. Video Grabber is such an online web-based converter which would convert the Facebook videos to MP4 format. Thus to use the web-based application, the basic requirement is the web browser and internet connection. It is an independent platform; it would work in almost all the operating systems like Windows, MAC OS, etc.

·         With Video Grabber online Facebook to MP4 converter, the Facebook videos can be converted to MP4 very easily by copying the URL of the Facebook video and pasting it into the dialogue box of the converter.

·         Then you have to click the download button.

·         After that click, the launch button, and then you will receive a message to run the Launcher.

·         Then all you have to do is click on the MP4option.

·         After that, the download will begin. Now all you need to do is wait for the completion of the download process.

·         After completion, you have successfully converted Facebook video to the MP4 format which will be saved in the desired location on the computer.


Method 2 - Convert Facebook Video to MP4 using Dedicated Software:

If downloading via a website is too troublesome for you because of popping ads and unwanted disturbances you can avoid that and go with dedicated software that can be used to convert Facebook video to MP4. And Video Download Capture can be considered as one of the best application for converting Facebook videos to MP4 format. As the software supports features for downloading videos and other media from Facebook as well as other sites. This application can also be used to download the YouTube video without hassle. It supports multiple video conversion tasks, and it is very convenient to convert various videos through this application. So the steps to convert Facebook videos to MP4 format are as follows:

·         So first what you have to do is install Video Download Capture software on your computer.

·         Then the application is launched on the computer after installing it.

·         Then you have to go to the Facebook video and, instead of just playing it on the news feed click on it to get the exact URL.

·         If the installed application has the video detector function enabled, it will automatically detect the video playing, which can then be downloaded easily.

·         And if that feature is disabled, for the converting Facebook video to MP4, you have to copy the URL of the video and then paste it in download link tab of Video Download Capture.

·         Then your link will be checked for authenticity, and if everything is excellent, the video will be added to the download list.

·         After this, the user can start to download it at the same time. 

The tool also provides an option for batch download with just a single click. Not to mention the converted Facebook videos to MP4 can further be converted to other formats by using its built-in converter. The conversion can be done very quickly by clicking the Convert tab, selecting the files the user desires to convert. But first, you will have to choose the output format and start the conversion.


Method 3 - Converting Facebook Video to MP4 using Facebook Video Downloader Online:

This Facebook video downloader is designed for both the Windows and MAC computer which also act similarly to other converters in converting Facebook video to MP4 formats.

·         You can right click on any video of your Facebook feed or timeline, and then the Video URL should be copied at the current time.

·         Then you need to go to and paste the URL in the Facebook Video Downloader site and finally click the Download button. 

·         After that to start downloading the video, you need to click on or choose the option for downloading "normal quality video” or “HD quality Video.”

·         If without getting downloaded, the video starts playing automatically, then right click on the video and click on “Save as” to download that particular video.


Method 4 - Converting Facebook to MP4 using HD Video Converter MP4:

Another tool popularly used for converting the Facebook video to the MP4 format is the HD Video Converter MP4 that supports downloading videos from most of the social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Dailymotion, etc. It is a basic and quick platform that enables to download the videos and convert it to the HD quality MP4 format. It is an entirely free service, and it does not require any registration and software downloader. There are no limits for converting the videos to MP4 since the process of downloading and the conversions of the videos are done at a breakneck pace and in very less time.

·         For converting Facebook videos to MP4, first, you will have to open that video in full-screen mode

·         Then the URL of the video is copied from Facebook and pasted into the search field of the converter

·         After that, you need to click on the ‘ConvertVideo’ button.

·         Then the HD video converter takes few seconds to convert that Facebook video to MP4 format.

·         After the conversion is completed, you can select the HD quality that you want the video to be, i.e., 720p MP4, 360p, MP4, etc. and then tap on the download button to download the MP4 file.

There are many other Facebook to MP4 converters, which convert Facebook videos in the same way as discussed earlier in this article. Initially, it allows downloading the desired Facebook videos in multiple formats to keep them on your computer. The converter tool is very useful in saving all the compiled videos of the Facebook.



In the above article, we have explained some of the easiest and fastest procedures to convert Facebook to MP4 format along with tools and Facebook to MP4 Converters used in the process of conversion. Apart from Facebook, videos from other social networking sites can also be converted to high definition MP4 video formats. It can be inferred that the most important benefit provided by the converter and the downloader is the acquisition of very less space for the storage. It is a beneficial tool for the video watchers that makes them enjoy the view of high definition quality video offline on any devices with crystal clear picture and sound. But, if converting Facebook videos to MP4 is not your primary need, and you're more into converting YouTube videos to MP4. Then you should definitely go for DVDFab YouTube Video Downloader if you want to download YouTube Videos to MP4 in the most efficient ways.