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2020-08-18 23:33:55


Summary: Want to know why Facebook videos not playing? This article gives several ways to solve this problem. You can try them to make your Facebook play.

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There are so many people baffled by Facebook videos not playing, when they are pleased to enjoy their favorite Facebook videos in their spare time. After searching on the Internet, plausible reasons for this phenomenon have been put down to such major factors as disconnected network, stagnant browser, incompetent player and more. So, you are asked to check network connection, update the browser, re-log into your Facebook and ask for another top media player for help. Now, have you worked out all the problems about “videos won’t play on Facebook”? Let's fix this problem of "Facebook videos not playing" by means of such ways as listed below.


Subsequently, I will give you some tips from simple to complex. 


1. Stop and clear cache for Android users


To accelerate the running video, Android users need to force the Facebook app to stop by pulling up the menu to locate Facebook and sweep up the app. Alternatively, follow Settings>Apps>Facebook>Force Stop. Then, restart Facebook and clear cache as well as cookies. May be the Facebook videos will play after that.


2. Uncheck “use hardware acceleration when available”


Enter Chrome Setting Page, click Advanced Settings, uncheck “Use hardware acceleration when available”. Reopen Chrome and may be the Facebook video will play.


3. Save enough room for video playing


For Android users, click Settings>About.

For iOS users, open Settings>General>Storage.


4. Re-install or update Facebook apps or browsers


5. Switch device or browser to log in


If all the above-mentioned ways don't work, you can try to solve “Facebook videos won’t play” from such two perspectives. First, download the Facebook videos directly with DVDFab Video Downlaoder at Turbo-Speed. Or, play the Facebook videos with the powerful DVDFab Player 5. Now, let me introduce these two powerful experts in video download and video play.


6. Download the Facebook Videos


Turn to DVDFab Video Downloader for help. DVDFab Video Downloader has integrated all the needs of users in video download, video watching as well as video management, dedicated to providing the best services. It can download videos and play it in full screen as well. Why this software is highly recommended to you? Look at the main features of this software below.


Main features of DVDFab Video Downloader:

1. Download videos/playlists with Turbo-Speed on built-in browsers

2. Allow users to save videos/playlist

3. Enable users to create playlists

4. Play videos in full screen

5. Update subscribed channels automatically


Download and install DVDFab Video Downloader


To learn about each feature of DVDFab Video Downloader which is an expert to answer “Facebook videos not playing”, you need to download and install this software in the first place. Follow the instructions and the process just calls for three clicks. After the installation ends, start this software and set your interface language, video directory and video quality. The key options of such operations hide in the inverted triangle on the upper right corner of the main interface of this software. Click the triangle-shaped icon>Settings, and you will see “Language”, “Audio Directory” and “Download Audio”. Choose proper language, output directory and audio resolution for your video. If your requirements on each video you download are different, you can choose “Ask me each time” under the option of “Download Audio”. For Facebook videos, we will elaborate on the first function in detail - “Download videos/playlists with Turbo-Speed on built-in browsers”.



How to download Facebook videos/playlists with Turbo-Speed on built-in browsers


First, you need to locate your Facebook videos with DVDFab Video Downloader. Two ways are available for you. You can paste the Facebook video URL to the search bar of this software and click the search icon. Alternatively, you can make full use of the built-in browsers listed under the search bar. The same goes for locating your playlist. To provide users with convenient service, the developer of this software designs the various built-in browser exclusively for easy search. In addition to the websites demonstrated in the picture below, including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter, Instagram, Ted, FC2 Video, other less popular websites like Ora.TV,, Reddit and others are also accessible for you to find your favorite videos. Come close to the answer to “facebook not playing videos”.


Second, wait for the “Download” button to appear. When your Facebook video/playlist is playing in this DVDFab Video Downloader, this tool will strive to analyze it. When the analysis finishes, you will see the button of Download. For YouTube videos, you will see three buttons, namely, Add to, Play and Download. Come close to the answer to “videos not playing on Facebook”.


Next, move your mouse cursor onto the button of “Download”. For the Facebook video, you will see two options: Audio Only and Video. Click “Video” and a small panel appears where you need to choose your preferred video quality ranging from 144p, to 240p, 360p, SD - 480P, HD - 720P, Full HD - 1080P. When the download process begins, concentrate on “Downloads” in the left navigational column and click it. Then, under the option of “Downloading”, you can find your downloading video. Enable the “Turbo-Speed” function on the upper right corner and DVDFab Video Downloader will download your file at 10X speed.


For the Facebook playlist, when you move your mouse cursor onto the button of “Download”, you will see the option of “Playlist” since DVDFab Video Downloader is innate to recognize a playlist. Click “Playlist” and all the videos including the runtime and size will be displayed on a new panel. You can uncheck some you dislike before clicking Video, choosing preferred video quality and clicking Download at the bottom. Then, click Downloads>Downloading in the left navigational column to accelerate the download process. Come close to the answer to “Facebook videos not playing on android”.


If you also have the need to download YouTube videos from any website, I strongly advise you to read through How to Download YouTube Videos to iPhone with DVDFab Video Downloader.


6. Update your media player


Ask DVDFab Player 5 for help. To satisfy the increasing needs of users, DVDFab Player 5 has always sharpened its functions to provide the best service. This reinvented software is better than the last version in compatibility and playback smoothness with a more user-friendly interface. Subsequently, more surprises are waiting for you.


(1) PC Mode & TV Mode


Apart from ensuring your video can be played fluidly with the help of DVDFab Player 5, two kinds of playback modes are prepared to offer you a fantastic watching experience. The PC Mode stands out by a truly immersive media watching experience on computer screens, while the TV Mode gives you the experience to watch a video at a cinema. When you start this software, you will be allowed to choose either of the playback modes.


(2) Navigational Menu


To provide video lovers more excellent user experience, DVDFab Player 5 specially designs the Menu Mode to make you the master of video play. You can enable the Menu Mode by clicking the inverted triangle>Settings>Playback>Menu Mode on the upper right corner.


(3) Support 3D playback in four formats


For your 3D Blu-ray disc, ISO files, and SBS (side-by-side) or top & bottom 3D videos, DVDFab Player 5 offers four kinds of output formats, namely, Anaglyph Red/Cyan, 3D-Ready HDTV (Checkerboard), Micro-polarize LCD 3D (Row-interleaved) and HDMI 1.4 enabled 3D TV. You can enable this function by clicking the triangle-shaped icon>Settings>3D Display to choose your preferred format.



Besides these features, DVDFab Player 5 also provides HDR 10 and Hi-Res audio output. Right-click the playing video and you will find more settings in relation to the subtitle, screen and more.




Do you have a clear mind about how to deal with the problem on “Facebook app won’t play videos”? Downloading the Facebook videos with DVDFab Video Downloader is your first choice. Or, you can try DVDFab Player 5 to play your Facebook videos. Of course, you can also download these two experts to your mobile device to watch videos from any website with the best video quality. DVDFab 11 is full of all sorts of software which are all helpful in video download, video play and video conversion. If you want to convert an MKV video to other format, you can ask DVDFab Video Converter for help or read How to Convert Videos for Free with DVDFab Video Converter.

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