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GIF to MP4 - Best 8 Ways


   Posted by John

2020-02-09 06:21:52


Summary: GIF to MP4 has been a normall need in people's life. Are you looking for techniques for converting your GIF to MP4? Here are the 8 best ways to convert GIF to MP4 easily and quickly.

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GIFs can be tricky at times; it certainly would play on any smartphone without any tweak, but what about feature phones and other media playing devices? MP4, on the other hand, is the most supported media format by almost every media player you would ever come across. Saving GIF to MP4 is not something you can easily do with your regular video converter. Most video converters of today lack support for this media format and as such would not allow you to convert GIF to mp4.

Thus, how to convert GIF to MP4? Worry no more. In this post, you’ll learn the top best ways to convert GIF to MP4 without much stress or a lengthy learning curve.



Method one: Convert Gif to MP4 using Convertio

This is an online platform where you can easily convert animated GIF to MP4 for free and it is fully accessible from any computer irrespective of the Operating System (Mac or Windows). This online converter owns so many features. First, more than 300 formats are supported by it. Basically, it can convert your files to any format. Most importantly, it provides "In the Cloud" service which means all conversions take place in the cloud and will not take anyplace from your computer. 

To turn GIF to MP4 using this platform, simply follow the steps below.

·         Visit the website -

·         Click on the add video button to upload and add your Gif file

·         Click on convert and wait for the tool to convert your gif file

·         After the conversion, you’ll see a download button on the right side of the converted video. Click on the download button and save the MP4 format on your desired storage location.

Note: You need an active internet connection to use this GIF to MP4 conversion method.


Method Two: Using gif-2-mp4 online converter

Gif-2-MP4 is an online platform where you can convert GIF to MP4 in a few clicks. This platform is very easy to use and has support for a lot of media output formats.

 It is a completely free download GIF to MP4 converter and the conversion speed is extremely fast (although depends on your internet network speed). The only thing you should bear in mind is your GIF files can not exceed 50 MB to realize GIF to MP4.

Follow these steps below to convert animated gif to mp4.

·         Visit the website -

·         Click on the “Add Gif file” button and add your Gif media file

·         Wait for the Gif to be fully uploaded on the platform

·         If you wish, you can customize the resolution and output quality of the Gif media, the options are available.

·         Enter your email address where a link to download the converted file (MP4) will be sent.

·         Now proceed and click on convert.

Once the conversion is successful, you’ll receive a message to your email (provided) containing the download link of the MP4 format you wished for.


Method three: Using Any Video Converter – AVC

Any Video Converter is a versatile video converter with support for almost all the media formats you would ever come across. It takes videos from the computer or downloaded from the Internet and converts them into any format you'd like. And it works great as a converter. This piece of utility tool comes with support for Gif media format and it lets you turn gif into mp4 in few seconds.

Here are the steps to use this software in converting Gif to Mp4

First Step: Launch the software

If you do not have this software installed on your Windows PC or Mac Book, you can download it from the company’s official website

Once you’ve completed the software download, run the .exe offline file and follow the on-screen prompts to install it on your computer.

Second Step: Upload the Gif file

When you have launched the software, click on the “add or drag files” button to upload the Gif file. There are other options to add your Gif file too.

Third Step: Choose the output profile

Set your output format to MP4. To do this, click on the “select output profile” button and navigate to the general vide tab, then select MP4.

Fourth Step: Convert Gif to MP4

Once you are done with the steps above, move on to convert your GIF to MP4 by tapping on the “convert now” button. In a matter of seconds, your gif will turn to become an MP4 video file.


Method Four: Filmora Video Editor

Wondershare Filmora is a premium video editor with support for lots of media formats. It makes it possible for you to realize GIF to MP4 conversion without any lengthy learning curve. Furthermore, this software can run on both Windows and Mac systems. Its downloaded file size is less than 1MB on Windows and about 2.5 on Mac. So you don't need to worry that this software will take a lot of space on your computer. Filmora is undoubtedly a great choice for you to convert GIF to MP4.

Steps to convert animated gif to mp4 using WonderShare Filmora Video Editor

First step: Launch the software

First, you’d have to download the Filmora Video Editor to your PC, but that’s if it’s not already installed on your computer machine. 

Second Step: Add your Gif file

You can drag and drop the Gif media(s) on this software interface or use the “add media” button to upload your file(s).

Third Step: Edit if necessary

Once your gif media file(s) have been successfully uploaded, you can choose to edit some aspects of the gif. This video editor comes with a complete set of video editing tools.

Fourth Step: Export as MP4

When you are done editing the Gif, locate the export menu – it is located at the Top Menu bar of the software window. Click on the export option and choose where you which to export the video.

On the Output Profile dialogue box, select MP4 and click on export. Your Gif will be exported as MP4 and saved on your choice folder/storage path.


Method Five: Using CloudConvert

Here’s another online tool and a free GIF to MP4 converter that lets you turn GIF to MP4 instantly. It doesn’t matter the operating system you are using, once you have access to the internet you are all set to use this tool. As an online file converter, CloudConvert supports nearly any audio, video, document, ebook, archive, image, spreadsheet, or presentation format.

Steps to convert gif to mp4 using Cloud Convert

·         Visit the website  -

·         Upload your gif file by clicking the “select file(s)” button.

·         Choose your output format (MP4)

·         You can also opt-in for advanced settings option if you’re a pro in handling video files

·         You can as well choose to create a Zip file folder if the converted videos are quite much

·         Click on the “Start conversion” button at the bottom of the window and your video(s) will be ready in seconds.

·         Now click on download (on the right side) and save the converted file on any storage location of your choice.


Method Six: Using DVDFab Toolkit



Speaking of how to convert GIF to MP4, we have to mention one software called DVDFab Toolkit for sure. This software is a top-notch toolbox with the most complete and versatile functions, and GIF to Video function is one of them. It should be noted that this software is super easy to use. Therefore, even if you are new to GIF to MP4, there is still nothing for you to worry about. You may ask “how do I convert GIF to MP4 with it”. Here are the related steps:

First Step: launch the software.

But before that, you may need to download the DVDFab Toolkit on your device first by clicking the below-downloading button.


 i  Free Download  


Second Step: Add your GIF file

To convert your animated GIF to MP4, you can drag and drop the GIF files to the software interface or click that big plus button to upload your file(s).

Third Step: Edit if necessary

As soon as your GIF file(s) are successfully uploaded, you can choose to edit it. For example, you can insert audio, choose its resolution, etc.

Fourth Step: Export as MP4

Now you are one step further to realize GIF to MP4 which is clicking the “Start” button. One thing should be remembered is to choose a storage path through that folder icon.


Method Seven: Using GifShare app



Up to now, we have talked about some online GIF to MP4 converters and software to figure out how to save a GIF as an MP4. Another question - how to convert GIF to MP4 on iPhone- may arise. Of course, besides these tools, you can use some GIF to MP4 apps to convert GIF to MP4 on the iPhone. If you are holding a question like “How do I make GIF to video on my phone”, then you can go on reading.

Many apps are available to help you do this. GifShare, an iPhone GIF to MP4 app, is one of them. GifShare does a great help with helping you share wonderful GIFs to your favorite social networks. It gives almost anything you need. You can save any GIF from the web to your camera roll. Most wonderfully, you can select, crop, resize GIFs, and even change their speed and background, etc. The related steps are explained below.

First Step: Search for GIF

The first thing you need to do is to search and upload your GIF file to this GIF to MP4 app. Alternatively, you can also download GIFs from it.

Second Step: Use filters, effects, and background settings to edit the GIFs per your need.

Third Step: Convert GIFs to MP4

Now, you can convert them and crop them to the right sizes.

Fourth Step: Save video

In the end, you can save the converted videos on your iPhone and watch them at your convenience.


Method Eight: Using Gifaroo app



Different from GifShare app, Gifaroo is a GIF to MP4 app used on the Android system. It allows you to use Google to search GIF resources, customize filters, and change their background. You can even add captions in different font and colors. With the help of this app, you can convert GIF to MP4 fast and easily. How to convert GIF to MP4? Follow the below steps:

First Step: Browse websites inside Android GIF animation apk.

Second Step: Tap your desired GIF to edit.

Third Step: Share the GIF after edition as the video version.

Note: If you want to know more about the methods to convert GIF to MP4 on iPhone or Android, you can click here to learn more about GIF to MP4.


Additional Tip

If you haven’t heard about the DVDFab video converter , it is a top-notched video conversion software with versatile functions. Even without support for Gif to MP4 conversion, the DVDFab video converter lets you convert media files from one format to the other losslessly and at a very fast conversion speed.

It is a premium software tool mostly used by video editors and digital hobbyists for media editing and/or video conversion. The software is available for both Mac and Windows PC users.


Wrap Up:

GIF to MP4 will no longer be tricky as long as you find the fast and easy GIF to MP4 converter. In my honest opinion, these are the best ways to convert GIF to MP4 easily and without spending a penny for a paid GIF to MP4 conversion services. No more hesitating. Seize the opportunity to try these tools all until finding the most suitable one.

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