Here we list the top ten latest Hallmark movies on YouTube that have been released this year, to be found on YouTube and that belong to different categories or genres. We also provide a free method for you to enjoy those movies.

Part 1: Top 10 Best Hallmark Movies on YouTube 2022

Love on the Slopes

This movie, of the comedy and romance category, is about an aspiring writer who wishes to write about travel. Being a person who is less than daring, Alex is a copy editor who is faced with the challenge of writing on extreme sports as part of a writing assignment. She seeks the help of Cole who is a sports enthusiast and who reluctantly agrees to be her guide, being an expert in extreme sports photography. It is directed by Paul Ziller and stars Katrina Bowden and Thomas Beaudoin.

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Frozen in Love

This is the next movie to watch that is trending on YouTube as a YouTube Hallmark Christmas movie. As a romantic Hallmark movie, it stars Rachael Leigh Cook and Niall Matter is trying to achieve their goal of rehabilitating each other’s image, Adam as a hockey player and Mary as a bookstore owner.

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One Winter Weekend

Among YouTube Hallmark Christmas movies full length, this Hallmark movie is a family movie trending on YouTube this year. Starring Jack Turner and Taylor Cole, it is about Cara, who is a magazine writer who is a on a detox regime from dating. She plans to go skiing and books a resort with her best friend. They end up double booking themselves with two eligible men that includes Ben, our hero as an entrepreneur. Having been dumped recently, Cara wishes to get away from romance, but being snowed in with two eligible men at the ski resort sees love ensuing again.

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Winter’s Dream

This is one of the romantic drama free Hallmark movies on YouTube that is a must see this year. Set in a skiing destination, it sees Kat, a pro skiier former champion, being asked to coach a young skiier. As she helps to coach the young girl Anna, she finds love with Ty, her widowed father. Directed by David Winning, it stars Kristy Swanson, Aren Buchholz and Dean Cain.

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Last Scene Alive

This is a mystery movie named the Aurora Teagarden Mystery which showcases a film crew from Hollywood visiting Lawrenceton for a shoot. The film star is found dead by poisoning and bludgeoned in the dressing room and to solve this mystery Aurora Teagarden step in, a librarian with crime solving skills. The movie is directed by Martin Wood and stars, artists Candace Cameron Bure, Marilu Henner, Yannick Bisson and others.

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Past Malice – An Emma Fielding Mystery

This movie among YouTube Hallmark movies would be a great choice for mystery movie fans. The storyline of this mystery movie is based on Emma Fielding, an archaeologist, providing consultation for a haunted castle, Chandler Castle where she finds her friend murdered. This leads to Emma and her students investigating the case along with Jim Conner, an FBI agent. It is a movie directed by Kevin Fair.

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Morning Show Mystery

This drama movie is a mystery where Billie Blessings, a restaurant owner, morning show host and a chef, becomes a suspect in a murder case. Head chef at the restaurant is arrested and all eyes turn on Billie. She takes matters in her own hands and wishes to find out more about the mystery. Due to her celebrity status, it becomes difficult for her to stay under the radar as she risks her life to solve the mystery. It is directed by Terry Ingram and has stars like Rick Fox and Holly Robinson Peete.

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My Secret Valentine

Here a young woman gets advice from a mysterious handyman on how to deal with a pending sale of their family winery. This movie is directed by Bradley Walsh and stars Andrew W Walker, Lacey Chabert and others.

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Very, Very, Valentine

This romantic movie is one of the best trending Hallmark movies on YouTube. Here florist, Helen meets a mysterious man whom she meets at a masquerade party. The man is a mystery and she sets out to find out about him. Director of the movie is Don McBrearty and stars Cameron Mathison, Danica McKellar and others.

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Cooking with Love

This movie in the category of comedy and romance is about Kelly, a television producer, a role played by Ali Liebert. She forms a season of cooking show for kids called the Little Gourmet where she meets Stephen Harris who comes in as a replacement host. The movie explores how they try to put up a successful show and find more things in common with each other.

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Part 2: How to download hallmark movies from YouTube?

If you love Hallmark movies and would like to have Hallmark movies on YouTube full-length available for offline viewing, there are different kinds of software that viewers can use. With the right kind of software usage, you can opt to download the movie of your choice as well as convert the same format you want.

Streamfab YouTube Video Downloader

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This particular software is a free download. With the basic version, it is possible to download YouTube videos into formats like MP4. This is a format that makes large video files compressed without compromising on quality. Compressed video files of smaller sizes are easy to carry around, whether on portable hard drives, pen drives, or on SD cards for portable mobile devices. Here we discuss the salient features of the software.

  • Format and resolution options

The formats in which the Hallmark full movies YouTube can be saved with the help of this software are several. It can download YouTube videos in various formats like AVI, MKV and more to popular MP4 video. Whether you are trying to save the videos for watching later on your smart phone or tablet or on your Smart TV, you will surely get the format to choose from this versatile video converter. It also helps you choose the resolution of the same.

  • Speed of conversion

This particular software also makes sense when you wish to download free full length Hallmark movies on YouTube and convert them into different formats. For instance, videos of high quality on YouTube can be downloaded with the help of this software within seconds. There is a batch download option as well. This enables one to download different videos all at once. The feature is easy to opt for and once you have added a batch of videos you wish to download with this software, it will simply complete the downloads line by line. 

  • Best quality

To serious music fans and videophiles, tons of music and videos are far from being enough! The quality of the music and video also matters a lot! Don't worry, StreamFab YouTube Downloader Pro also has it covered! When downloading music from YouTube or other supported sites, you can decide what quality level to download, so for downloading videos, too. As for videos, its video downloader module allows you to download 4K/8K videos to watch on 4K/8K UHD TVs, and 2K or 1080p videos to enjoy on notebooks, tablets, and smart phones. As for audio and music, with its music downloader module, you have the choice to choose from 96 kbps all the way up to 320 kbps of Hi-Fi level.

StreamFab YouTube Downloader Pro

This tool can help you to download all the videos from YouTube and more.

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How to use the YouTube video downloader software?

The software can be used in the following way to get movies of your choice from YouTube downloaded and ready for storage in different devices in different formats. This free software needs to be downloaded first on your device. Once that is completed and the software installed on your computer, follow the steps mentioned to get the movies of your choice downloaded and converted by this software:

1. Launch StreamFab YouTube Video Downloader, and go to the utility menu. Once there, you’re going to see a handful of different tools, including YouTube Video Downloader.

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2. Click on the tool and then type in the name of the hallmark movie. After finding the video you’re looking for simply select it to make sure that is indeed the movie you were looking for.

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3. With the movie now running, click the Download button in the upper left corner to choose the quality of the output. Quality options can range depending on the video you choose, just pick the option that’s most suitable for you to begin the download.

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4. Change the default download location from the lower left corner if needed or skip this step and go directly to the Download tab to check on the movie’s progress. Once the download is finished all you have to do is open it and start watching.

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If you want to download videos from other streaming websites, you can also turn to StreamFab Downloader.


If you wish to enjoy the Hallmark movies trending on YouTube, opt for a handy video downloader software like StreamFab. It will convert videos into formats as you choose to and provide you the convenience of carrying these files with you wherever you go.

If you are also looking for a player to play your downloaded hallmark movies, please check these top MP4 players.