Halloween parties are great when you have the right songs for the occasion but they can be even better if you have someone who can play those songs live. Finding an actual band to perform at the party could be difficult but what you do is find a person who knows how to play guitar and have everyone else sing along. Naturally, some songs sound better than others when played on a guitar so it’s important to pick the right tracks. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of 10 great Halloween guitar songs that are certain to be an absolute blast at a party.


Part 1: Top 10 Halloween Guitar Songs

The Marcels – Blue Moon

An oldie but goodie that you might recognize if you’re familiar with the classic horror film An American Werewolf in London. A good Halloween song for guitar to get the party started.

Blue Oyster Cult – Don’t Fear the Reaper

Another old-school Halloween guitar song that most of you already know by now. Ideally, this song should be played on an electric guitar but an acoustic one can work pretty well, too.

Beetlejuice – Main Theme

A lot of movies and TV shows have theme songs that are perfectly suited for Halloween. The main theme of Beetlejuice is a great example of that but it’s not the only one on our list.

Tales From the Crypt – Main Theme

The Tales From the Crypt main theme also makes for an excellent Halloween song for guitar. This show was wildly popular back in the 90s and will no doubt bring back fond memories to anybody who listens to it.

Ghostbusters – Main Theme

Yet another theme song that was specifically designed for Halloween. If you want to learn how to play Halloween theme songs on a guitar this is the perfect place to start. You’ll definitely need an electric guitar if you want to pull off the solo but most of the other parts sound pretty good on an acoustic guitar.

Pantera – Cowboys From Hell

This is definitely not an easy Halloween song for guitar but it is a very satisfying one to play once you eventually learn how to do it. This song is famous for its heavy riffs so a good electric guitar is mandatory in this case.

AC/DC – Highway to Hell

Similar to our previous entry, Highway to Hell only works when played on an electric guitar. However, this particular song is a bit easier to learn so it’s probably a better pick if you’re not a very experienced guitar player just yet.

Johann Sebastian Bach – Toccata and Fugue in D Minor

That’s right, we’re going all the way back with this one. It goes without saying that Bach had entirely different instruments in mind when he composed this classic piece, however, it sounds absolutely incredible when played on an electric guitar. Just check out the Toy Dolls or Yngwie J. Malmsteen covers of Toccata to see what I mean.

The Cranberries – Zombie

Zombie is a great Halloween guitar song with a very iconic melody filled with 90s nostalgia. As an added bonus, Zombie’s lyrics have become famous over the years so everybody at the party probably knows them by now and can sing along.

Santana – Evil Ways

Our previous entries were fairly difficult so for our last pick we’re going with an easy Halloween song for guitar to wrap things up. Santana has a lot of songs that work well for Halloween but Evil Ways is probably the most appropriate of the bunch.

Part 2: How to Download Halloween Guitar Songs from YouTube

You’ll need help and inspiration if you want to learn how to play Halloween theme songs on a guitar and the best place to get both of those is YouTube. After watching a few tutorials you’ll probably want to download some of the songs so you can have access to them all the time. The best tool for that job is DVDFab YouTube to MP3, a software that can quickly download and convert not only individual songs but also entire playlists.

Here’s how it works:

1. Open DVDFab 10 and go to Utilities -> YouTube to MP3.


2. Copy the URL of a YouTube song you want to download.


3. Head back to the software and click the Paste URL button to start the downloading and conversion process.


4. Once the process is finished, head over to the destination folder and enjoy the MP3 version of your song.



Playing Halloween guitar songs will definitely make you the life of the party this holiday season. If you’re not very good with the guitar yet, don’t worry because there are plenty of good tutorials on YouTube that will help you get better in no time. Once you get the gist of things, make sure to download your favorite Halloween guitar songs using DVDFab YouTube to MP3 so you can listen to them before each guitar practice session.