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2020-04-11 00:12:05

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Summary: This article aims to introduce you three best RedTube downloaders available to download from RedTube, and further demonstrate how to download RedTube videos with fast speed and high quality with the aid of DVDFab Video Downloader.

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With a top-notch online music & video downloader software like DVDFab Downloader at your service, it’s time to stop streaming music and videos online, especially when you are not in a secured Wi-Fi environment.

For most sweethearts, singles or those crossed in love, watching porn videos is an easier decision than finding a satisfactory restaurant at night, which is an ideal solution to kill time and fulfill loneliness. If you come to seek solutions to download RedTube, you are in the right place. This post lists three best downloaders for your options.



1. Why Download RedTube


It is well-known that RedTube is a pornographic video sharing site whose popularity has been boiled down to its non-sexual name, which is a reference to the non-pornographic video sharing website YouTube.


However, it’s not that convenient to stream porn videos in public places. Hence, it will be a wise choice to download RedTube and save videos for offline playback when you are alone. Besides, streaming online is not cost-efficient in the long run. The quality of network connection also poses threat to watching porn online. Considering these reasons, downloading from RedTube for offline view will be the optimal choice.



2. Best Three RedTube Downloaders


Since you can benefit from downloading RedTube, it’s imperative to gain a full picture of the best RedTube downloaders so that you can download RedTube videos without effort.


DVDFab Video Downloader (Best RedTube Downloader for Win & Mac)


As a professional video/music downloader, this RedTube Downloader comes out on top due to its outstanding features described as follows.

• Download videos/audios from 1000+ sites like RedTube, YouTube and Vimeo

• Download videos (720p/1080p/4k/8k) or audios (320kbps) of the highest quality

• Batch (single/playlist) and fast download driven by GPU acceleration

• Background playback and download for Android

• Auto-download from subscribed YouTube channels

• Create new playlists or add to ‘Liked Songs’

• Available on Windows & Mac, 30-day free trial



This RedTube downloader for Win and Mac allows you to download RedTube via URLs in batch, or fast connection to RedTube website by fast search option. When entering your wanted video in the search box, you can press ‘Download’ to choose download RedTube videos or convert RedTube to MP3. Supported by GPU acceleration, you can download from RedTube with fast speed and optimal quality. This RedTube downloader takes the wind when it comes to downloading RedTube for offline playback.



TUBEOFFLINE (Best Online RedTube Downloader)


If you are weary of downloading and installing RedTube Downloader software, Tubeoffline will be your best alternative to download from RedTube online. It is a free service to download videos from almost every social media site such as RedTube, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other websites. With simple interface, you can enter video URL, choose quality (normal, best and low) and format (MP4, FLV, AVI, WMV, MP3) and tab ‘GET video’ to download RedTube.



However, to download RedTube videos as hoped, you need to tolerate third-party pop-up ads. In addition, it is not available on iOS devices. Anyway, this RedTube downloader allows for direct URL download from RedTube effortlessly, a good choice for most porn lovers.



RedTube Android (Best RedTube Download APP)


This RedTube downloader for Android allows you to explore and download RedTube videos, save them and watch offline in case of sudden failure of internet connection. This downloader app comes with a bunch of new features to enhance mobile experience. First, it allows you to download multiple videos at one go for later view; second, this RedTube download app contains access lock in case your girlfriend might find the app; finally, it has an integrated media player that allows for instant playback. Of course, you can use your own media player to watch downloaded RedTube videos. Hence, just download and install this app from ‘DOWNLOAD’ on Then browse between categories and search for your wanted video when the app runs.



Nevertheless, during the installation of the app, the APK file requires the activation of ‘Unknown sources’ option within ‘Settings’ > ‘Application’.


The above-mentioned are the best three RedTube Downloaders that can be applied to download RedTube for offline playback. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages when used in different situations. But from the long term, you are recommended to opt for the first RedTube downloader, the best solution to download from RedTube on Windows & Mac, even on Android devices.



4. How to Download RedTube with DVDFab Video Downloader


After knowing the best three RedTube downloaders, you are suggested to get the hang of how to download RedTube with the most professional and full-featured RedTube downloader, DVDFab Video Downloader. Below step-by-step guideline will be for your refence.


Step 1: Run this RedTube Downloader and search desired video


Download and install the latest version of this RedTube downloader on free trial basis. Run the program, key in ‘’ in the search bar, or search ‘RedTube’ via ‘R’ arranged in alphabetical order. Then go to RedTube website, browse between categories and search your desired video, tab ‘Enter’ leading to ‘Download’ interface.




Step 2: Choose video quality to download RedTube


When you enter download interface, a downward arrow (Download) will appear in the screen. Then tab the arrow to choose your wanted video quality.


Alternatively, you can search the video URL you wanted from Go back to RedTube Downloader, tab ‘+Paste URL’ button, copy & paste the video URL onto the box. If you want to download RedTube videos in batch, add all URLs in the text line by line. Then choose ‘Video’ and select ‘Quality’ to download from RedTube.




Step 3: Start to download RedTube video(s)


Once done, tab ‘Download’ button and wait for the videos to be downloaded from RedTube. Note that if you subscribe to premium version of this RedTube downloader, Turbo-speed, powered by GPU Hardware acceleration, will be activated to substantially speed up the whole (batch) downloading process. After downloading RedTube, you can search the downloaded video(s) from ‘Local Files’ at ‘Your Library’ on the left pane and watch your loved videos downloaded from RedTube with the 4K media player, DVDFab Player 6.



Due to its strong compatibility and GPU acceleration technologies, this marvelous RedTube Downloader allows you to access and download RedTube videos without a hitch, with blazing fast speed and unexpected quality.





With this post, you must have understood what to choose from the recommended three RedTube downloaders when it comes to downloading RedTube videos for offline playback on your trip or alone at weekends. Even so, always give top priority to user experience when making the final decision to choose your desired RedTube downloader.


By the way, if you want to convert video formats downloaded from RedTube so as to play on multiple devices, you can turn to DVDFab Video Converter, a professional video converter, video compressor and video editor that will improve your video quality beyond expectations.

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