Despite being one of the leading porn websites, Xhamster is not an exception to restrictions. Several countries have banned the accessibility of this website, and, on the other hand, some countries have tightened up rules of limited-time accessibility of this website. 

Since Xhamster is an ad-supported freemium porn service providing a website, you always get interrupted by annoying ads during the intense moments of your dirty desire. So, it's time to bypass all of these rules,  with the video download of Xhamster for your relaxing, horny-porny pleasure.

download video from xhamster

Even though your favorite erotic website Xhamster doesn't allow you to download any of their tempting horny videos for your offline watch, with the most advanced video downloaders for Xhamster or OnlyFans downloader Chrome, you would not only download your favorite sensational Xhamster content; you would also be able to customize them according to your priorities and specification.

How to Download Xhamster Videos on Your Device?

If you love to indulge your erotic desire at any moment of your life without any restriction, then nothing would be more satisfying than the ads-free, device and regional-restriction-free offline watch with high-quality Xhamster downloads.

Method 1: Download Xhamster Videos on PC (Mac and Win)

When you know the most sorted and simplest options to download porn videos from Xhamster on any device, you must not miss this Xhamster downloader to pamper your temptation anytime, anywhere in your offline world.

streamfab video downloader

StreamFab YouTube Downloader

With this Xhamster downloader, you can effortlessly download streaming video from Xhamster and other popular porn sites on your device.
  • 100% safe and clean to use with an in-built browser
  • Get ad-free downloads from any country for an unlimited period
  • Unlimited downloads with 1080p resolution 
  • MP4 saving for flexible access to downloads on any device
  • Hot adult sites like OnlyFans and PornHub are supported
Step 1

Download the video downloader

Install the software on your device and open the interface

Step 2

Choose the streaming service

Tap the Adult Service on the left channel to find the Xhamster site You can also copy and paste your video URL directly into the address bar on the Homepage.

download video from xhamster:How to download a video from Xhamster?

Step 3

Customize the Xhamster videos

Search for a xhamster video and play it, then a pop-up window will ask for your video options. You can choose the audio and subtitle language.

download video from xhamster:How to download a video from Xhamster?

Step 4

Click the download button

After customization, you can download it right now or add it to the queue.

Warming Tips from the Editor

If you only want to download videos from Fanza, StreamFab Fanza Downloader could satisfy all your needs. However, if you want to save videos from more porn sites, such as Xhamster, PornHub, or other streaming sites like OnlyFans, Twitter, Netflix, StreamFab All-In-One shall be your first choice.

Method 2: Download Xhamster Videos with Your Browser

Can I find any xhamster viewer like OnlyFans viewer? Seems not. But you can find some xhamster downloaders! 2Downloader Xhamster video downloader is also a popular online downloader to save Xhamster videos on your PC, iPhone, or tablet, with simple steps. By using a browser, you can have your favorite Xhamster download for unlimited offline enjoyment in your favorite porny world with a few clicks.

Download videos from xhamster with online downloader

how to download video from xhamster
  • No need for installation or registration, you can use it by visiting a site.
  • Mp4 and Mp3 formats are supported.
  • Simple and safe to use.
how to download videos from xhamster
  • The downloading speed is very slow.
  • The quality is bad, not HD.
  • You cannot download videos in batch mode.
  • Not feasible for all Xhamster videos.

How to download Xhamster videos with Xhamster online downloader?

Step 1

Copy & Paste

Copy the URL of the Xhamster video that you like to download and then paste it into the download input bar of the 2 Downloader Xhamster video downloader.

download videos from Xhamster with 2Downloader

Step 2

Initiate download

Hit on the "Download" option attached on the right side of the input bar. The downloading process will be started automatically.

download videos from Xhamster

But not all videos are downloadable, you have to try. If you see a pop-up window like the pic below, it means that this video is not supported. You have to choose another tool.

download videos from Xhamster

Step 3

Save the download

Once the download process is over, right click and go to the "Save link as" option, or for smartphone users, go to "touch & hold" & then the "Download Link" option.

Method 3: Download Xhamster Videos on Your Android

Many users are likely to watch dirty videos via mobile phones, so, a suitable and powerful video downloader for your mobile is indispensable.

How to Download Xhamster Videos on Your Android

StreamFab For Android

StreamFab for Android is the best comprehensive m3u8 downloader to save videos from Xhamster, Pornhub, RedTube, Amazon, Netflix, and 1000+ websites on your Android devices.
Verified, 100% safe, and clean to use
It covers a lot of streaming websites, and most adult sites are covered
Download lossless Xhamster videos in high-speed and batch mode
Free version with limited functions

All you need to do is paste the URL of the Xhamster video on StreamFab for Android, which will identify the URL automatically.

The biggest feature of this Xhamster downloader is that almost all porn sites videos could be analyzed, no matter it is from Xhamster, PornHub, Spankbang, or others. Moreover, if you are looking for how to download onlyfans videos, StreamFab can also satisfy your needs.

streamfab for Android

Method 4: Download Xhamster Videos on Your iPhone

When downloading Xhamster videos on your iPhone, the built-in screen recording feature can also be considered as the safest option. While enabling the screen recording option, you can capture any moment of the recording of your choice.

how to download video from xhamster
  • You can record the screen with or without audio.
  • Recordings can be shared with other devices.
  • Full or partial screen recording is possible.
how to download videos from xhamster
  • The sound and the scene may be out of sync.

How to download video form Xhamster on your iPhone? 

Step 1: Move to the "Settings" option of your phone & then to the "Control Center." After locating the "Screen Recording" option, select the green "Add+" sign given next to the "Screen Recorder" icon.

download video from xhamster on iPhone

Step 2: Once the Screen Recording option is added to the Control Center, open Control Center & press the grey color record option. Next, select the "Microphone" option.

Step 3: Play a Xhamster videos. After clicking on the "Screen Recording" option, wait for the three seconds countdown to initiate the recording process.

download video from xhamster on iPhone

Step 4: To end recording, you can click on the red record button in the Control Center, or you can click on the status bar above & select "Stop."

Method 5: Download video from Xhamster with Freemake

This Xhamster downloader is easy to use and lets you download videos from Xhamster and other 1000+ sites. It supports multiple video and audio formats, such as MP4, AVI, and MP3, and even allows you to download multiple videos simultaneously.

download video from xhamster with Freemake

how to download video from xhamster
  • 10 years industry reputation
  • Download most Xhamster videos in orginal quality
  • Enable parental control for adult sites
how to download videos from xhamster
  • The user interface is outdated
  • You need to pay to unlock more functions

How to download Xhamster movies with Freemake video downloader?

Step 1

Copy URL

Go to the Xhamster and copy the URL of film, clip, etc. you want to save to the computer.

Step 2

Choose quality

Click "Paste URL" and choose the quality or format for the file.

download videos from Xhamster with Freemake video downloader

Step 3

Save file

Press "Download" to save the new file with our Free YouTube Downloader for Windows & Mac OS.

Comparison Between Xhamster Video Downloading Solutions

There are numerous tools available in the market for downloading videos from Xhamster. In this comparison sheet, we will compare the popular Xhamster video downloading solutions mentioned above based on their features, cost, and other important factors.

By the end of this comparison, you should be able to decide which solution is best suited for your needs. So let’s dive in and explore the world of Xhamster video downloading solutions.

Features StreamFab 2Downloader Android app Screen Recording Freemake
Download OnlyFans videos Yes Yes Yes


Download videos from other sites Yes, over 1000+ sites Yes, 100+ sites Yes Yes Yes
HD quality up to 4k 720p at most Depends Depends Not Tested
Supported format Mp4, Mp3, MKV, etc Mp4 Mp4 Mp4 Mp4, MKV
Downloading Speed 10X turbo speed Low speed Relatively fast Extremely Slow Not Tested
Batch Mode Yes N/A Yes N/A N/A
Price 30-Day Free Trial Free for Basic Plan Free Trial Totally Free Free Trial



Why has the access restriction law been enforced in Xhamster?

To protect the LGBT group and prevent rape culture, Xhamster banned its access to all the users of North Carolina in 2016. Xhamster has also enforced the "Brock Turner rule" to ban rape or nonconsensual sex videos. In 2020, this site has assigned volunteers to identify the illegal videos of the site to get them off the site.


What is the Xhamster women's fund?

In 2018, Xhamster has allotted around $25,000 to expand and support the content in the category of "porn for women". The primary purpose of this fund is to increase the number of women visitors to the site.



When you know the safest and smartest option to enjoy your erotic world is to download video from xHamster with the simplest downloading options, instead of wasting time thinking, you better get into action without any interruption with your erotic temptation and dirty aggression. Your one-step pornhub video downloader will certainly keep you ahead in any of your sensational actions.