When it comes to porn videos or adult contents, which website is the first one that bursts into your mind? PornHub (StayhomeHub)? XHamster? XVideos? Or YouPorn? It is true that PornHub is the most famous adult website hosting millions of pornographic videos, but being too famous can also be a bad thing which can be easily targeted by authorities. So it is a good idea to have some backups in case those reputed porn websites got shutdown by the authorities one day. Among many alternatives, SpankBang is a nice option. In this article, we’ll explain what SpankBang is plus multiple ways you can use to download SpankBang videos along from other porn sites as well.

Section 1. What Is SpankBang?

Originated from the amateur porn network Bang Bros which was founded almost two decades ago in 2002, SpankBang, established ten years thereafter in 2012, is the official channel of Bang Bros. The company shoots original adult contents and updates the porn videos daily to Spankbang.com. During the past decades, SpankBang now has over 6.4 million porn videos on its website, and it has the biggest number of amateur video collections on the internet and now has grown into the 10th most visited porn website in terms of daily active users.

SpankBang Download

To cater different internet speeds, SpankBang offers porn videos in a variety of resolutions, among which there are more than 8000 1080p HD videos. To satisfy everyone’s personal taste, SpankBang offers a Gay Porn category as well as a Shemale Porn category. Despite the fact that most of the porn movies are white and interracial, the entire library is diverse so that everyone can find something he/she interested in, such as Ebony, Latina, Asian, Indian, and Japanese porn videos.

SpankBang also offers a unique TV option feature that allows users to "Create Your Own Station" by typing in a category, pornstar, keyword or tag. Then it compile a playlist of movies based on the requests you’ve entered, and format them all together to create your porn TV station. You can also choose to browse over the existing popular stations. Besides, there is also a Live Cam feature which is extremely popular nowadays on each porn site. They have over 1000 models online at any given time to entertain users in live chat rooms.

Section 2. Why Is SpankBang Getting Popular?

It is a fact that among porn enthusiasts that Bang Bros is a more recognizable brand than that of SpankBang, and a lot of you may only know about some well-known and prominent free porn sites, such as PornHub and PornTube, etc. However, these years SpankBang has been rising rapidly and is now the 10th most popular porn website with 260 million active users monthly. Below are some of the reasons why SpankBang should be your next porn video website:

  1. All of its adult videos are available without signing up or disclosing any personal information.
  2. The majority of the porn videos on SpankBang are in breathtaking 1080p HD.
  3. SpankBang offers quite a variety of featured porn video categories include Big Ass Porn, Amateur Porn, Ebony Porn, Teen Porn and Compilation Porn.
  4. The user-friendly website layout makes it easy to find the porn videos you want
  5. You can search the porn videos based on different filters, such as video length, tags, pornstars, etc.
  6. Allows user to subscribe to the pornstars they like
  7. Offers a unique TV feature that allows users to create their own personal playlist of preferred pornstars.
  8. Members also can unlock achievements by completing various tasks

Section 3. DVDFab Video Downloader: No. 1 SpankBang Video Downloader

After our brief introduction of the increasingly popular SpankBang porn site, you might want to try it yourself and download SpankBang videos to enrich your own porn video collections. Now we’re going to introduce you the best SpankBang downloader you can use to download from SpankBang, together with all the other major porn video websites, including PornHub, and also from more than 1000 video sharing websites. The product is the Video Downloader software made by DVDFab Software which is one of the three sellable modules from its Downloader suite.

SpankBang Download

Key Features of DVDFab Video Downloader

  1. Available on Windows, macOS, Android and Chrome as an Add-on, with 30 days of free trial

                          i     Free Download    i  Free Download 

  1. Download videos from SpankBang, PornHub, YouPorn, etc., and other 1000+ websites such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Twitter…
  2. Download SpankBang video at your preferred quality, from 480p to 720p, 1080p and 4K
  3. Download high quality audio tracks of up to 320 kbps to accompany the downloaded videos
  4. Allow you to download SpankBang videos with the batch mode to save your time
  5. Can take advantage of your high-end GPU to significantly accelerate the download speed by enabling the hardware acceleration feature
  6. Offer an standalone Android App to download SpankBang videos on your smartphones
  7. Offer a Chrome plugin that can download from SpankBang online (with a Firefox add-on in the works)

As mentioned above, DVDFab Video Downloader is just one product module from the 3-in-1 Downloader suite, with the other two module being the YouTube to MP3 and the Video Downloader. YoutTube to MP3 allows users to convert online videos to premium MP3 files that are universally playable on literally any device. DVDFab Video Downloader enables users to download streaming contents from Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Hulu, ESPN, YouTube TV, AppleTV and more.

SpankBang Download

Pricing plans: $19.99/mo. $29.99/year or $49.99/lifetime, you can also purchase it with two others modules as an all-in-one bundle at only $139.99 for a lifetime license at DVDFab Online Store.

Section 4. Methods to Download from SpankBang with DVDFab Video Downloader

There are reasons why DVDFab’s video downloader software is the best SpankBang downloader you can ever get on internet, not only because of its capability of SpankBang video download, but also because it offers more than one method that makes it easily for user to download videos from SpankBang. You can download using its inbuilt browser, by pasting the video URL, on your Android devices with its Android App, and also directly from your Chrome/Firefox with its browser extension. Next we’ll talk about how to download SpankBang videos using the computer software either on Windows or macOS. For steps on how to download from SpankBang with its Android App, refer to Section 6, and if you’re interested in how to download videos from SpankBang, refer to Section 5, instead.

Option 1: Use the Inbuilt Browser

Check out the detailed illustrated guides to see how to download videos from SpankBang with its inbuilt browser that shall finish the entire SpankBang download process without needing you to leave the software.

Step 1 > Download and Install the SpankBang Downloader

Depending on your operating system, download and install this SpankBang video downloader first. One of the Download buttons below is for Windows, the other for macOS.

                        i     Free Download    i  Free Download 

Step 2 > Open Spankbang.com with Its Inbuilt Browser

When the installation is complete, start up the video downloader software, and type www.spankbang.com into the address bar on the top, or click the S letter from alphabetical table at the lower part and then click Spankbang from the websites that begin with the letter S. Either way, you shall be directed to the SpankBang website with the inbuilt browser in a separate tab.

SpankBang Download

Additional Tips: as you may have noticed, on the homepage, there are Frequently Used Websites and Popular Sites sections listing the most widely visited video sharing websites, like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc. You can access these websites much easily from there by clicking their respective logos.

SpankBang Download

Step 3 > Play the Video You Want to Download from SpankBang

Now it’s time choose your preferred porn videos. When you’ve selected the one you want to download from SpankBang, play it. As the porn video plays, a black Download button will appear at the upper left corner of the playback screen, click on that button to pop up the Download window.

SpankBang Download

Step 4 > Choose Your Preferred Video Quality to Download

After you arrive at the Download window, you need to choose the Video tab, and then the available video quality you want, such as 720p or 1080p. Next hit the Download button below to start to download.

SpankBang Download

Additional Tips: In terms of video quality, the best you can get is the original quality on the website, most of which are 1080p videos. This is to say, even if you have selected the 4K option here, you won’t get it out of a 720p/1080p video. That being said, you can still upscale the downloaded 1080p video to 4K quality with an AI-powered video upscaling software like DVDFab Video Enhancer AI.

Step 5 > Monitor the Download Progress in Real-Time

You can monitor the real-time status of each download task. To do that, click the Downloading tab from the left pane. If you want to make the download a lot faster, toggle on the Turbo-Speed feature to enable the hardware acceleration if your computer is installed with a higher end NVIDIA, AMD or Intel GPU.

SpankBang Download

Step 6 > Manage and Play the Downloaded Videos

On top of a top-notch SpankBang downloader, DVDFab Video Downloader can also serve you as a handy SpankBang download manager that can manage your downloaded porn videos in a well-organized way. Click the Local Files tab on the left pane, you will see this video downloader software manages its downloaded contents under the Music and Video tabs, respectively. Click on each downloaded item, you have the options to delete it, open its source page, open its containing folder, copy its URL or play it with the default 4K media player — DVDFab Player 6.

SpankBang Download

Option 2: Use the Paste URL Feature

It is also okay if you would rather download from SpankBang with your own beloved browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera or whatever you may have. For that end, refer to the steps below.

Step 1 > Copy the SpankBang Video URL

Copy the URL of the SpankBang video you want to download. To do that, open the video page, and then manually copy the URL from the address bar of your browser using Ctrl + C keys on your keyboard.

SpankBang Download

Step 2 > Paste the Copied URL to Download

Click the Paste URL button at the top left corner, and then manually paste the copied video URL into the URL input box, choose the output format as Video along with your preferred video quality, and press the Download button to begin the download procedure.

SpankBang Download

Additional Tips: want to take advantage of the batch-download feature? Just copy and paste all the video URLs into a .txt file, then click the Select file button to load the .txt file and import all the URLs into the URL input box at one go.

SpankBang Download

Section 5. Download SpankBang Video Online

Resorting to the offline SpankBang downloader software to download porn videos from SpankBang will always requires the download and installation of the software, which is not skippable. With this being said, you can still download porn videos from SpankBang with an online download solution. The one makes to our recommendation list is the online download service offered by pastedownload.com

SpankBang Download

  1. Open your browser, visit SpankBang website and copy the porn video URL you want
  2. Go to the pastedownload.com website and paste the copied URL into the box
  3. Hit the Download button next to the box to download

Fingers crossed! Enjoy to download porn videos when the download finishes. Be noted that using an online download solution means you also cannot take advantage of the batch-download feature and GPU hardware acceleration to speed up the download process.

Section 6. Download with a Chrome or Firefox Add-on

To those who prefer SpankBand downloads with Chrome or Firefox with having to install anything, an online download service is not the only option that can lend you a helping hand. As previously have mentioned, the video downloader software from DVDFab also has its own browser extension for Chrome, and another add-on is already in the works for Firefox.

SpankBang Download

What’s more, it is totally free to use, despite sometimes on certain websites, you will have to use it in conjunction with the desktop software. Click the button below to add this plugin to your Chrome for a better SpankBang download experience.

                                                      Add to Chrome  

Section 7. Download with an Android App

Apart from a browser plugin, DVDFab’s desktop video downloader even offers an Android Application that is also totally free or charge for users who have already purchased either the Windows or macOS desktop counterpart. With this application on your mobile device, you can easily access SpankBang anywhere anytime and download your favored porn videos directly from there. The download procedures are almost the same with its desktop software, and it does not take a genius head to figure it out.

SpankBang Download

Don’t feel hesitate to install the Android SpankBang downloader on your device, the download button is right below.

                                                   Download Now  

Section 8. Make Adult DVDs with the Downloaded SpankBang Videos

Although DVDs are slowly being replaced by Blu-rays and the next-gen 4K UHD Blu-rays, there are still many diehard DVD fans out there willing to stick to this medium. So if you are thinking of enriching your home adult DVD collections, why not make your own adult DVDs at home using the SpankBang downloaded porn videos?

All you need is a professional DVD burner software, speaking of which DVDFab happens to have one ready for that job. It’s the DVD Creator software inside the DVDFab 12 all-inclusive multimedia backup, conversion and authoring package.

SpankBang Download

Key Features of DVDFab DVD Creator:

① Produce studio-level home DVDs out of all formats of videos
② Burn the created DVDs to blank discs or save as ISO files/folders
③ Support all types of blank discs like DVD±R and DVD±RW
④ Offer multiple sets of beautifully crafted menu templates
⑤ Support GPU hardware acceleration to convert much faster

Available on: both Windows and macOS

                              i     Free Download    i  Free Download 

Pricing plans: $24.99/mo. $46.99/year or $74.99/lifetime at DVDFab Online Store, with 30-day fully-functioned free trials for you to thoroughly evaluate its features and capacity.

Steps on How to Make Home DVDs

Step 1 > Load the Downloaded SpankBang Videos

Launch DVDFab 12, choose the Creator module, and load the SpankBang videos you’ve just downloaded. Or just drag those videos into the main interface per the on-screen instructions.

SpankBang Download

Step 2 > Opt for the DVD Creator Option

Go to the mode switcher at the top left corner to choose the DVD Creator mode to make your own adult DVD movie.

SpankBang Download

Step 3 > Customize Advanced Settings

Now you can customize your DVD to your flavor. You can click the Advanced Settings button to customize your settings, including DVD Title, output size between DVD9 and DVD5, Quality Level, TV Standard between NTSC and PAL, Aspect Ratio between 16:9 and 4:3, also the way you want to play back the final disc.

SpankBang Download

Step 4 > Customize the Menu Settings

By clicking the Menu Settings button, it opens the window where you can freely curate the menu flavors to your own taste: click on the texts to directly edit the font, size, and color; click on a certain decoration widget to relocate and resize it; or click the Image Edit button to change the background image for the selected menu.

SpankBang Download

SpankBang Download

Step 5 > Select an Output Destination

At the bottom of the main interface, you can select an output destination. To burn the resulting DVD movie to a blank DVD5/DVD9 disc, select your optical drive in the drop-down list box; to make a DVD folder on your hard drive, click the Folder icon to select a directory; to produce an ISO image file, click the Image icon to select a directory.

SpankBang Download

Step 6 > Start the DVD Creation Process

Click the Start button to start the process of burning the SpankBang porn videos to a DVD.

Section 9. Top 30 Best SpankBang Alternatives

Have you ever wondered that your favorite porn website suddenly disappeared or is shut down by the authorities? Considering the pornographic nature of such websites, there is possibility, no matter how slim, that it might happen someday in the future. So what can we do if that day finally comes? Nothing except resorting to some other porn sharing sites. Now here below is a list of the top 30 best ranked porn contents websites you can turn to just in case your favorite one gets knocked down out of thin air. What’s more, DVDFab Video Downloader is far more than just a SpankBang downloader, it also allows you to download porn videos from any of the mentioned porn websites in the table below.

                                      Top 30 Best SpankBang Alternatives



















Fox Porns



Dr Tuber



Porn Rewind

Red Tube





Final Wrap-up

Given the increasing popularity of SpankBang among couples, lovers and anyone beyond 18 years old, it is very likely that SpankBang will continue to enrich its porn videos of every category to cater the different preference of its huge amount of active users. In this article, we’ve showed you multiple ways of how you can download from SpankBang on your Windows computer, Mac or even Android devices with the various versions of the video downloader software from DVDFab. Just feel free to enjoy your favorited porn videos and unleash your desire with your lover when you are in the right mood.

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