For those with an indiscriminate love for their music, album art holds a lot of importance. After all, music artists spend a lot of effort in bringing out the feel of the music through their album art. It also gives a distinct identity to the artist especially since their track is going to be played in a mix of a lot of other tracks. For the listener as well, the album tracks might a lot of information like the title, time, artist name, etc.

Due to many different reasons, it is entirely possible that the album art of your music does not appear or is mismatched with some other track. You can use your media players themselves to add album art and in this article, we will be looking at how to add album art to MP3 on Windows Media Player, how to add album art to MP3 on Android, how to add album art to MP3 on Mac and on iTunes. Let’s being and see how to add album art or change album art of your MP3 songs.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Add album art to MP3 with Windows Media Player

To get started we need to get an image to use as the album art for your MP3. This can be found online by searching directly from our media player or we can do the image search directly. Let’s see how:

how to add album art to mp3 on windows

Step 1  Open Windows Media Player on your Windows PC by going to the Start button and searching for “Windows Media Player”.
Step 2 — Navigate to your music collection in Album mode. If you are already not there, just go the Library view from the top menu, select “Music” and then select “Album”. Find the album which doesn’t have an Album Art or the one for which you want to change it.
Step 3 — To add default album art to MP3, right click on the album and select “Find album info”. You need to be connected to the internet for this to work. Windows Media Player will show you the different album arts available for the album, select one of them and click on Finish.
This automatic method of adding album art to MP3 is good for international albums but doesn’t work for regional music albums. In that case, you need to manually add the album art. Go through the next step to learn how to add album art to MP3 manually.
Step 4 — You can add the album art manually for the tracks for which the automatic method fails. To do so, download the album art from the internet. Copy the album art by doing a right click on the album art image you downloaded and clicking on “Copy” or just select the image and hit Ctrl+C. Now go to Windows Media Player, right click on the Album and select “Paste Album art”. This will set the image you just copied as the album art of the album.


  • 1. Once you have added album art to MP3 album, you cannot replace it by the online method again. You need to use the copy and Paste Album art method to replace an existing album art.
  • 2. Once an album art is replaced, the original album art is deleted.

Part 2: Add Album Art to MP3 Using iTunes

If you are using Mac you will already have iTunes installed on your computer. If you are a Windows user you can download iTunes from the Apple Store. You will need an Apple ID though to activate iTunes and start using it if you are a Windows user.

Add album art automatically: Just like on Windows Media Player, on iTunes also you can search for the album art online.

Step 1 — Open iTunes and in the left side-bar click on Albums.
Step 2 — Right click on the Album for which you don’t have album art and click “Get Album Artwork”.
Step 3 — Album art should be visible on the album now.

how to add album art to mp3 with itunes

Add album art manually:  iTunes might not be able to find the album art online if it is a regional music album. But worry not, you can manually add album art to your music. To do so:
Step 4 — Search for the album art online and download it on your computer.
Step 5 — Go to the album in iTunes, right click and click on “Get Info” In the new window
Step 6 — Select “Artwork” and then click on “Add Artwork”. Choose the album art picture you just downloaded.

Step 7 — You should be able to see both the old and new artwork if an old one was present. Delete the old one and your new album art should be appearing now.

Part 3: Add Album Art to MP3 on Android Smartphone

There is no Android default feature or app that will let you add album art to MP3. However, you can do so by using a third party app.

Step 1 — Download and install Star Music tag editor app on your smartphone and launch it
Step 2 — All your music files will be visible on the screen. Go to the Album tab and select the album for which you want to add an album art.
Step 3 — You will be shown 4 options - Auto Search, Web Browser, Choose Image and Reset. You can use the “Auto Search” option first to try to find the default album art. If that does not work, you can use the “Web Browser” option to do an online search using keywords, select an image to directly download it from the web and then use the “Choose Image” option to set the album art.

how to add album art to mp3 on android

Step 4 — Once you select any one of the options and select an image, click on Save to apply the album art.
Step 5 — If you want to remove an album art, just select that MP3 and click on the Reset button.

Part 4: Add Album Art to MP3 on iPhone

iPhone has a very secured ecosystem for its storage and due to this no third-party app has permissions to modify album art settings on iPhone. But there is still an answer to your question of how to add album art to mp3 on your iPhone and the answer to that is to use iTunes. Follow the steps described in Part 2 after connecting your iPhone to your computer and you will be able to add the album art to your MP3 songs easily.

Part 5: Download YouTube to MP3 with thumbnail image or album art

Why to get into the task of adding album art separately when you can make sure that whenever you download YouTube MP3 files, it comes by default with its album art! You can make use of DVDFab YouTube to MP3 to download YouTube to MP3 files with their album art intact.

Step 1 — Download and install DVDFab YouTube to MP3 if you haven’t done so already.

                                       i  Free Download     i  Free Download   

Step 2 — Launch the program, and then from the Popular Sites section, click the YouTube icon to take you to the YouTube website via the inbuilt browser;

how to add album art to mp3 on android

Step 3 — Enter your target music/song name into the search box and then select the one you prefer from the search results;

how to add album art to mp3 on android

Step 4 — When the video page opens, you will see a Download button appear at the top-left corner of the inbuilt browser, click that button, and then a standalone window shall pop up, where you need to click on the Audio tab, select your preferred quality level from the available three options, namely, Super Quality - 320 kbps, High Quality - 192 kbps and Standard Quality - 128 kbps, and then click on the Download button at the middle bottom to start downloading the video;

how to add album art to mp3 on android

Step 5 — Once the download starts, you can check the real-time progress under the Downloading tab available from the left pane.

how to add album art to mp3 on android

Other notable features of this YouTube to MP3 download software:

  • Metadata downloaded automatically

Your video will be downloaded in the directory path mentioned in the “Save to” section at the bottom of the window. And the best thing, you don’t need to add album art to the downloaded MP3 manually. All the metadata like cover art, artist, title and others is downloaded along with the video and retained in the downloaded folder.

  • High quality MP3

With YouTube to MP3 utility you can download videos in 320kbps high quality MP3 files which are compatible even with highly portable devices like iPod Shuffle, an iPod Nano, even an Apple Watch, or an Android Watch.

  • Accelerated download speeds

When downloading a whole playlist, you can use the “Turbo-Speed” feature present on the tool right beside the “Paste URL” button. This option can increase the download speed to 2X times meaning you don’t have to wait too long for the whole playlist to be downloaded. In addition to Turbo-Speed, the Pro version of the DVDFab also comes with Multi-Threading capabilities. This means that if you are downloading multiple songs at once like a playlist, normally the songs will be downloaded sequentially. But with multithreading, several download processes will start in parallel (max 5), reducing the wait time drastically.