No matter whether you are a newbie or a popular YouTuber, you always need to know how to delete YouTube videos that you have uploaded to your YouTube channels. Being a new YouTuber, you may find your uploaded quite unpredictable or under-researched, or popular Youtubers like to delete old, outdated, and irrelevant videos or playlists to clear up their YouTube channels. Otherwise, facing copyright issues could be another strong reason to select your uploads or entire channel. 

So, there could be multiple reasons to delete your uploaded YouTube video, playlist, or channels. On the other hand, YouTube videos or channel viewers may also feel like deleting some videos where they are featured without their consent or in objectionable situations, or they feel that the video content is inappropriate to watch. Now, this article will guide you thoroughly to know how to delete videos on YouTube using multiple devices from the perspective of video uploaders and viewers.

how to delete youtube video

How to Delete YouTube Videos on Different Devices?

How to Delete Videos on YouTube on Android or iOS?

Accessing your own YouTube channel using your mobile devices is very obvious to monitor the constant status of your uploaded videos. So, if you feel like deleting any video from your YouTube channel using your mobile phone, here you go with the steps of how you delete a YouTube video on your Android or iPhone.

Head to the top right-hand corner of your mobile device to select the icon for your account and then hit on your channel.
Hit the "Videos" option and then go for the video you like to delete. Next, select the three dots shown beside the video.
Hit the "Videos" option and then go for the video you like to delete. Next, select the three dots shown beside the video.

How Do I Delete a YouTube Video on Computer?

If you prefer to operate your YouTube channel through your computer for uploading, editing, or monitoring videos, you can also delete them on your desktop when required. So, let's follow the simple steps of how to delete a video from the YouTube platform using your desktop.

After opening YouTube on your computer, log into your YouTube account using your username & password.
Opt for "My Channel" > "Video Manager." You will get the list of videos you have uploaded. Select the video you like to delete and hit the "Action" option.
Finally, click the "Delete" option to erase the video permanently from YouTube.

How to Delete YouTube Video Playlist From Your YouTube Channel?

Deleting your old uploaded video is quite a time-consuming process. If you like to delete the entire playlist of your YouTube channels, it can be done within a few clicks.

After logging into your YouTube account, go for the playlist you like to remove from YouTube.
Next, you will get a playlist page and select the three dots icon on the upper right side of the page > select the "Delete Playlist" option.

How to Delete a YouTube Channel or Account on Computer?

There is a little ambiguity between the YouTube channel and the YouTube account. There is nothing like a YouTube account, as you have logged into your Google account to use your YouTube Google Account. Google account world is an umbrella account to avail multiple Google services such as Google Drive, Gmail, YouTube, etc. So, deleting a Google account means stopping access to all Google services. So, here you go with the steps to delete your YouTube channels on the computer.

Log into your YouTube account and move to your profile to select the wheel icon.
After that, head to the "Account Setting" page > "Advanced" > "Delete Channel" option.
You will be requested to log into your YouTube account again to confirm your channel deletion.

How Do YouTube Viewers Delete a Video?

Deleting YouTube videos is not only a beneficial feature for video uploaders; being a YouTube viewer, you can also delete videos where you are in the video in an indecent manner. Viewers have the right to delete any YouTube video violating copyright rules. So let's see how you can delete any videos from the YouTube platform as a viewer.

Options to Delete YouTube Videos as Viewers

  • Directly content the video publishers and ask them to delete the video.
  • Drop a comment to send an altar to the YouTube video owner.
  • Go to the "About Channel" option > "Send a Message" to send a request to delete the video.
  • You can message the YouTube team to delete the particular video. To do this, select the "More" option under the video and click "Report." Now you have to choose the reason for deleting the video from seven options, including sexual content, violent/repulsive content, harmful/abusive content, child abuse, affecting your rights, harmful, dangerous acts, or Spam/Misleading.

Can You Recover Deleted YouTube Videos?

Unfortunately, you can't recover videos that you have deleted. Once you delete any YouTube video, it gets deleted permanently from the YouTube platform. So, if you want to reuse your deleted video, you need to download it before its permanent deletion to recover it from your downloads. 

However, there are also a lot of limitations in YouTube downloading features, including paid membership, device restriction, video time limitation, etc. So, suppose you want to save your uploaded videos without any limitation for further use after their permanent deletion from YouTube. In that case, you must use the unlimited and restriction-free downloading options of StreamFab YouTube Downloader Pro.

How to Recover Deleted YouTube Videos via Downloads With StreamFab YouTube Downloader Pro?

Before deleting any YouTube video, get permanent, high-quality, and ads-free downloads using StreamFab YouTube Downloader Pro. These YouTube downloads could be recovered anytime after the permanent deletion of the original YouTube video. So, before going for any YouTube video deletion process, you should never forget to take its permanent backup while downloading it using this software. So, let's see what you can explore in your downloads.

StreamFab YouTube Downloader

StreamFab YouTube Downloader

With this all-inclusive video downloader, you can effortlessly download videos and music from YouTube, Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter, NBC, PBS, and other 1000+ streaming sites.
  • Get ad-free downloads from any country for an unlimited period.
  • Auto-detection of the video via a built-in browsing option
  • Batch downloading of multiple videos and playlist at a time
  • Save videos in 360p/2160p resolution & it supports upto 8K 
  • Save contents in Mp4/MKV/Mp3 format for playback on all devices
  • Codec selection option of VP9/ AV1/ H264
  • Supports HDR & 360° videos
  • Auto-download any upcoming episodes 
  • Get downloads with your best-suited subtitles & metadata.

YouTube Video Downloading Steps: 

Step 1

Download the video downloader

Install the software on your device and open the interface

Step 2

Choose the streaming service

After starting the StreamFab software on your Mac or Windows computer, head to the "Explorer section" at the left and select the "YouTube" icon.

launch YouTube downloader

Step 3

Customize the file

Go for the video you wish to download and play it. After that, customize the output profile by choosing formats, quality, etc.

Step 4

Click the download button

Select the "Download" pop-ups on the screen and complete the YouTube video downloading process.


Can YouTube Delete Old Videos Automatically?

No, YouTube doesn't delete any old videos. You have to delete any video you have uploaded on YouTube manually.

Are Deleted Videos Still Saved on YouTube?

Yes, deleted videos are saved on the YouTube server for at least 2 months.

Can YouTube Decide to Delete Any Uploaded Video?

Yes, YouTube reviewers can delete any video violating the YouTube community guideline.


Are you planning to give a complete makeover to your existing YouTube channel by deleting all the old and outdated videos? Or, if you are planning to leave the YouTube platform after deleting your entire channel, you must follow the appropriate steps on how to delete YouTube videos on different devices. However, before initiating your YouTube video, playlist, or channel deletion process, you must not forget to take the permanent download backup of the content with StreamFab.