If you suffer from a poor internet connection, then playing videos can be painful. Doubly so for Hulu. That’s why you need to know how to download shows on Hulu so that you don’t need to rely on slow internet speeds ever again.

Instead of downloading videos, you might decide to downgrade the video quality, but this isn’t ideal. If you’re willing to wait for the video to finish downloading, then you’ll find that you’ll get the most painless and expedient viewing experience by watching the download on your computer. To find out how to download TV shows on Hulu, keep reading to learn the best tips.

Can You Download Shows on Hulu?

Yes, plenty of shows on Hulu are available for download. If you possess one of Hulu’s supported mobile devices, then downloading can be a breeze. Additionally, you need to have either the Hulu (No Ads) or Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV plans to get permission to download content.

You will only encounter issues if you want to watch on a device that isn’t supported. Most notably, if you want to watch on your laptop or desktop device, then you’ll encounter difficulties.

Why Can't I Download on Hulu?

Finding out how to download Hulu shows on Mac or Windows is rather difficult, they can’t download shows on Hulu directly. Since Hulu doesn’t support these devices, you’ll need a special Hulu downloader that bypasses their controls. Once you’ve got the download on your computer. You’ll be able to watch your favorite Hulu shows forever, no need to renew your subscription.

Another reason why you can’t download a TV show on Hulu could be because Hulu doesn’t make the show downloadable. Indeed, when you go to search for a show you want to download, you’ll need to filter for the ones that are tagged “downloadable”. That means that even though you’re paying for a premium plan, you won’t get access to some of your favorite shows offline.

Of course, you’ll also encounter difficulties with Hulu downloads if you don’t have access to premium plans. If you want to download select Hulu shows on your mobile device, you’ll need to upgrade your plan.

How To Download Shows on Hulu App

Hulu gives some instructions on how to download shows on the Hulu app. It’s fairly simple to download Hulu shows on Android and iOS. Almost anyone with properly updated software will be able to complete the download.

For you to have access to Hulu downloads, you need to have one of Hulu’s more expensive plans. This can be a barrier for some. If you don’t want to pay for those expensive plans, you might need a different Hulu downloader.

Steps to Downloading Shows on Hulu

There are only a few steps to downloading Hulu shows. First, you need to go to your mobile device and open the Hulu app. Then, click the search bar in the global navigation bar. Afterward, you must tap on the menu and filter for the “Downloadable” videos. Browse Hulu’s collection to find a video you desire. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to download a video if it’s not listed as downloadable.

When you click on a movie you like, you only need to go to the details page and click the Download button. For a TV series, you’ll need to click on the “Download” button that is next to the episode in the list.

Look at the downloads section of the navigation bar so you can find the video you want to watch offline.

How to Save Hulu Shows Forever

Another thing you need to watch out for is download expiry. Unfortunately, Hulu downloads will expire after 30 days if you never view the download. Moreover, downloads usually expire 48 hours after playback. This makes it extremely challenging to hang on to your favorite videos. Especially if you decide to cancel your Hulu subscription.

We’ll show you a way for you to keep your favorite Hulu shows on your desktop forever. You’ll only need to download the shows ahead of time and then you can go back and watch them over and over again.

How To Download Hulu Shows on Mac and Windows using StreamFab

We mentioned earlier that you would need a Hulu downloader to download and keep shows for offline viewing. The best software for converting hulu to mp3 is the StreamFab Hulu Downloader.

how to download shows on hulu:How To Download Hulu Shows on Mac and Windows using StreamFab

Using the Hulu downloader you’ll have access to all your favorite shows, no matter whether they’re downloadable or not. Better yet, it’s compatible with Windows 7 or macOS 10.10 and all later versions of those operating systems.

Let’s dive into how the Hulu Downloader works. Get your download from the link above and wait for it to complete. It won’t take long. Once ready, you can go ahead and open the app.

how to download shows on hulu:How To Download Hulu Shows on Mac and Windows using StreamFab

Hulu is the option on the far right. Click it and the software will take you to the Hulu website. To access videos, you’ll need to log in to the service with your credentials.

how to download shows on hulu:How To Download Hulu Shows on Mac and Windows using StreamFab

Once you’ve logged into your account, you can begin browsing videos as you would normally. In this case, you can select any video you want to view. No need to worry about which videos are downloadable or not.

Once you’ve selected a video for viewing. StreamFab will automatically give you the option to download it in the upper left-hand corner. All you need to do with this is click on the download to continue the process.

how to download shows on hulu:How To Download Hulu Shows on Mac and Windows using StreamFab

At this point, you should see a pop-up like the one above. As you can see, we give you quite a few download options. Select the video quality and format that you want. For instance, you can save an HD video in MP4 format. In addition, you might want access to video subtitles, especially if you don’t speak the language that they use in the movie. Therefore, you’ll have the option to download videos in several different languages.

Click "Download" to complete this process and send the video to a download folder. It won’t be long before you’re watching your favorite shows on your computer offline!

Compared to using the Hulu app, StreamFab gives you far more flexibility. Download any video you want no matter which plan you use. Moreover, all our downloads give you the option of watching the video without ads. No more annoying interruptions every time you’re trying to watch a movie! Even if you only subscribe to Hulu’s basic plan.

Whereas Hulu only gives you access to downloads for a short, fixed period of time. StreamFab lets you keep video files forever. Even if you cancel your Hulu subscription, you’ll have your favorite videos saved on your computer forever. You could save a lot of money if you simply pay for the Hulu subscription for one month, download a bunch of videos forever, and then cancel the subscription once you’ve collected all the videos you need.

Watch Hulu Shows Offline

Once you’ve downloaded Hulu shows, you’ll need to find someplace to watch them. You could use the files and media player that come with your computer, but it’s possible that they won’t play all those files forever. Moreover, this isn’t as nice of an experience as it is to watch the shows on the Hulu app.

PlayerFab Hulu Player

Instead, you should choose a video player that makes organization easy and conveniently displays subtitles. PlayerFab Hulu media player 4k will give you all of that while allowing you to auto-skip all ads. This is a godsend when you don’t want to pay for a premium Hulu subscription that lets you avoid ads.

how to download shows on hulu:PlayerFab Hulu Player

The download is quite quick and easy. Once it’s finished, you’ll be able to play videos with all the different subtitles and features that you set when you downloaded using the StreamFab downloader. Better yet, you get access to all kinds of organizational tools.

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When you download a bunch of episodes in a TV series, it can be rather annoying to click from one episode to another. Moreover, you want them all in one folder.

Therefore, we invested in the autoplay feature which allows you to automatically transition from one episode to another without clicking a single thing. Moreover, you’ll have the power to organize each movie and TV series into whichever categories you want. You could create a library with shows from your favorite actor if you want.

Try out the PlayerFab Hulu Player. Like StreamFab, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee, so this software is risk-free.

The Top 5 Best Shows on Hulu

To get you prepared, let’s go over some of the most exciting TV shows on Hulu. Some of these are recent while others are long-time classics.


A show that mixes comedy and drama. Atlanta is a 4-season series that premiered in 2016. It features famous rapper turned actor Donald Glover. Glover plays the role of Earnest Marks, a Princeton dropout who continually attempts to make things right with his ex-girlfriend, Vanessa.

Only Murders In The Building

As a light-hearted mystery drama, Only Murders in The Building could be considered a spin-off of the true-crime genre. Follow Charles and Oliver, played by Steve Martin and Martin Short respectively, as they investigate a suspicious death at their New York apartment building.

What We Do In The Shadows

What We Do In The Shadows is a mockumentary that depicts vampires as they encounter the various pitfalls of the modern world. It’s not surprising that such a show would garner a rapt fanbase. Indeed, it has been nominated for 10 Emmy awards over its short but still current lifespan.


If you like Westerns, you’ll love the 2010 crime drama Justified. Unlike most series from this genre, this show focuses on the inhabitants of the Appalachians in Eastern Kentucky. Watch with amusement as Marshal Raylan Givens tries to adapt his old school “Old West” style to the current era.


When you’re trying to secure a better future for your daughters in 18th-century England, what better way to do it than to open a brothel in London? Harlots follows this premise for 3 seasons as the stars try to resist religious zealots and devastating police raids. Certainly, this action-packed TV show will immerse you in all the quirks of old London.

Final Thoughts

Watching shows on Hulu is easier than it first seems. Don’t bother paying a high premium for an expensive Hulu plan only to find that the download you want isn’t even available. Moreover, don’t settle for annoying ads.

When you have a long car ride and you don’t want to pay for the premium plan, what better solution to download Hulu shows than StreamFab Hulu downloader? You can save a lot of time, stress, and money by using this tool. Get a copy today, you’ll get 30 days of money-back usage guaranteed.