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How to Edit Someone Else's Video on YouTube?

2019-03-19 02:37:43

   Posted by Gabriel


Summary: Suppose you just have watched a YouTube video and now you want to edit it for adding some info, effects, or subtitles. So how to edit a YouTube video that is not yours? Here we will give you the detailed editing steps.

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YouTube is the number one video hosting service in the world. Billions of users use it on a daily basis to watch their favorite music videos, movies, web series, and TV shows. YouTube’s popularity lies in the fact that it has almost every video genre that has been ever produced. So anybody using YouTube doesn’t have to work hard to find his/her favorite videos. But did you ever bother about editing someone else’s YouTube video. Suppose you just have watched a YouTube video and now you want to edit it for adding some info, effects, or subtitles. So, sit back and read this article till the end because in this article we’re going to teach you how to edit a YouTube video that is not yours.


Part 1: The Recommended Tool to Edit a YouTube Video That is Not Yours

Before you can start editing someone else’s YouTube video you should know that for this purpose two tools are required. The description of these two tools is as follows.

1. DVDFab YouTube Video Downloader: An excellent and free tool for downloading YouTube videos as MP4 in multiple resolutions. This tool can download almost every YouTube video.

2. DVDFab Video Converter: It is a video converter which supports almost every video format. You can use this software to convert your videos or movies from one format to another. It has also got a built in video editor which we will discuss later in this article.


How to Use DVDFab YouTube Video Downloader

·         Download and install the latest 32-bit version of DVDFab 11.

·         Open the program and head over to the ‘Utilities’ section. From here click ‘YouTube Video Downloader’. Let it download and install itself.

·         Once the download is finished click ‘YouTube Video Downloader’ again to start it. This will automatically open YouTube in an isolated window.

·         Now search for your favorite YouTube video here and let it play. When the video starts playing a blue ‘Download’ button will show up in the upper left corner. Hover your mouse over it to get download options.

·         Click the desired resolution to start the download. Click the ‘Download’ tab above to see the download progress. You can download multiple videos also just repeat the steps given above.

·         You can click the ‘Folder’ icon to locate the downloaded YouTube video or click the ‘To Converter’ button to send the video to converter for converting it to other formats.


How to Use the DVDFab Video Editor

In the above part you just learned to download YouTube videos. Now in this part we will teach you edit those downloaded YouTube videos. So first of all send the downloaded videos to the DVDFab Video Converter as shown in the above part. Or you can manually add the video by opening DVDFab 11 and then select the converter tab. Then finally click the ‘Add’ button to load your video(s).

·         When the video gets loaded then click the video editor button to launch it as shown in the image below.

·         After clicking the button a video editor will open which will look like this below. Please read the description as shown in the image.

·         You can use tools like crop, trim, rotate, change video properties, add subtitles, and add text or image watermarks.

·         Here we will show you to use the trim part as it is a bit tricky to use and rest of the tools you can use yourself.

·         Simply click the trim button to add a trim section, the trim section can be increased or decreased in size by dragging the red trim point left and right. To add another trim point drag the blue ‘T’ marker out of the current trim and then click the trim button to add a new trim. You can add multiple trims this way.

·         The video part inside these trims will be removed. However you can select the inverse also by clicking the ‘Trim Invert’ button at the bottom. Make sure that ‘Merge trimmed clips’ is enabled.

·         This is how you can remove multiple unwanted scenes from a video just at once. You can try other tools yourself as they are self explanatory and doesn’t require serious efforts.

Note: When all the editing work is done, you can go back to the main interface and choose an output format you want on the top left corner. Then you can click the Start button to output the edited video.


Part 2: How to Edit Someone Else's YouTube Video with an Online Tool

If you want to use an online video editing tool then read this part 2. We will use an online YouTube video downloader and editor tool viz. ‘saveclipbro’.

·         Go to YouTube and copy the link of your favorite video.

·         Then go to and enter the YouTube video link and click ‘START’. Wait for few seconds.

·         Scroll down a little bit and in the ‘VIDEO’ options click ‘Advanced options’ to turn it ON.

·         You can find video editing options like cut video, resize video, mirror video, crop, and rotate.

·         After making the video edits click the ‘Convert’ button at the web page’s end. After conversion you will be offered download links.



So, in this article we discussed two methods to download and edit YouTube video that is not yours. The part 1 uses the YouTube Video Downloader and Video Converter of DVDFab which providesa nice approach for downloading and editing YouTube videos. The part 2 describes an online tool which is quite handy as you don’t need to install anything. Though it is a good tool but misses the subtitle, watermark, and video properties function. So, it totally depends on you, which tool you will prefer for editing someone else’s YouTube video.

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