Having Netflix free seems like having an entire buffet in a lavish restaurant at liberty. While the latter is only possible when someone else pays for you, watching Netflix for free is possible with three options as long as you want. So, this article details how to get Netflix for free without paying for these options and solutions and how to get Netflix free trial on different devices. 

How to Get a Free Netflix Account as You Want?

Option 1: Share the Account With Friends or Family 

how to get Netflix for free:Option 1: Share the Account With Friends or Family 

Even though Netflix allows you to have a single profile watching with its minimum basic subscription plan, the standard and premium plans will enable you to share your account with more than one person. For example, when a standard plan provides two simultaneous watching, with the premium plan, four people can enjoy simultaneous streaming with their different watch lists and watching history. 

With one Netflix account, you can create five profiles that can be accessed on any device using the same login credentials. So, if your family member or friends' circle has a standard or premium Netflix subscription, you can easily share their account to get Netflix free without paying. 

Option 2: Watch Netflix for Free With the Promotional Offers of Phone or Cable Providers 

Sometimes, many cable service providers or phone companies give offers on their deals, including Netflix, for free. So, while going for any new cable subscription plan or new phone package, you must check out if they would offer any plan with a free Netflix subscription. 

Even though you have to pay for something to get Netflix for free with this kind of plan, it's worth spending money on what you need with what you want for free. 

Option 3: T-Mobile Allows You to Have Netflix for Free 

With the T-Mobile plan, you can have Netflix for free. However, there are specific terms and conditions for accessing Netflix for free with the T-Mobile offers. Unfortunately, you can't get Netflix for free with any prepaid or credit check plan. To have a free Netflix service, you need to go for the "two lines" plan with the "Netflix On Us" feature. So, this is another most convenient way to have a solution for how to get free Netflix account. 

How to Get Netflix Free Trial? 

Netflix allows you to enjoy their selective library for free for one month while selecting your suitable Netflix subscription plan. While having Netflix free trial, you can decide what Netflix subscription plan you would like to go for. So, if you plan to try Netflix's free trial, you must know how to get Netflix free trial on different devices. Here, you go with the steps & instructions to get it on computers and mobile phones. 

On Computer & Mobile:

● Go to https://www.netflix.com/ to open Netflix on your computer. 

● Download the Netflix app through the Google play store. Open the app by clicking on the red-colored "N" icon on your device's home screen. 

● Hit on the "Join free for a month" option. It appears on a red button shown at the bottom of the screen. 

● Go for the "Select plan" option when it appears on the screen at the bottom in the red box. 

● Go for the "Select a plan" option. 

● Select "Continue" while scrolling down through the page. 

● Again, go for the "Continue" option when it appears on the screen. 

● Enter your email address and password. 

● Select "Continue." 

● Go for the " Payment method." 

● Give your "Payment details." 

● Hit on the "Start Membership" option. 

Additional Tips: In the case of the iPhone, you need to go for the "subscribe" with iPhone option while going through the "Select a payment method" step. In the "enter your payment details" option, you must give your Apple or Touch ID for your iTunes subscription confirmation.

How to Cancel Netflix Free Trial Before Getting Charged?

Now, after taking Netflix's free trial option, if you think that Netflix is not something that you would like to continue with further, you must cancel your free trial plan. You have to do it before you start getting billed for your selected subscription plan that you have selected while taking the free trial option. Otherwise, you will be charged for your subscription once every 30 days subscription gets over. 

● Head to https://www.netflix.com/ & sign in to your account. 

● Go for your account. 

● Go to the "Profile Icon" from the top right-hand corner of the page. 

● Select "Account" from the drop-down menu. 

● Select "Cancel Membership" from the top left side corner of the screen. 

● Go for the "Finish Cancellation" from the upper left-hand side. 

How to Download Netflix Content with Ease?

When you are taking Netflix free trial or enjoying your favorite Netflix content for free without paying for it, don't you think you can make the best out of Netflix watching while saving them permanently. To make your wish come true, the StreamFab Netflix Downloader has come up with the features & functions that get your entire Netflix watch list and history in your offline library. 

Depending on your choice and demand, you will get multiple customizable functions to enjoy your favorite Netflix world, from ad-free downloading options to unlimited downloading features. 


Download MP4 movies from Netflix as you want on your Mac or Windows PC and enjoy them as long as you want. 

● Download video up to 1080p resolution with EAC3 5.1 audio track. 

● The MP4 saving option allows you to access downloads on any device. 

● Save your comfortable language subtitles & metadata for flexible watching. 

● Any scheduled newly released videos will be automatically downloaded. 

● With high-speed batch downloads, you can have multiple videos in one go in minimum time. 

● There will be no ads in your Netflix download. 

Price: Monthly subscription: $39.99

Downloading Steps 

Step 1: Start with 'VIP Service:

how to get Netflix for free:How to Download Netflix Content with Ease?

After launching the software in your system, select "VIP Service" from the function bar on the page's left side. 

Step 2: Locate website & video: 

how to get Netflix for free:How to Download Netflix Content with Ease?

From the right-hand side of the website list, you need to find Netflix while scrolling through the site, then login & select a video for downloading. 

Step 3: Customize, play & download: 

how to get Netflix for free:How to Download Netflix Content with Ease?

After selecting the video, customize it by choosing resolution, audio, etc., and then play the video. Click the "Download now" pop-up on the screen. Then, your video will download while watching it.


Is there any cancellation charge for a Netflix subscription? 

No, there is no cancellation charge involved in a Netflix subscription. Read this passage to know more about Netflix.com/cancel.

What are the Netflix subscription plans? 

There are three plans:

● Basic: $ 9.99/month 

● Standard: $ 15.99/month 

● Premium: $19.99/month 

What is the 2022 Netflix revenue? 

After Q1 of 2022, Netflix's revenue is around $7.87 billion. 

Final Feed 

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