Imagine you wish to watch a trending and exciting movie on Hulu that is unavailable in your native language. Ouch! That hurts more than a breakup. Or, even if you know the language but are in a noisy environment, it gets hard to hear without access to headphones, and you will not be able to understand a bit of your favorite movie. 

In these cases, Hulu subtitles play a significant role. They make it easier for you to enjoy the movie irrespective of the unknown language and work great in a noisy environment. Subtitles connect the characters' emotions to convey their message in your language so you can enjoy every bit of Hulu movies or TV shows. However, sometimes you may get a 'Hulu subtitles not working' message on your screen.  

Let us know in detail about this issue and how to solve it to give seamless entertainment to you.  

How to Get Subtitles on different devices?

How Do You Get Subtitles on Hulu's Website?

Follow these simple steps and get subtitles on the Hulu website- it is that easy!

Step 1: First, you must type in your available web browser on Mac or PC to make yourself land on Hulu's website. 

  • If you do not get signed in, automatically find the 'Login' option from the top right corner. Use your registered email ID and password for Hulu and click on 'Login.'
  • Move on to your profile name from the upper right corner to get the profile menu displayed. It will help you switch profiles and choose the profile you wish to use.

hulu subtitles:How Do You Get Subtitles on Hulu's Website?

Step 2: Start browsing for your favorite movie or Hulu TV show. Hulu's website has many choices for movies and TV shows of all genres. 

  • If you have to see movies or Hulu shows in your library, click on 'My Stuff.'
  • Then you can click on the Browse option to get genres through a drop-down menu.
  • After that, you must click the 'Search' option to display the search menu for finding Hulu TV shows and movies using their names.

hulu subtitles:How Do You Get Subtitles on Hulu's Website?

Step 3: Now proceed with clicking on a movie or TV show of your preference. You will be able to see a triangle option that helps in playing the TV show or movie as soon as the mouse cursor is placed over the image of the movie or TV show.

Step 4: As soon as you bring the cursor to the center of the screen, you will see controls for playback in the bottom section of the screen.

hulu subtitles:How Do You Get Subtitles on Hulu's Website?

Step 5: Now locate the settings menu and click on it from the lower-left corner.  

Step 6: Now proceed with clicking on the subtitles option. You can find it in the 'Settings' menu.

hulu subtitles:How Do You Get Subtitles on Hulu's Website?

Step 7: Now locate the 'English' option and click on the radial button. Herein you can click the on/off option if you do not wish to see the subtitles. 

Tip: If you wish to change the subtitles' font, color, and letter style, click on the settings options below subtitles on the left side.  

How Do You Get Subtitles in the Hulu App?

If you are fascinated about watching movies and shows on apps and wondering how to get subtitles on the Hulu app, follow the given steps:

Step 1: First, you must launch the Hulu application on your smartphone by clicking on the app icon.

hulu subtitles:How Do You Get Subtitles in the Hulu App?

Step 2: Now, go ahead by finding and making a selection of your favorite movie or TV show for playing.

hulu subtitles:How Do You Get Subtitles in the Hulu App?

Step 3: Afterward, tap on the center of the smartphone's screen to view the video options.

Step 4: Locate the gear icon and select it from the top right corner to use the video settings.

hulu subtitles:How Do You Get Subtitles in the Hulu App?

Step 5: Now, find the slider button under the Subtitle menu to turn on the subtitles. Once it turns green, it is on. You will notice that now you can see subtitles when you play the video. 

Note: The steps are almost the same whether using the Hulu app for iOS or Android smartphones.

How Do You Get Subtitles for Hulu on Streaming Devices?

By utilizing streaming devices such as Chromecast, gaming consoles, or Amazon Echos, you can watch Hulu content on your Smart TV. Find out how to turn on subtitles on Hulu on streaming devices through the following steps:

Step 1: Grab the remote for your streaming device and start by opening the control bar by pressing the 'UP' button on the remote. 

Step 2: Now locate and select the settings menu.

Step 3: Locate captions and subtitles and choose the 'ON' option.

Step 4: Now, make a selection of the language of your preference.

Step 5: If you need to customize the captions, you can go back to the home screen on the Hulu app and make changes to the subtitles settings.

How Do You Turn Subtitles Off on Hulu?

When you've got your hands on your favorite shows/movies on Hulu, you are gifted with the option of turning the subtitles on/off as per requirement. If you are wondering how to turn off subtitles on Hulu, follow the given steps:

#For Hulu Mobile App

If you do not need subtitles "on" in your Hulu app, turn them off by using the following steps:

  • On the Hulu app, find the gear icon in the top right section, and open it to get settings for the video player.
  • Then find the subtitle menu and, using the slider menu turn off the subtitles. The button will show green color if they are on.  

Note: We have already given the required steps above for turning subtitles off on Hulu using the Hulu website. 

#For Smart TV

  • On your Streaming device remote, press the 'UP' button during the playback of the video. It will pull up the playback bar.
  • Now open the 'Settings' menu by pressing up or swiping again.
  • Find 'Captions and Subtitles,' and slide the button to turn subtitles off. 

How Do I Fix Subtitles on Hulu?

Sometimes, subtitles do not appear in the correct form on the screen. But you can fix these situations by following the given steps:

#When Subtitles Are Missing

  • Reassure that subtitles are enabled correctly in the Hulu app.
  • Check accessibility settings for devices.
  • Compare it with other videos to see if they are also affected.

#When Subtitles Are Incorrect

  • Subtitles before 2014 may not have word-to-word subtitling as they often paraphrased them.
  • If the content is unscripted or lives like sports, news, etc., it may contain errors.

#When Subtitles Are Out of Sync

  • Start by disabling the subtitles and re-enabling them.
  • Close the Hulu app fully and all background apps and try again.
  • Compare with a different video.

#When You Cannot Enable/ Disable/ Format Subtitles 

  • Check for your language preference for subtitles.
  • Try disabling and re-enabling the subtitles to get the same in the correct language.
  • Try again after changing the language.
  • Try checking the accessibility of the device.
  • Compare different videos.

Note: If the issue does not resolve by troubleshooting, contact the Hulu Help center by stating full details of your problem on in all the above circumstances.

After you have sorted your 'Hulu subtitles not working' issue and other problems, you may find that your most loved TV show or movie is unavailable on Hulu anymore. It may be owing to the license terms or other issues. 

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StreamFab Hulu Downloader: Fabulous Solution for Downloading Hulu Videos

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  • Enables the user to download any TV show or movie from Hulu JP or Hulu streaming device.
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Price: $39.99 for both Windows/Mac

Step 1: Make Selection of Software

hulu subtitles:StreamFab Hulu Downloader: Fabulous Solution for Downloading Hulu Videos

Start by double-clicking on the StreamFab icon and selecting the 'VIP Services' tab in the left column.

Step 2: Start Playing the Required Video from the Official Site of Hulu:

Now proceed with signing in to the official website by using the required subscription for your account, then play the TV episode or movie you wish to download.

hulu subtitles:StreamFab Hulu Downloader: Fabulous Solution for Downloading Hulu Videos

Step 3: Proceed With Downloading the Video:

hulu subtitles:StreamFab Hulu Downloader: Fabulous Solution for Downloading Hulu Videos

When the video starts playing, you will notice a pop-up window. Then, go ahead by clicking on 'Download Now,' and the process of playing the video will begin.


Can I enable or disable Hulu subtitles on Roku?

Yes. With some settings, you can enable or disable Hulu subtitles on the Roku app.

How will I know the subtitles are on /off on the Hulu app?

Once you slide the subtitles bar under settings, it will turn green to turn the subtitles on. In case it's not green, the subtitles are off. 

How can you download on Hulu Videos via Software?

You can download Hulu videos and watch them later with StreamFab Hulu Downloader.

Final Verdict

You can utilize the 'Hulu subtitles' feature for various reasons. For example, when you're watching a foreign film, you are in noisy surroundings, you have a hearing disability, or you can't afford to miss quiet dialogues, which are also crucial. Sometimes when Hulu subtitles are not working, we have given steps to resolve the issue in different situations on different devices. We have also suggested a helpful software - StreamFab Hulu Downloader to fix the problem of your favorite videos not being available after the lapse of a specific time. Use it well and enjoy Hulu content.