If you have been enjoying the American subscription-based streaming services in your OTT entertainment world, you probably know why it is worth spending money on both SVOD platforms. However, if you want to stick to any one medium or are planning to go for any one service, then a comprehensive comparison between Hulu vs Netflix would surely help you make the right decision with the proper conviction.

Statistical States of Netflix vs Hulu

Hulu vs Netflix:Statistical States of Netflix vs Hulu

While watching any of the Netflix or Hulu content, you don't realize whether you are on the right platform, where you are heading with this service, or what the rest of the world thinks about this platform. So, with the statistical comparison of Netflix vs Hulu, you will know where you are with your favorite streaming service.


● By 2022, Netflix reached $84.57 billion worldwide revenue with Q1 revenue of $7.87 billion & annual revenue of $30 billion.

● Netflix comes first with a 27% share in the SVOD market.

● Around 222 million worldwide subscribers.

● 41%users access Netflix without paying a subscription while sharing others' Netflix accounts.

● 47% of American choose Netflix over other OTT platforms.

● When 23% of adults & 37% of teens watch Netflix regularly, 37% get into binge-watch at work.

● It is available in 190 countries & 66% of the users are from the USA.

● In the USA, 40% of the entire Netflix library comprises Netflix Originals.

● In 2022, Netflix is planning to enter the gaming world by acquiring "Next Games" & "Big Fight Entertainment" as a part of its expansion.


● Hulu is available in the United States only.

● By Q1 of 2022, Hulu has 45.3 paid subscribers & expected to reach 115 million by 2024.

● 37% of subscribers have a million accounts & 60% watch Hulu with ads.

● Hulu revenue will reach $16 billion by 2022 & is expected to reach $27.5 billion by 2024.

● In 2022, Hulu's ad revenue will be $3.13 billion.

● With a 13% SOVD market share, Hulu comes in the fourth position & Hulu, with the Disney+ bundle plan, reaches up to 27%.

● 52% of Hulu subscribers are female, 57% are aged between 18-34 & 22% are above 65 years old.

Content Contrasts of Hulu vs Netflix

No matter how much information you would get about your favorite platforms unless you get to watch your favorite content, there is no other reason to be satisfied with your streaming platforms. Besides, if you wonder about "is euphoria on Netflix", this passage will provide detailed solutions.

So, let's get highlights of what you can explore on Netflix vs Hulu.


● Netflix originals are the center of attraction, with approximately more than 370 original shows with expected production of $18.9 billion by 2025. 

● In the USA Netflix library has 5723 titles, including 3749 movies & 1974 shows, but the content varies in different countries.

● It has 76,000 hidden TV shows & movie categories.

● Netflix regional library has 15,400 titles approximately.

● It is available in 30 languages & 80% of the famous Netflix original shows are produced by Netflix.

Most Watched Netflix Content

● Lucifer Season 5

● Stranger Things 3 & 4

● Bridgerton Season 1 & Season 2

The Netflix Current Content

● Beauty

● Boo Bitch

● Stranger Things 4 Volume 2


● In the Hulu library, you will get Hulu originals, movies, TV shows & series, including content from third-party distributors.

● It has 1230 movies & 1300 TV shows.

● In the Hulu library, you will get categories of TV shows, movies, originals, Kids, Networks, and recently added new title options to select from.

● With Hulu+LiveTV with Disney+ & ESPN service, you will get 75+ Live TV & on-demand TV channels including sports, news & entertainment.

● Hulu is the first streaming platform to offer a "Plus" service with access to all episodes without any delay.

Most Watched Hulu Content

● Maggie

● The Bear

● Love, Victor

The Hulu Current Content


● Feud: Complete Season 1

● Black Ink Crew: Complete Season 5 & 6

Subscription Service of Hulu vs Netflix 

If the Netflix and Hulu content seems tempting & irresistible to you, you must know both platforms' plans, prices, and benefits to select the best subscription plan from Hulu vs Netflix.




Plans & Price

  • Basic:$9.99/month 
  • Standard:$15.49/month
  • Premium:$19.99/month
  • Hulu with Ads:$6.99/month
  • Hulu+LiveTV with Disney+&ESPN with Ads:$69.99
  • Hulu+LiveTV with Disney+& ESPN without Ads:$75.99/month

Free Trial

Not Available


Number of Profiles with an Account

Up to 5


Number of Simultaneous Watches

Up to 4 Devices

2 Devices

Downloading Option


Yes, with No-Ads Aplan

DVR Storage

Not Available

50 Hours to 200 Hours

Group Streaming 

Netflix Party

Hulu Watch Party

Device Diversification of Netflix vs Hulu

No services have come into play unless and until you would enjoy it on your favorite devices. So, to get the best watching experience with any of your favorite streaming services, Netflix vs Hulu, let's see which devices you can access.

Netflix: Smart TVs, Apple TV, Roku, Streaming Stickers, Set-top-Boxes, Game-Consoles, Blu-Ray Players, laptops, PC, Smartphones & Tablets.

Hulu: Smartphones & Tablets, Android TV, Apple TV, Smart TV, Blu-Ray Player, Chromecast, Echo Show, Fire Tablets, TV & Sticks, PlayStation, Roku & Roku Sticks VIZIO SmartCast TVs, Xbox, Xfinity Flex Streaming TV Box. By the way, during the process of usage, there may be some Hulu Chromecast problems, this passage offers detailed solutions.

Users' Usability of Netflix vs Hulu

Since consumers are the best judge to evaluate any product or service while prioritizing streaming services, you need to understand their workability to get the most accessible access to the top features with a few clicks.


● Easy interface with search option.

● Categorized contents with genres.

● Multiple categories make your search short & sorted.

● Select movies by IMDB ratings, highlighting storyline & scrolling through metadata of actors, actresses, directors, year of release, etc.

● Subtitles & audio language selection make your streaming customizable.

● It comes with parental control for kids' profiles.

● Auto-play the next episode & auto-play the preview option.


● Hulu content comes under different categories.

● You can make Kids profile with your account.

● Hulu profile comes with adding, editing, deleting & switching options.

● "Testpicker" feature to customize your profile & watching experience.

● The content tracking feature of "My Stuff" is given in the personalized hub of the app.

● "Remove Watch History" option to organize the watching experience.

● "Like & Dislike" option to categorize your viewing preferences. 

How to Download Netflix & Hulu Content?

Now, after going through a neck-to-neck comparison between Netflix and Hulu, suppose you are planning to try both services. Don't forget to take the download services of the StreamFab Netflix Downloader & StreamFab Hulu Downloader to capture all of your favorite content forever. 

Even if Netflix doesn't give you a free trial plan, with its minimum subscription plan, you can explore its entire library repeatedly as long as you want in your offline watch with the Netflix video downloader.

On the other hand, while taking the 30 days of Hulu free trial service, the StreamFab Hulu Downloader can take the backup of your entire watchlist or the rest of the content that hasn't finished watching in your free trial without ads. So, you can watch them offline even if your free trial gets over.

Primary Functions of the Downloaders

● When Netflix downloader allows you to download content from any corner of the world, Hulu downloads give you ad-free downloads.

● With Netflix & Hulu downloaders get 1080p & 720p HD videos respectively with EAC3 5.1 audio quality.

● Download multiple videos in one go.

● Get MP4 Netflix & Hulu downloads to enjoy any device anytime.

● Save subtitles & metadata of your downloads for customizable & flexible watching.

● Auto-download for new release Netflix videos. 

● Convert your Hulu downloads to Blu-Ray format.


After 30 days of the free trial, these downloaders will be available at $39.99/month, $69.99/year, or $89.99 for a lifetime.

Downloading Steps

Step 1: VIP Service to begin with:

Hulu vs Netflix:Downloading Steps

After starting the software on your system by double clicking on the "StreamFab" icon, visit the VIP Service section on the left column.

Step 2: Website & video selection:

Hulu vs Netflix:Downloading Steps

Search & select Netflix or Hulu websites via the website list depending on what downloader & which service you are using to download your video. Next, sign in to your official account of any of the selected websites of your need & pick the video to download.

Step 3: Download completion: 

Hulu vs Netflix:Downloading Steps

After completing your video selection process, play the video to click on the"Download" option once it pops up. Enjoy playback while downloading the content.


Does both Netflix & Hulu are award-winning platforms?

Yes, Netflix & Hulu both have earned many prestigious awards in various categories.

How many subscribers did Netflix lose in 2022? 

Netflix lost approximately 200,000 subscribers in 2022.

How many subscribers do Hulu+LiveTV lose in 2022?

Hulu+LiveTV has lost around 200,000 subscribers in 2022.

Final Tips

After analyzing a close comparison between Netflix vs Hulu, you need to prioritize your requirements to make the best decision when selecting any streaming service. For example, when Netflix would let you into the uniqueness of the creative world with Netflix original, Hulu Live channels would keep you updated with the latest events, news & sports. Now, it's your turn to optimize your obsession.