No matter how popular videos are getting nowadays, MP3 (audio) songs are still being liked by people because while traveling or before sleeping when there is craving to listen to songs, we all prefer audio songs, not video. Even sometimes while working on something, we prefer to listen to MP3 songs. The reason is, when you watch video songs, you cannot do any other work, but while listening to MP3 songs, you can simultaneously do other works too.

In this article, we are going to share a list of 8 best iPhone MP3 Players which would offer you a better experience of listening to MP3 songs on your iPhone. Moreover, we will also show you how to download online music from YouTube and other music sharing websites to MP3 files so that you can enjoy on your iPhone without any limitations.

Section 1. Top 8 Best iPhone MP3 Players

In this section, we've listed the 8 best MP3 players available on iPhone all models that offer you different music listening experience.

1.1. Listen: The Gesture Music Player

Thisis probably the best MP3 player for iPhone as it doesn’t work with buttons but gestures. That means with only gestures you can control your music player. This gives an awesome listening experience. For example, swiping left-right changes the tracks, swipe up to add songs to your favorite playlist.

iphone mp3 player

If you run short of songs on your phone, you can switch to its online radio for endless listening.

1.2 Musixmatch    

Musixmatch is another nice iPhone MP3 player that you should install on your iPhone today to enjoy listening to MP3 songs in a whole different way. The best thing about this iPhone MP3 player app is that you can enjoy lyrics of every song you listen using it. It automatically gets the lyrics of the song you play. You can even sing along any song by syncing with the party mode feature of it.

iphone mp3 player

Overall, it is a great iPhone MP3 player with some really nice features.

1.3 Beat

Beatis one of the prettiest MP3 players for iPhone as its interface is minimalistic. It is based on gestures. There are different theme options that you can use to customize the interface look to match your taste. It does support Apple EarPod Remote.

iphone mp3 player

Remember one thing that you cannot download free music with Beat. According to its developers, more than 300000 downloads happened within the 48 hours of its release which is commendable and tells that this is the next generation free MP3 player app for iPhone.

1.4 TapTunes

Thisis just another iPhone MP3 player which can also play various audio formats on your iPhone. You can view your albums in different views since there are various display options. It offers some really nice gestures to control the playback. It does support AirPlay as well. You can get this MP3 Player for iPhone from iTunes and enjoy listening to your favorite MP3 songs whether you are traveling or doing mathematics or even relaxing.

iphone mp3 player


1.5 JetAudio

JetAudio is one of the most popular MP3 Player apps for iPhone. This is a feature-rich music app. It automatically hooks into your music library, including songs that are in your iCloud Music Library. Options like Equalizer, sound effects, sleep timer, etc. make this MP3 player app the best choice among the crowd of great MP3 players for iPhone.

mp3 player for iphone

1.6 Cesium

Cesium is another nice MP3 player for iPhone that capture the music saved on your iPhone and even on iTunes to organize them well so that you can have a good view of the songs. Songs that are not saved on your iPhone but are added iCloud music library can be downloaded as well. There are some swipe gestures to make your music play comfortable and enjoyable. This comes with night mode which when you turn on, becomes dark that gives you a night feel when you are listening songs just when you go to bed at night.

mp3 player for iphone

In short, this is cool iPhone MP3 player that you should have. However, it is paid app.

1.7 Boom Music Player

Boomis a good iPhone MP3 player app. It is a music player which offers a variety of predefined equalizers, along with 5.1 surround sound feel to your headphones that you might want to use, including in-ear earphones, over the ear headphones and more. It offers you great sound quality that you always crave for. Although this is paid app, sound effects are free to use for 5 days. Later you can buy them if you want to use them.

mp3 player for iphone

1.8 Ecoute

Ecoute is another good iPhone MP3 player that offers a lot of features such as streaming podcasts, compatible with AirPlay, simple user interface, etc. Above all, the while the song play, the screen looks beautiful. This is an amazing app for your iPhone. So get this today, and enjoy listening to songs.

mp3 player for iphone

Section 2. How to Download Online Music to Offline MP3 Files

With some many great iPhone MP3 players to choose from, the next thing you should be worrying about is how to get as many as MP3 songs on your iPhone. You can transfer your existing MP3 songs from your computer to your iPhone, but if there are not enough MP3 songs on your local hard drive, you can also download online music from YouTube and other music sharing websites. For that purpose, you will need a YouTube to MP3 software that extracts MP3 from YouTube videos, and download to our computer hard drives, this is when and where DVDFab YouTube to MP3 kicks in to help.

Key Features of DVDFab YouTube to MP3:

  • Offer a free version that allows to download MP3 from YouTube
  • Premium version also allows you to download from 1000+ other websites
  • Download MP3 tracks at up to 320kbps high quality
  • Download the metadata information to the MP3 files
  • Paid version allows to download entire playlist at one go
  • Paid version also allows to batch-download and use Turbo-Speed feature
  • Offer an Android App that can download directly from your iPhone

Here below are the detailed guides on how to download online music with this MP3 downloader software, taking YouTube as an example:

Step 1 — Download and install DVDFab YouTube to MP3 on your PC, using the two download buttons below, one for Windows version, the other for macOS.

                                 i  Free Download    i  Free Download

Additional tips: DVDFab YouTube to MP3 is one of the three separately sellable modules inside its DVDFab Downloader product, and other two are Video Downloader and DRM Video Downloader. This means, if you only need to download YouTube to MP3, not videos, then you can only purchase the YouTube to MP3 if you want the premium version.   

Step 2 — Launch DVDFab Downloader, click the YouTube icon from the Popular Sites section, which shall take you to the YouTube website using its built-in browser;

Download online music to offline mp3

Step 3 — Search your favorite song/music using the search box as usual, just like you normally do with your own browser, and click on the one you like from the search results to open its own page;

Download online music to offline mp3

Step 4 — When the playback starts to load, you will see a Download button appear at the top left corner of the built-in browser, click on that button to take you to the Download window, where you're supposed to click the Music tab, select your prefered quaity level, either 320 kbps, 192 kbps or 128 kbps, depending on your call, and then click the Download button laid at the middle bottom of this window to start downloading.

Download online music to offline mp3

Step 5 — Wait for the download to complete. It won't take too long, during this time period, you can click the Downloadind tab from the left pane to see the real-time progress of the download process.

Download online music to offline mp3

Additional tips: Even if you're using the free version, one song usually takes you 1 minute or so even without the Turbo-Speed feature which is only available in the premium version.

Step 6 — To locate the downloaded MP3 music files, navigate to Local Files > Music, right the three-dot button, and then click the "Open containing folder" option to open the output directory.

Download online music to offline mp3


Music is love for most of us, and what is better than enjoying songs while you do your other jobs. That is why MP3 songs are still in the business. These above-mentioned iPhone MP3 player apps are really nice ones which you can install on your iPhone and enjoy listening to songs the way you want.

Futhermore, if you want to get more online music as MP3 files so that you can listen on your iPhone, you can use DVDFab YouTube to MP3 to download your favorite music from YouTube and also more than 1000 other websites to offline MP3 audio files with ease. One more word, you can normalize audio to make your downloaded mp3 files better for offline play.