is crunchyroll down:

Crunchyroll, Inc – is an American and International online community-based platform that focuses on streaming East Asian media, including anime, manga, drama, music, electronic entertainment, and auto racing. Launched in 2006, more than 20 million online community members worldwide receive Crunchyroll content that reaches them through distribution channels and partnership programs.

Besides rich content streaming, the Crunchyroll website faces unavailability issues and server failure. This causes users annoyance and disheartening. This article will review Crunchyroll website failure issues most users face and their possible solutions. We will also introduce you to the best alternate solution to watch Crunchyroll content in case you cannot access the website;

Is Crunchyroll Down?

is crunchyroll down:Is Crunchyroll Down?

If CRUNCHYROLL.COM is working properly, but you are unable to access the platform or pages, you should try one of these options;

  • Browser cache

To clear the cache and retrieve the current version of the page, press Ctrl + F5 to refresh the page in your browser.

  • Website access is blocked.

If you cannot access the website, you should clear your browser cookies and change your computer's IP address.

  • Antivirus and firewall

Ensure antivirus software like McAfee, Kaspersky Antivirus, etc., and firewalls installed on your system allow access to CRUNCHYROLL.COM.

  • DNS cache

After clearing your computer's DNS cache, you can try re-accessing it.

  • Browser Plugins

The AdBlock extension can block content on your site, along with ads. Look for similar plugins on your site and disable them.

Applicable Solutions When Crunchyroll is Down

First, make sure your favorite show season is dubbed in another language. To view these foreign dubbed versions, you need to ensure the language of the dubbed version is the same as the language you selected in the settings. If you are viewing the English dubbed version, you should choose English as your preferred language.

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Remember: This problem frequently occurs on series using international dubbing, like Mob Psycho 100, Kono Soba, and Re: Zero.

What to do if Crunchyroll down?

If you have a problem with a video, you can contact the support on the platform and inform them about the particular video and device on which you are viewing it. They will check the video encoding and solve the problem.

  • Firefox only plays audio. The video pauses.

A recent update has changed the AutoPlay settings. Change your Firefox settings to allow Crunchyroll to run automatically.

  • Crunchyroll app down: No videos work. They will not play at all.

If you are accessing Crunchyroll through the console, you should clear the caches and remove APP DATA. After it, uninstall or unlink your device from the My Devices page. In the end, reinstall the Crunchyroll app and use it.

  • Update your browser.

It would help if you deactivated all browser extensions. It is also recommended to use more than one browser.

Are Crunchyroll servers down? What to do if Crunchyroll servers down?

If Crunchyroll servers are down, it will not open and you will face login errors. Here are some other problems and their possible solutions to try;

  • Most videos play but pause, resume, or move on to the next episode.

There are three additional areas where video streaming can cause problems. You should check your network connection, which is usually WiFi. If you believe you are connecting to the right server and still have issues, you should try to reduce the quality settings.

  • WiFi

A stable connection is a crucial requirement of your device. This issue will need to be fixed and requires you to ensure your connection is as stable as possible. If that doesn't work, try again. A common problem is other people are playing videos on the same home WiFi.

  •  Getting to the right servers

As the servers of different devices are located in different parts of the country, they cannot point to the correct DNS servers. The problem can be solved when you change the DNS on your router. If you live in the United States or Europe, you should try it first. If it does not work, Google's public DNS is best to try.

  • Decrease Quality Settings

By default, the video quality is set to "Auto," but an unstable connection may interfere with the quality choice, increasing the buffering time. This can cause the video to shut down on mobile devices and refer to "this video is taking some time to load ...". Set the quality to a low and check if this reduces buffering and loading problems.

Crunchyroll down detector


is crunchyroll down:Downdetector

Regarding the world's most popular online service, Status Information Platform, DownDetector stands as number one. Millions of users are drawn to it to track the status of their Internet connections, mobile networks, online banking, gaming, entertainment, and other online services. Downdetector analyzes millions of problem reports each month. It provides real-time status information on more than 12,000 services across 47 websites in 47 countries.

Read here to learn more about how Downtector collects and analyzes data to find out the user's problems and its job to alert companies and communities;

Features of Downdetector

  • Company status

Its job is to determine if the company has more users reporting no issues, potential issues, or problems noticed for an organization.

is crunchyroll down:Downdetector

  • Downdetector Communicate

Corporate customers can interact directly with customers through the downdetector's company page.

is crunchyroll down:Downdetector

  • Problem report button

Users can choose from a set of default problem indicators and submit problem reports to Downdetector to find actual issues.

Moreover, there is a live outage map and an overview of the submitted issues. 

Downdetector Process of Collecting Status Info.

Downdetector tracks and analyzes signals from various sources on the web to automatically detect events and service outages, including its website and social media platform.                      

Problem reports

Users can determine the problem they are facing and report it directly to the company's status page on Downdetector with an indication of the issue.

Social media

Downdetector uses sentiment analytics to track issues related to specific companies and locations after collecting data on the status of services via Twitter.    

Other sources

The tool also reviews other vital indicators on the web to determine if an unusual number of users are causing problems for the company or service being monitored.

Downdetector Process of Problem detection

is crunchyroll down:Downdetector Process of Problem detection

If few customers report an issue, it is not a big deal. To ensure that events are accurately represented, Downdetector calculates a basic amount for each service it monitors based on the average number of problem reports during that period. Downdetector will report an incident only if the number of problem reports is significantly more than the necessary amount.

It only accepts initial reports from a single user about a particular company. Information on this issue will be collected later but will not be counted as a new issue report.

Downdetector statuses

Depending on the volume and duration of problem reports compared to a baseline, the monitored companies are listed on the Down Detector website as one of three statuses;

  • No problems
  • Possible problems  
  • Problems 

Best Alternate to Watch Crunchyroll Content

It may be possible that you cannot access Crunchyroll because of server failure or any other potential issue. In this scenario, you cannot watch your desired streaming. But don't worry; there is software that can help you promptly access Crunchyroll to manage your favorite content. Besides watching, Crunchyroll video downloader will also help you to grab content for offline playing. Let's read about it here;

StreamFab Crunchyroll Downloader

StreamFab Crunchyroll downloader will support you in extracting videos from Crunchyroll to play them without an internet connection. You can access it for free download on windows. But to access extra functions, you have to pay $44.99 for its pro version. This tool will let you download a bundle of Crunchyroll anime shows and movies in 1080p or 720p quality. This downloader is compatible with both Windows and Mac based systems, and you can click the button below to try it.

Using it, you can save your anime videos as MP4 files. It will easily notice and present both dubbed and subtitled versions for you to choose according to your desires. It will also store subtitles and audio tracks as remux or SRT formats. Its batch downloading feature will work to extract all episodes at once.


  • You can choose a subtitle and audio language based on the user interface language of your device.
  • The program will let you download desired content in MP4 format.
  • Its auto-download feature will work to grab newly launched episodes. 
  • You can grab videos in EAC3 5.1 and 1080p audio tracks using it.

How to download Crunchyroll videos using StreamFab Crunchyroll Downloader?

  • After launching StreamFab, click "VIP Streaming" and choose "Crunchyroll."

is crunchyroll down:StreamFab Crunchyroll Downloader

  • Sign in to the Crunchyroll streaming website and look for the required anime video.

is crunchyroll down:StreamFab Crunchyroll Downloader

  • Play the video; the software will automatically initiate downloading. 

is crunchyroll down:StreamFab Crunchyroll Downloader


In this article, we reviewed different Crunchyroll website problems that may prevent you from accessing your desired content on this platform. We have also described their possible solutions to keep continuing your watching experience. Among troubleshooting methods, we have listed an alternate solution – StreamFab Crunchyroll Downloader to watch and download Crunchyroll content. Using it will keep you safe from any problem and provide a cool watching experience.