Crunchyroll offers free ad-supported streaming media and premium subscription services, allowing users to access a vast library of anime and other content on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers, and smart TVs.

However, when we download Crunchyroll videos, there are a lof of limits. Therefore, many users are looking for a method to screen record Crunchyroll videos, but are blocked by black screen problems. 

screen record crunchyroll

Can You Screen Record on Crunchyroll?

When we come across the appropriate screen recorder to capture videos from Crunchyroll, we may encounter issues such as black screens, time restrictions, or video delays. 

When you choose screen record Crunchyroll videos, it is impossible to bypass black screen problems due to DRM protection, which has been reported on Reddit frequently: 

screen record crunchyroll errors

Don't worry! Other methods are available to replace screen recording Crunchyroll, offering better quality and easier use steps. You may refer to them and choose the most suitable option for yourself to watch Crunchyroll offline.

Method Effectiveness Ratings
StreamFab Crunchyroll Downloader 🏅 High - Record/Download Crunchyroll animes in lossless 1080P resolution ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
3rd Paty Recorders Medium - Record Crunchyroll non-drm videos ⭐⭐⭐
In-Built Recorder Low - You can record parts of Crunchyroll trailers ⭐⭐

Recommend: Use Crunchyroll Downloader to Replace Recorder

If you are weary of the issue of Crunchyroll screen recording blackouts, please contemplate a more efficient alternative: StreamFab Crunchyroll Downloader, which offers superior audio and video quality, allows for the preservation of all Crunchyroll videos, and bypasses DRM restrictions.

how to screen record crunchyroll

Download Crunchyroll animes directly in original lossless 1080P resolution and save in MP4/MKV format, providing a more efficient and more better output result than screen recording. 

Compare: Screen Record Crunchyroll vs Download Crunchyroll 

From the perspective of user experience, StreamFab Crunchyroll Downloader surpasses a Crunchyroll screen recorder.

Not only can you download various Crunchyroll anime series without any black screen recording issues, but you can also automatically save newly released anime, ensuring you never fall behind in your watching schedule.

  Screen Record Crunchyroll StreamFab Crunchyroll Downloader
Support Non-DRM-protected Crunchyroll video All kinds of Crunchyroll videos
Time Time consuming. You need to wait for the whole video to be played 10X turbo fast. 10 minutes for 2h movie
Resolution Recorded resolution, 720P in general Original lossless 1080P
Audio Audio and video out of sync Grasp the original audio resource, clear and smooth
Auto-download No.  Yes. Newly released Crunchyroll anime can be downloaded automatically
Batch mode No. You have to screen record Crunchyroll one by one Yes. Add multiple animes to save your time

How to Save Crunchyroll Videos without Black Screen?

You can use StreamFab to avoid the black screen errors caused by traditional Crunchyroll screen recording method: 

Install this Crunchyroll Downloader on your PC device, and open it. Choose Crunchyroll service. 

how to screen record crunchyroll 

Log into your Crunchyroll account, and find the anime you want to download. Customize the output quality, subtitles, format, etc. 

how to screen record crunchyroll 

After customization, click 'Download' now or add to the 'Queue' for later downloading. 

how to screen record crunchyroll

After following the steps mentioned above, I believe you can successfully save animations from Crunchyroll without any black screen. Furthermore, compared to traditional screen recording methods, the simplicity and quality of this approach are also much more impressive.

How to Screen Record Crunchyroll on iPhone/Android?

Regarding screen recording Crunchyroll on your mobile device, the built-in screen recording feature is a nice choice. IOS and Android devices have native capabilities that can be accessed to record Crunchyroll animes

how to screen record crunchyroll on iphone/Android

Operation Steps

Proceed to the "Settings" menu of your mobile device and then navigate to the "Control Center."
Choose "Screen Recording" option, go to the Crunchyroll app, play the anime you want to screen record, and await the commencement of the recording process.
Tap on the crimson record button found in the Control Center, or, tap on the status bar above and opt for "Stop" to end the Crunchyroll screen recording procedures on your phone.
Please note that due to the platform's strict copyright policies, Crunchyroll possesses advanced technology to detect and prevent screen recording. If your attempt to record Crunchyroll videos using this method fails, please try the universal method mentioned in Part 2.


While the screen recording feature on Crunchyroll may serve as a viable method for saving videos, it is not without its flaws. The time-consuming nature and audio synchronization issues can be quite bothersome. We recommend that all Crunchyroll subscribers explore the use of a dedicated Crunchyroll downloader to truly appreciate the distinction between downloading videos and screen recording them on Crunchyroll.