Lifetime is a leading American pay television network and an entertainment destination owned by A&E Networks. You can expect a diverse selection of critically acclaimed and award-winning movies, scripted dramas, and unscripted programming from the name. Here we are listing the best Lifetime movies available on YouTube.

Part 1: Top 10 Best Lifetime Movies on YouTube

1.    White Water

White Water is a made for TV movie released in 2015. Set in 1963, the movie is a story of a 7-year-old black kid lives in segregated Opelika, Alabama. He wants to taste the water from the ‘white's only’ drinking wells and fountain and see whether the water for the whites tastes different. His parents tried to steer him away from this path, but he is so determined to taste the fountain that there is no stepping back.

2.    Mom At Sixteen

It is one of the best Lifetime movies on YouTube. Mom at Sixteen is a story of Jacey who becomes pregnant at the age of 16. Her mother convinces her, and both keep the birth of the child a secret. They decided to give the child on adoption, but Jacey could not do that. Her mother then agrees to raise the child as her own. She then meets a guidance counsellor who finds out about Jacey's child and encourage her to enroll in a program for pregnant and parenting teens.

3.    Brain on Fire

Brain On Fire, a Lifetime biographical drama is a real-life story of Susannah Cahalan who was a journalist in the New York Times. The film depicts the disturbing experience of Susannah during her struggle with a rare neurological disease. She becomes plagued by voices in her head. After getting diagnosed with the disease, she becomes more and more insane, and her behaviour first becomes violent and then more abnormal. But after a long hospital stay, she is finally able to build her life again.

4.    Missing At 17

Missingat 17 is a drama/ mystery/ thriller in which Shawna is up to find and save her adopted daughter, Candace. Candace is 17 years old, and she runs away from home to search her biological mother, Callie. On her way, she meets Toby, a young man who is willing to help her find her mother. She finds Callie and also finds out about her older brother Vance. To know what happens next, you must watch the Lifetime movie.

5.    His Secret Past

His Secret Past, a YouTube Lifetime movie 2016 is another thriller movie in the list. This is a movie about a popular crime novelist, Jennifer Becker who lives a happy life in California in a small coastal town. He lives with his daughter, Lily. Their happy lives take a twist when Lily is attacked one day while she was walking outside. She was then saved by a mysterious stranger whose name is Mick. The two comes close after this incident. Becker thinks that Mick is hiding something and so he decides to investigate.

6.    You May Now Kill The Bride

You May Now Kill the Bride is a Lifetime thriller/ drama movie release in 2016. The movie is about Nicole and Mark who get engaged and are about to get married. But as the movie goes on, it is revealed that his stepsister wants to be the bride. Everything starts going wrong in their marriage. The Maid of Honor met with an accident, and the stepsister agrees on taking her place, but her actual purpose is to tear the marriage and the couple apart.

7.    And Baby Will Fall

And Baby Will Fall is a thriller Drama in which David Rose and his wife Ivy lives happily and runs a garden center. Their new neighbor Melinda is pregnant. One day David showed her around the garden after which Melinda goes missing. David is arrested as the suspect. A series of incidents take place, and the real crime is yet to take place.

8.    Daughter For Sale

Daughter For Sale, a Lifetime movie on YouTube 2017, is a thriller movie that is based on a real story. This is a story of a runaway teenager who is kidnapped by sex traffickers. Her mother, who is a newly appointed judge, is desperate to rescue her before she is sold into sex slavery and lost forever.

9.    The Wrong Neighbor

The Wrong Neighbor is yet another thriller. A divorced Dad takes care of his 16 years old daughter and there he meets his new neighbor who is a charming lady. But soon, he realized that the lady is crazy when she threatens him to unravel his old life. The young woman is ready to do anything to take her place in their house as his wife.

10.  Nanny Killer

Nanny Killer is a 2018 thriller Lifetime movie available on YouTube. Unlike most of the Lifetime movies, this movie is not based on a true event. The story is about Kate, a student who takes up a well-paying job as a nanny to pay her tuition expenses. She was very friendly with the kids, but soon she realizes that the kids she is taking care of are not normal. The kids do pranks that are mischievous and lead to deadly consequences. There are many movies made on nanny where the kids are in danger, but in this recently released Lifetime movie, the nanny is the one who is in danger.


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These YouTube Lifetime movies will make you realize the importance of family in life. Do watch these Lifetime Movies on YouTube and let us know which one you like the most.