Each person likes to feel unique and that is reflected in everything from the way we dress to the careers we choose to pursue and even to little things like having a unique ringtone on your phone. There was a time when you had to buy ringtones if you wanted the best ones but nowadays you can simply make your own using an MP3 ringtone maker. Whether you pick the chorus of your favorite song or funny animal sounds, the sky is the limited now when it comes to ringtones. But in order to make your own ringtone, you’re going to need a good tool and that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the best MP3 ringtone maker apps on each operating system.

Part 1: Best MP3 Ringtone Makers for Android

Ringtone Maker

Unsurprisingly, there is indeed an app (more than one actually) simply called Ringtone Maker that does exactly what you would expect. The tool can be used as an MP3 cutter but it also supports many other popular formats, including FLAC, MP4, AAC, and more. The app also offers editing tools and comes with a feature that lets you easily set the start and end times of the file you want to trim. In addition, there’s also an audio recorder that you can use to record samples from an external source and set them as ringtones. Overall, a pretty solid MP3 ringtone maker, albeit a bit basic.

mp3 ringtone maker

MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker

Pretty much the same as the previous one but with a more stylish looking interface. MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker also supports multiple formats, offers editing tools, and comes with a built-in voice recorder. There’s also a waveform visualizer to help with the cutting process and a file merging feature. Just like the previous MP3 ringtone maker, this app is free but does contain ads.

mp3 ringtone maker for android


First released way back in 2008, Ringdroid is the original MP3 music ringtone maker but don’t let its age fool you because this app is still going strong. The app is a bit better at file indexing but otherwise offers similar features to the other two. However, the main highlight of Ringdroid is that it’s an open-source project so it’s free and doesn’t contain any ads.

mp3 ringtone maker for android

Part 2: Best MP3 Ringtone Makers for iOS

Ringtone Converter

This app takes pride in its ability to offer unlimited ringtone making potential all for the very affordable price of nothing. The app offers both ringtone and text tone creation tools while also giving users access to a library of unique ringtones created by its developers. There are no ads to bother you but this free MP3 ringtone maker does have in-app purchases for those who want to spend a couple of bucks.

mp3 ringtone maker

DJ Ringtones

DJ Ringtones is a bit more unique than most other apps of its kind as it comes with a user interface that resembles a DJ mixing board. There’s also the option of adding all sorts of special effects to your ringtones, though these must be acquired via in-app purchases. The MP3 ringtone maker is otherwise free and offers all the basic tools you need to create your own unique ringtones so the in-app purchases are entirely optional.

mp3 ringtone maker for ios

Ringtones for iPhone

A very straightforward MP3 ringtone cutter and designer that’s easy to use and comes with a colorful interface. Edit songs from your music library or use the recorder to capture a voice that you can then set as your new ringtone. There are a few pre-made ringtones available to purchase but otherwise, the app is entirely free.

mp3 ringtone maker for ios

Part 3: Best MP3 Ringtone Makers for Windows and Mac

AVCWare Free Ringtone Maker

A great MP3 cutter and ringtone maker available on all versions of Windows, including the latest Windows 10 builds. The software functions similar to the smartphone apps but comes with support for more formats and more control over the length of the audio track you want to set as a ringtone. The tool also offers some nifty fade-in and fade-out effects that you can use to spice up your ringtones a bit more. Unfortunately, there is no built-in voice recorder but there are plenty of free voice recording tools on Windows so you don’t really have to worry about that.

mp3 ringtone maker for windows

Joyoshare Media Cutter for Mac

Joyoshare’s MP3 ringtone maker is available on all versions of Mac OSX up to and including version 10.14, also known as Mojave. This is a professional-grade tool so you will need to pay for it in order to access all its features, however, the Joyoshare Media Cutter does offer a free trial so you can check it out without spending anything. In terms of features, you’re looking at not only cutting, merging and editing tools but also audio and video converters that support many different formats. It’s more of a software suite than a basic MP3 ringtone maker but might we worth trying out.

mp3 ringtone maker for mac

Part 4: Best Online MP3 Ringtone Makers

Ringtone Maker

An old-school ringtone making website that has been around for ages but nevertheless continues to function as originally intended. Simply upload or drag and drop files to get started and then use the basic editing tools to create your own MP3 or M4R ringtones. It’s that simple.

online mp3 ringtone maker

Online MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker

A similar tool but with support for more formats and a few additional editing tools. Also offers fade-in and fade-out effects as well as audio converting and audio extracting (from videos) capabilities.

online mp3 ringtone maker

123Apps Audio Cutter

This online MP3 ringtone maker offers a cleaner user interface and support for over 300 different formats. You also get fade-in and fade-out tools, different quality presents to choose from, and just like the other online tools listed above, there’s no need to pay anything in order to use it.

online mp3 ringtone maker



Each operating system has at least one great MP3 ringtone maker so there’s no need to settle for bad ringtones anymore regardless of which platform you’re on. For the best possible results, we recommend you go straight to YouTube to find and download all your favorite songs using DVDFab YouTube to MP3. Afterward, you can simply use of the tools listed above to select the best part of the song and set it as your new ringtone.