Are you looking for latest music player apps for iOS and Android? Then you are at the right place because in this article we are going to discuss top 10 best music player apps for Android and iOS. The article is divided in two parts. One part discusses music player apps for Android and the other part is useful for iOS users. So read this article till the end because at the end we have a useful software for music lovers.

Part 1: Top 5 Best Music Player Apps For Android

1. Google Play Music

Google play comes pre-installed on every Android smartphone. Google Play Music is free to use for playing your songs on your Android smartphone. Though it doesn’t provide much customization options and it also doesn’t have an equalizer of its own. You can add upto 50000 songs in Google Play music storage. And if you buy the pro version then you can access 40 million songs and listen them on your Android. Use Google Play Music only if you’re looking for a basic music player app for Android. The sound output quality varies with smartphone hardware.

google play music is free on your android smartphone


2. JetAudio HD

JetAudio debuted as a computer music player app 20 years ago. Now it is trying to deliver the same experience to Android users with the JetAudio HD app. It is a shareware music player app for Android. So, you can use it for free with basic sound settings to play any audio file. And you if you like to buy the pro version then you can access the 20-band graphical equalizer, widgets for lock screen, gapless playing, and automatic gain control for volume related fluctuation. It provides quality audio effects like Xbass and DSP effects. If you’re a serious music lover then JetAudio HD is highly recommended. The free version is funded by ads and you have limited features which works for 30 seconds only.

computer music player app

3. Black Player

Black Player is an Android music player app with minimal design. Being a simple music player app it still packs good features under its software skin. It provides a 5-band equalizer of its own and swipe functions to move to next or to a previous song. Some valuable features include 3D surround visualizer, amplifier, bass booster, crossfading, gapless playback, and player widgets for Android home screen. With Black Player you can edit ID3 tags, tracks, albums, and genres. It has also got support for Android auto and Anddroid wear. So you can control this player with your Android smartwatch too. The UI of black player is user customizable with themes and color options.

music player for android


4. Poweramp

Poweramp is feature rich Android music player app which comes with a 15 day trial. Poweramp supports a wide range of music/audio formats inclusing those high-res audio formats (Flac). The latest version of Poweramp comes with a new audio engine and support high-res audio ourput. It comes with a completely new design having new menus, new wave seekbar, panels, popups, and new skins. Poweramp features a 10 band graphical equalizer for all audio formats. You can also separately control the bass and treble. It automatically downloads missing album art.

android music player app


5. Amazon Music

This is 2019, the year of online music streaming. You’ll find many apps which strongly advocate the online music streaming instead of offline music. Amazon Music app is free to use which can play all your locally stored music files. However, if you want access to millions of songs then you can buy the Amazon Music service for a minimal price. Amazon Music is completely ad-free and can be synced across multiple devices. It is for those users who don’t to store music locally and want on-demand music anytime and anywhere.

Amazon music app is free to play all your locally stored music files


Part 2: Top 5 Best Music Player Apps For iOS

In this part two we will discuss best music player apps for iOS.

1. Cesium/ Cs Music Player

Cesium is the only iOS music player app which can be blindly recommended to any iOS user. It automatically gets your music library whether local or stored in iCloud. It has got a nice and easy to use interface. You can also turn off the appearance of iCloud music in ‘Settings’ if you want only locally stored music. Cesium provides swipe gestures which opens options for a particular artist or a song. The app has a night mode which is eye friendly and doesn’t stress your eyes at night.

ios music player app


2. Boom Music Player

The Boom music player app is known to provide some outstanding sound equalizers. Apart from that you can customize the 5.1 surround sound output for almost any type of headphones or earphones. Ib Boom music player app you can select the type of the headphones and the settings will be loaded automatically. The sound quality customization is quite decent and kinda addictive. Its UI is simple to use though at first you may find it difficult to use but overtime will get used to it. Swipe gestures will let you explore songs easily.

Boom music player app could provide outstanding sound equalizers

3. JetAudio

Unlike for Android, jetAudio is completely free for iOS users with all the pro features. jetAudio is an established music player app for iOS and it took it 20 years to reach this level. jetAudio automatically builds your music library from your locally stored music and music stored in iCloud. jetAudio by default has a dark UI which is light on your eyes. You’ll love its audio effects and the full featured equalizer, and DSP effects. You can also create a music server with this music player app and can sync it with your Mac. Through this you can upload music to your iPhone using your Mac.

music players for android and ios


4. Songbucket

Songbucket is another nice music player app for iOS. This music player app has buckets in which you can add songs, or playlists. The app UI is simple pretty appealing and uses the dark theme by default. The basic controls are easily accessible from the same screen.

nice music players app for ios


5. Beat Music Player

If you are looking for simple music player app for iOS then you can go for Beat Music Player app for iOS. Though it is a minimal music player but still it has got all the basic music player controls. The app’s design is minimal so one has to rely on gestures to control the player. The player has some built-in themes to customize its look and feel.

simple music player for ios

DVDFab YouTube to MP3 Downloader

If you are looking to download YouTube videos as MP3 music then you can use DVDFab YouTube to MP3. It is a nice piece of software which downloads any YouTube video as a song. Here are the features of this software.

·         Download any YouTube video as MP3 with best quality. The song is downloaded in best quality by-default.

·         Download entire YouTube playlist as individual MP3 songs. You have options to select or deselect songs from the playlist.

·         Download multiple YouTube videos as MP3 simultaneously.

best music players app

It is currently the best solution for downloading unlimited YouTube videos as MP3 songs. All those online YouTube to MP3 converters don’t support playlists but DVDFab is very good at downloading YouTube playlists. You can build your own free music library using this software.

From above introductions, we have known how to download the music from YouTube to MP3. But as a music lover, whether you have a suitable music player for all your device? So let the post Top 6 Best Free Music Players for Windows/Mac/Android/Ios gives you a point.