Netflix on Nintendo Switch was available in the eShop a few years back. A Nintendo app was present on the Wii till January 2019, when it was removed from the platform. Now, Netflix is no longer present on any Nintendo Switch devices. Netflix is not present to download on the Nintendo Switch from the Nintendo eShop.

However, there are alternative methods available that enable you to enjoy Netflix on Switch. First, if users follow suggestions from experts and install Android on the Nintendo Switch, you can download Netflix to the gaming console just like any other Android-based tablet or phone. Second, you can downloading Netflix videos and enjoying them on your Nintendo Switch.

BTW, if you are also interested in "can you watch Hulu on Nintendo Switch", this passage will provide a detailed explanation.

Watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch

Everything You Need to Know about Netflix on Switch

Can you download and watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch?

Regrettably, all models of the Nintendo Switch does not offer support for Netflix. If you are seeking an easy method to view your favorite movies and TV shows from Netflix on your Nintendo Switch, then you will not find one. Also, DRM protection will restrict you from transferring Netflix videos to different devices on the Netflix platform.

Is Netflix available to download on the Switch eShop?

Netflix is presently not present for download on the eShop for Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has claimed earlier that its top priority has been video games. Streaming platforms took a back seat, and a few years later, Netflix still has not made its entry into the gaming console. Users cannot even view Netflix via the built-in hidden web browser.

But that does not mean all hope is lost. A number of users enjoy Netflix on the Switch. The only issue is they had to opt for the complex method to get Netflix operating on the console. Or you can choose to download Netflix with Netflix downloader.

Two Options - How to watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch?

Installing Android on Switch to Watch Netflix

Now that you know the answer to the “is Netflix on Switch?” question, let us see how to watch Netflix on Switch. The only way to get Netflix operating on Nintendo Switch is to include the Android OS on the device. With this operating system, users will have access to the Google Play Store, which apparently allows the installation of Netflix as well as Android apps and games.

Warning: There are a number of things to be considered before opting for this method. To begin with, you are hacking your gaming console by adding Android to it. When you do this, you expose yourself to a number of risks, including entirely rendering your device inoperable if you make a mistake. Nintendo also has an inclination to ban users from online services if it finds you hacked your device. That might indicate you can lose access to the Switch eShop and online multiplayer games.

1. Installing Android on Nintendo Switch

Before you even begin installing Android on your device, you have to search for if your Switch can be used for this method or not. You can check your serial number via this site to see if it is compatible with Android. Every single Nintendo Switch Lite and a number of Nintendo Switch devices are invulnerable to exploits currently.


  • a USB-C cable to connect from your Switch to your PC
  • a microSD card with a minimum of 16 GB of memory

If you are fine with the jeopardies and your Switch is compatible, users can follow the installation steps added on a the online forums such as XDA Developers or the steps.

netflix on switch:How to watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch?

2. Running Android on Nintendo Switch

Once you install Android on Switch, users will successfully convert their console into an Android device. With that, users can still boot the device with the original OS to play Switch games. When started in Android mode, although, users have access to the Google Play Store. Users will be capable of installing Netflix along with other Android apps.

So, you can modify your Switch to function as an Android device capable of running Netflix. This modification not only enables access to a vast array of games, including Android games and PC games through Steam Link streaming, but also allows users to utilize their Switch for email, web browsing, and productivity by running Android on it.

netflix on switch:How to watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch?

Download Netflix Videos and Import to Switch

You just had a look at how to watch Netflix on Switch. It is obvious from the process that it is a very complex process. The above method has a number of drawbacks.

  • The method makes your gaming console vulnerable to a number of risks. 
  • It requires technical knowledge to go with this method.
  • Nintendo also has an inclination to ban users from online services if it finds you hacked your device. 

Hence, it is better to import Netflix videos that you have downloaded to the Switch and enjoy seamless playback. This way will get rid of all the cons of the above method. And to download content with DRM protection from Netflix, users will need a reliable downloader.

StreamFab Netflix Downloader is one such tool that will download movies from Netflix in 1080P MP4/MKV format. You can save subtitles as separate SRT files, or remux them into downloaded Netflix videos. After acquiring Netflix downloads, you can conveniently store them on Nintendo Switch or other devices.

Features of StreamFab
  • Download content in MP4/MKV format and makes it compatible with almost any device
  • It can download any video from the Netflix streaming service without any limitation
  • A batch download mode to download MP4 movies and TV shows quickly
  • It allows users to pre-select the subtitle and audio language
  • It also allows users to save videos with EAC3 5.1 audio track as HD 720p video quality
  • Import downloads to Blu-ray Creator and convert them to Blu-ray format
  • It also allows you to save metadata info to arrange your videos neatly

Follow the below steps to know how to use StreamFab Netflix Downloader.

Step 1: Download and open the tool. Tap the VIP Services section on the left. Now, on the right, open the Netflix website from the supported services.

netflix on switch:Download Netflix Videos for Offline Viewing

Step 2: Next, log in to your Netflix account and search for your favorite show or movie. Once you click on the web series, the tool will analyze the content. As soon as the analyzing is done, the tool will offer you different options to download the series.

netflix on switch:Download Netflix Videos for Offline Viewing

Step 3: Select the episodes that you wish to download. If you wish to download the new episodes automatically, just check off the box for Download new episodes automatically option.

netflix on switch:Download Netflix Videos for Offline Viewing

Step 4: Select the video quality, audio, and subtitle, as well. Once everything is adjusted, click on the Download Now option.

Step 5: Nintendo eShop supports six streaming service now, including YouTube. We suggest uploading the Netflix videos in MP4 format to your YouTube channel. Then, you can enjoy Netflix movies on the YouTube channel using your Nintendo Switch.

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Can I watch Netflix on other Nintendo Devices?

Netflix and Nintendo joined hands earlier. During the Wii era, users could watch Netflix content on the gaming console, but that option was removed in January 2019. The Netflix app was also present for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U consoles but was eliminated in December 2020.

What streaming services are available on the Nintendo Switch eShop?

Even though users cannot easily stream Netflix on the Switch, there are other streaming platforms available officially. Currently, users can download the YouTube app from the eShop. Users can stream paid or free content. In addition to this, users also get Funimation and Crunchyroll from the eShop for streaming. Hulu is also present for downloading, although users will need to have a paid subscription so as to stream from Hulu. Fortunately, other streaming platforms will soon be available on the eShop, such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.


In a nutshell, we just had a look at how to watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch. However, the process is a bit complicated if you are a non-technical person. In addition to this, there are too many risks involved in opting for this method. On the other hand, users can get rid of all this and simply download content from Netflix.

This can be done easily with the help of Netflix video downloader, which downloads all your favorite shows and movies from the Netflix streaming service, that too in the highest quality available. All you need is a Netflix subscription and StreamFab Netflix Downloader to enjoy all your favorite Netflix TV serials, shows, episodes, movies, and so on, totally offline.