Being one of the leading online free live video games streaming and broadcasting platforms, Twitch has expanded its reach from its primarily focused video gaming zone to another streaming zone, including artwork, music, occasional TV series, talk show, creation, etc, to widen up the range of audience. With approximately $1.54billion in annual revenue, more than 100 million Twitch app downloads, 107,800 live Twitch broadcasts, 37th global ranking for altogether internet engagement, and never-ending statistical demand and growth list, Twitch has become a constant companion to its users during this pandemic confinement.

So, it has become a compulsive craving for its users to celebrate each moment of their favorite video game broadcasting without any internet or device dependency anytime, anywhere. To comprehend the compulsion of Twitch clip downloaders, we are here with the best Streamfab downloader with other top 4 Twitch highlight downloader to make your search short and sorted.

While watching your favorite video game tournament through your Twitch app or online Twitch TV via browsing the official website on any iOS, Android, Sony's PlayStation 3&4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 to Google Chromecast, Amazon FireTV, Roku and many more, if you can't resist but to download them for your online and device dependency and limitation free repeat offline watch on any of your convenient devices, try the given below Twitch stream downloader to stay hooked to your fascinating Twitch world for the longest time ever.

Top 5 Twitch clip downloaders

1) StreamFab All-In-One

twitch downloader:1) StreamFab All-In-One

The StreamFab All-in-one downloader is a one-stop destination to download any videos from more than 1000 websites by simply pasting the website URL through the built-in browser feature. So, with this downloader, you can easily download your favorite Twitch video clips through the StreamFab Twitch Downloader service.

With this Twitch Mp4 downloader, you can download your favorite Twitch videos broadcast in Mp4 format with 1080p resolution and 60fps. When unlimited video content from unlimited platforms can be downloaded through StreamFab All-In-One on your Windows or Mac PC, the exclusive Twitch clips can also be downloaded through the StreamFab Twitch downloader on your Windows PC.


  • Live and past video gaming broadcasts, both can be downloaded through this Twitch downloader.
  • This Twitch video downloader Mp4 allows you to download in Mp4 format, which is compatible with almost all devices for your internet & device restriction-free offline watch.
  • You can download multiple Twitch videos in batches simultaneously.
  • With high-speed acceleration, you can download maximum Twitch clips in a minimum time.
  • You can build your favorite Twitch video offline library with the Twitch video downloader for your long-term partnership with Twitch's video gaming world anytime and anywhere.
  • Enjoy ads-free downloads with this Twitch downloader.
  • You don't have to go anywhere else to search Twitch videos but this downloading platform with its built-in browsing feature.


When the lifetime 38-in-1 bundle plan of StreamFab All-in-one comes with $259.99, the Twitch downloading service is available for $49.99/month and $64.99/year.


  • 100% safe to use for your PC.
  • Advanced features with a user-friendly interface.
  • Mp4 format Twitch downloads are easily sharable and transferable to any device, from iPhone,iPad, to television or tablet.
  • Video resolution selection option according to your internet speed and download device compatibility.


  • Its users mention no cons.

How to download Twitch Clip with StreamFab Twitch downloader

  •  After installing the StreamFab downloader on your PC, go to the "streaming service" section shown in the left column.
  •  Select "Twitch Downloader."
  • Log in to the Twitch website & search for Twitch videos to download.
  • Play the video to initiate the downloading process.
  • While playing, the video will be automatically downloaded.

In order to follow the trends of mobile browsing and application, StreamFab even launched its mobile version some days ago, which enables you to download Twitch videos on your Android devices directly.

 Moreover, with StreamFab for Android, you can save videos from popular ott platforms, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, YouTube, etc. The operation steps are basically the same. All you need to do is to scan the QR code below and have a try:

download twitch videos: streamfab for Android


2) Clipr

twitch downloader:2) Clipr

Clipr is one of the most popular and completely free Twitch video, clip, and Twitch TV downloader. This free Twitch downloader provides the most reliable service to its users to download their favorite Twitch moment with the easiest "URL Copy Paste" method on the internet with minimum ad support.


  • The "Evolution Host Game VPS" is best for Clipr's server.
  • This clip downloader twitch is web-based.
  • It has a user-friendly clutter-free interface.
  • You can download long Twitch clip videos by choosing the starting and ending times of the video.
  • On the trading page of this Twitch video downloader, you will get thousands of Twitch video clips of best-renowned gamers.
  • You can easily download those clips without going to the official sites of Twitch.
  • You can select video quality while downloading.


This is a free twitch downloader.


  • Downloading speed is very fast.
  • You can trim your Twitch video size by cutting the clips depending on your choice.
  • This online Twitch clip-downloader doesn't need any installation, registration, or sign-up.


  • Downloading duration is a maximum of 1 hour in one go.
  • Since it is a free downloader, it is vulnerable to security issues for your device.

3) Twitch Video Downloader

twitch downloader:3) Twitch Video Downloader

Twitch video downloader is one of the best downloaders to download Twitch clips available in any format for any other format of your choice. The huge range of format conversion facilities has made this Twitch downloader high in demand.


  • This is a free online downloader and converter.
  • From audio formats like Mp3, AAC, OGG, etc to video formats like Mp4, AVI, MOV, etc to multimedia device formats like iPhone, iPad, PSP, PS3, etc, you can convert your Twitch downloads to any of your desired formats with this online Twitch Mp4 downloader.
  • Along with Twitch clips, with this video downloader, you can download videos from more than 200 websites.
  • The simple online downloading process with a high-speed downloading feature.


This is a free Twitch downloader.


  • Free and online downloader.
  • No hassles for installation or registration, or sign-up.
  • Easy "Copy & paste URL" process for download.
  • Widest output format selection option.


  • Limited downloading features for being a free downloader with security vulnerabilities.
  • Sometimes this downloading site gives trouble in reading twitch videos links and creates problems in the downloading process.

4) UnTwitch

twitch downloader:4) UnTwitch

To avoid online repeat watch internet expenses of your favorite Twitch video game streams, the most user-friendly tools of UnTwitch allow you to download your favorite previous or live Twitch videos with the simple "Copy and Paste URL" method.


  • With this Twitch stream downloader, you can download Twitch videos for a stretch of 1 hour.
  • You can convert any 30 minutes duration Twitch video to Mp3 audio file format.
  • While downloading, you can select video quality, and the start & end time of the video.
  • You can download Twitch clips in different formats and different sizes depending on the available service of the website.


This TwitchTV downloader is free.


  • It provides free & online service.
  • It is best to shorten long-size Twitch video clips and download them with a timer setting.
  • Video download and conversion processes are very simple and easy.
  • There are few output parameters for customization.


  • There is no flexibility in format selection except Mp3 conversion for only 30 minutes videos.
  • Very limited features for download and conversion.

5) 4k video downloader

twitch downloader:5) 4k video downloader

With the 4k video downloader Twitch video downloading has become easier than ever. So, when downloading a Twitch video clip, Twitch downloader is the only option; this Twitch video downloader has come into play as a savior with its phenomenal downloading features.


  • With this Twitch Clip downloader, Twitch downloads will be done while copying and pasting your desired Twitch video link in this downloading application.
  • You can select the output format and video resolution for your downloaded Twitch videos.
  • From 3D videos to 360 degrees videos, you can download anything.
  • With this Twitch clip downloader, iPhone to Android device, you can enjoy your Twitch downloads on any device without the internet.


With free service, there are three paid plans for this Twitch clip downloader. Personal plan at $15, Pro plan at $45, and bundle plan at $65 with a one-time payment.


  • This Twitch downloader is compatible with both Windows and MacOS.
  • Very user-friendly interface with a smart and easy downloading method.
  • Multiple output profile parameters settings feature to get customized output downloads.
  • In-App proxy setup feature with advanced "Smart Mode" feature.


  • For some people, it is troublesome to install this downloader on their PC.
  • Features are very limited for Twitch video downloads.

So, when you have the best list of top Twitch clips downloaders, you must hurry up to select the perfect one for your needs and niche to explore the unlimited excitement of the magnetic video gaming world of Twitch on your limited budget.

FAQs of  Twitch downloader

What is the Twitch clip downloader extension?

The twitch clip downloader extension is basically a chrome extension that provides a new button to add Twitch clip pages. So that the Twitch clip downloading process has become easier for its users. It helps to save your Twitch clip locally.

Does a Twitch video clip take a long time to download?

Yes, when 3 hrs long videos take more than 1hr to download, 5hrs long videos take almost 2 hrs or more than that to download.

What happens when you watch Twitch on Chromebooks?

Despite the old and outdated option, Chromebook still works perfectly fine for watching Twitch content. However, there are some lagging issues because Chrome takes lots of memory and has left nothing for streaming. To bypass this lagging issue, you can turn off the "hardware acceleration" option through Chrome settings.

Final Feed

So, if you are active users of Twitch world and are looking for the best option to stay close to this magnetic realm for the longest time without increasing your internet expenses and device dependency, then what else would be the best but most effective and economic Twitch clip downloader. Instead of picking up any random one, the above-mentioned list of top 5 Twitch downloaders would surely guide you to get the most specific one to meet your specific requirements.