It’s a dream for every singer to release a Christmas song during the holiday time. Many of the well-known singers release the Christmas song every year so that we could play some new Christmas songs while celebrating Christmas and Holidays. A few Christmas albums have given us some memorable songs recently that keep the Christmas spirit high. In this post, we will talk about new Christmas songs that deserve to be played in the background while the Christmas celebration is going on.

Part 1: Top 10 New Christmas Songs

Here is the list of top 10 newChristmas songs that will make your Christmas holidays really special.

What Christmas Means to Me by John Legend

John Legend’s album is the most talked Christmas album of the year 2018. ‘A Legendary Christmas’ is the first full festive Christmas album by John Legend. Earlier, he was seen in Mariah Carey’s ‘Merry Christmas II You’ album in 2010. The John Legend’s version of ‘What Christmas Means to Me’ is my favorite song from this album. Listen to this melodies song and enjoy a bit more on Christmas.

This Christmas Day by Jessie J

new christmas song

‘This Christmas Day’ is one of the most talked and loved Christmas song of 2018. The song is from the new Christmas album of Jessie J. In her album titled ‘This Christmas Day’, Jessie J’s voice has converted the classic Christmas songs such as ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ and ‘Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town’ into some refreshing and new Christmas songs.The 2018’s album of Jessie J has some awesome merry Christmas and happy new songs. Enjoy this song and dance till you drop.

Wonderful Christmas Time by Diana Rose  

new christmas song

‘Wonderful Christmas Time’ is a brilliant collection ofholiday’s songs by Diana Rose. The title track of the album is so awesome that you would love to listen to it on repeat. Diana Rose’s album has ‘Winter Wonderland’, ‘Silent Night’ and ‘Ave Maria,’ types of classics. Here is the title track from the 2018’s Christmas album of Diana. Enjoy the next to the brilliant voice of the singer.

The Christmas Tears by Eric Clapton

Eric has an angelic voice that suits the Christmas songs the most. He used his voice in a magnificent way in his holiday album of 2018, ‘Happy Xmas.’ The new Christmas songs from Happy Xmas create the correct atmosphere to enjoy the festival time with family and friends. The song titled, ‘the Christmas tears’ from the album is an oft-covered classic Christmas song. This song is worth listening, so give your ears to it.

Warmer in the winter by Lindsey Stirling

new christmas song

Lindsey Stirling’s voice can amaze you in ‘Warmer in the winter’, her 2017’s album. All the songs from this album were on the top in the list of new Christmas songs 2017. While listening to the song, ‘Warmer in the winter,’ you will start singing along with the singer. This song is so awesome that you can stop playing this one on your music system, but your mind will keep on repeating it. Here you can listen and enjoy this awesome new Christmas song 2017.

Holy Night by Hillsong Worship

‘O holy night’ is a wonderful Christmas song, and Hillsong’s version of this song has made it more amazing. This holiday classic has a true spirit, and when the lyrics of this song fall on our ears, our focus moved towards to the God, his kindness and the story of Christmas. This song from Hillsong Worship has to be in your Christmas song list. It was a hit and most loved song among the all the new Christmas songs 2017. Lend your ears to it to lose yourself.

Happy, Happy Christmas by Ingrid Michaelson

‘Happy, Happy Christmas’ is the new Christmas song 2018, and it’s so beautiful that you can play it as a Christmas song for many more years. This slow song has really good and realistic lyrics. In short, you have another new Christmas song that you can play every time you feel sad.

Hey Sis, It's Christmas by RuPaul

The new Christmas song 2018, ‘Hey Sis, It’s Christmas’ is a party starter. This song will force you to lift your mood and to make some move on the dance floor. The voice of RuPaul is so energetic that you will love to dance on it.

Christmas Every Day by David Archuleta

The list of new top 10 Christmas song 2018 will be incomplete without the presence of ‘Christmas Every Day’ by David Archuleta. The voice of David is amazing; there is hardly anyone who doesn’t remember his first Christmas album ‘Christmas from the Heart’. This one is another unforgettable new Christmas song 2018 by Archuleta.

You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch by Lindsey Stirling ft. Sabrina Carpenter

The video of this song is as naughty as the song sounds. It’s one of the most popular and new Christmas songs in 2016. It will give you an old-school vibes along with the taste of new music. Lindsey looks awesome as the bartender in the video of the song and Sabrina Carpenter’s voice compliments this song very well.

So, these were the top 10 new Christmas Songs 2018 that you can play and enjoy during your holidays!

Part 2: How to Download these New Christmas Songs from YouTube?

Now, you have 10 new Christmas songs with you, so let us guide you how you can download them from YouTube. If you want to download them as videos, you can use DVDFab YouTube Video Downloader, but if you want to download them as audio songs, it might be tough to find over the web so, make use of DVDFab YouTube to MP3software program to extract and download MP3 from the YouTube videos.

What is DVDFab YouTube to MP3?

DVDFab YouTube to MP3 is a module of DVDFab that takes a YouTube video link, and extracts MP3 from that, and downloads to your PC. It can even download the MP3 of a complete playlist if you feed the playlist link into it. With audio, it also downloads the metadata from the YouTube videos.

Below are the steps to download MP3 using this software:

1.    Use the link above to download the software on your PC.

2.    Launch when it is properly installed.  You will see its user interface.

3.    Click Utilities => YouTube to MP3

download new christmas songs from youtube

4.    It will launch a separate window.

download new christmas songs from youtube

5.    Now, go to YouTube, and get the link of the song you want to download as MP3.

6.    Once copied, return to the window, and click “Paste URL”. In a few moments, you will see that the download process has been started. In some time, your MP3 will be extracted and downloaded on your PC.

download new christmas songs from youtube

7.    Once downloaded, you can find that under “Finished” tab.

Similarly, you can feed the Playlist link to get MP3 of the whole playlist.



The holiday season is for Christmas and the New Year. You have 10 top new Christmas songs which you can listen and enjoy. You have the technique to download their video and audio as well. So, enjoy!!

If you also want to put some classic Christmas songs into your playlist, please check top 30 best classic Christmas songs.