Does Peacock have a free trial?

Does Peacock have a free trial? Well, users can get free trials of the platform. This free trial can be used from any device. Earlier, Android users were restricted to a 3-month trial. Users can now sign in using their mobile device, Smart TV, or gaming console. Presently, users get Peacock 7-day free trial only. The premium features of the service are available to users for free during this trial. Users will be charged automatically the monthly fee after the free trial ends.

Even though users have any Peacock free trial code, it won't work after the trial period ends. Users can cancel their accounts at any time they wish. Peacock can be viewed on any device, comprising Roku or Amazon Fire TV, a computer, and Smart TV. It also operates with a gaming console such as a PlayStation. Peacock is presently only available for users in the users were earlier disappointed since the service ended Peacock free trial 3 months and started to offer the trial only for seven days.

peacock free trial:Does Peacock have a free trial?

How To Get Peacock Tv Free Trial?

To get the best quality of Peacock TV, users must subscribe to a paid plan. If you are not sure, you can start with the Peacock premium trial for seven days for free. Follow the below steps to know how to get the free trial.

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Step 1: Go to the official website of Peacock TV.

Step 2: Scroll down until you see the Upgrade for More option.

Step 3: Now, click the Discover Peacock Premium option.

Step 4: Next, users can create an account here.

Step 5: It is essential to have an email address as well as an 8-character password to proceed.

Step 6: Next, users must agree to the terms of the privacy policy and use.

Step 7: Now, click Create Account option.

Step 8: Add your payment info here.

Step 9: Users can add their credit or debit card details or PayPal details.

Step 10: Next, select Pay Now option to start your Peacock TV free trial.

What Are The Different Peacock Subscription Plans And Prices?

As mentioned earlier, there are different subscription tiers that Peacock offers. The service provides Free, Premium, and Premium Plus plans, with each having its own advantages and disadvantages. Once you are done using the Peacock trial period, you can opt for any of the below plans.

Peacock Free

For beginners, there is the Peacock Free, which, as per the name, does not need you to spend money. Now, there are some drawbacks with this plan, the most irritating is you do not have access to the complete library of content and rather you can only view specific shows and movies. And yes, there are ads. But again, it is free of cost.

Peacock Premium

Next, after using the free trial Peacock, users can opt for the Peacock Premium plan. The plan comes with a price tag of $4.99 per month and offers users access to everything the streaming platform has to provide. This comprises the huge library of great shows and movies as well as all those Peacock originals. Users can also see NBC hit series the day after they launch on traditional TV. It must be noted that there are ads during a ton of the shows but not as bad as the free plan.

Peacock Premium Plus

The Peacock Premium Plus comes with a price tag of $9.99 per month and offers you everything the Premium model provides but without all the ads. You will still have to cope with ads when you are seeing other broadcasts, live sports, and specific titles (owing to streaming rights), but this is rarely an issue. Users can also download Peacock shows and movies for offline viewing on their mobile devices.

peacock free trial:Peacock Premium Plus

What is Accessible in Peacock?

What TV Shows Does Peacock TV offer?

If you are among those users who wish to watch the latest seasons of Law & Order while you wait for the return of the crime drama, you can always see Yellowstone, or view the classic comedy shows such as Parks and Recreation and The Office.

Users will require a Peacock Premium plan to take in all of these series, but once you do log in, users will have thousands of hours of some of the best series from the NBCUniversal library at their fingertips. By the way, if you have trouble in Peacocktv/forgot, you will find some useful tips in this passage. One more thing is how Peacock will group together the different Law & Order franchises as well as the One Chicago series in collections, making it even simpler to catch up on everything users have missed.

peacock free trial:What TV Shows Does Peacock TV offer?

What Movies Does Peacock TV Offers?

Similar to other streaming platforms, Peacock comes packed with a collection of movies from just about every film era and genre imaginable. Earlier, the platform has provided users with the complete Harry Potter series. And even though movies will come and go all over year, there is always something that will take the place of The Karate Kid series when the movies eventually leaves the platforms. Apart from grouping together beloved movies, the service also has actor collections that will offer you a central place where users will find every Ryan Reynolds, Will Smith, and Jennifer Aniston movie presently available on the platform.

peacock free trial:What Movies Does Peacock TV Offers?

What Original TV Shows, Movies And Documentaries Does Peacock TV offer?

Classic TV shows and movies are great, but with the way, movies shuffle from one streaming platform to the next, a service requires to have great originals if it wishes to attract new users and keep present users glued. Fortunately, Peacock has a complete collection of great original movies, TV shows, and even documentaries, like the platform’s true crime collection. With new series such as Wolf Like Me, True Story with Ed and Randall, and Dr. Death, there is plenty to keep users happy.

peacock free trial:What Original TV Shows, Movies And Documentaries Does Peacock TV offer?

Does Peacock Offers Access To The WWE Network?

Earlier in 2021, it was declared that the WWE Network was launching on Peacock, efficiently offering every Peacock users access to thousands of hours of wrestling content comprising live events and classic shows every month. And while the platform is a mixed bag, the fact that it does not cost you anything apart from a Peacock Premium plan more than makes up for it. Hence, if you wish to check out some of the most electrifying WrestleMania matches or relive the craziest moments from the Royal Rumble, Peacock’s WWE Network is the way to go. In addition to this, there are a ton of great wrestling documentaries to entertain you.

peacock free trial:Does Peacock Offers Access To The WWE Network?

How to Download Content from Peacock TV for Offline Viewing

With Peacock trial only for a limited period and subscription plans costing a fortune for some users, people are seeking ways to enjoy content from the platform in a more effective manner. Also, this online service will need a strong internet connection to stream favorite movies and TV shows. The best option that users have got is to download the content for offline viewing.

Downloading content is always a wise option since depending on the platform is not advisable because eventually some shows and movies are eliminated due to some rights. In addition to this, new movies are being added too. Instead of searching for your favorite movies on the different platforms after they have been removed from Peacock TV, it is better to download them when they are present on the platform.

StreamFab Peacock Downloader is the best tool to download content from the platform. The tool makes it easy to download content from the streaming platform so that users can download them and watch them later. The tool is available for Windows as well as Mac, thereby covering a wide userbase. Below are some noteworthy features of this tool. Have a look:

  • Cinematic quality downloads: StreamFab Peacock Downloader assures up to 1080p download service from Peacock. Quick video downloads let users experience high-quality video anywhere and anytime.
  • Advanced technology: The tool follows state-of-the-art and high-end technology to meet market trends and user requirements. Hence, the development team frequently updates the tool with the latest updates of Peacock.
  • Quick downloads in MP4: StreamFab Peacock Downloader assures quick downloads in MP4 files with no compatibility issues. Users can download content in MKV format too for Peacock. This makes sure that all Peacock movies and TV shows are at your fingertips.
  • One-click batch download: StreamFab Peacock Downloader batch mode feature for Peacock lets users download various Peacock videos with amazing speed at the same time.
  • Ad-free viewing: Enhanced technology for StreamFab Peacock Downloader detects and removes all ads automatically during download.

Follow the below steps to know how to use these tools to download videos from Peacock TV.

Step 1: Download, install and launch StreamFab on your PC.

Step 2: Click on the VIP Services option present in the menu on the left-hand side of the screen.

peacock free trial:How to Download Content from Peacock TV for Offline Viewing

Step 3: Click on the Peacock TV option from the list of streaming platform options present on the screen.

peacock free trial:How to Download Content from Peacock TV for Offline Viewing

Step 4: Now, log in to your account on Peacock and play the movie or show that you wish to download on your PC for offline viewing.

peacock free trial:How to Download Content from Peacock TV for Offline Viewing

Step 5: As soon as the tool is done analyzing the video, users will get a pop-up to download the video.

Step 6: Users can click the Download Now option on the window at the bottom part.


Which streaming devices support Peacock TV?

Like most streaming platforms, users can watch Peacock on tons of different devices. This comprises all the Android and iOS phones and tablets, major web browsers, all modern PlayStation and XBOX consoles, and popular streaming boxes. The service is also compatible with different smart TVs. Peacock also works smoothly on LG and Samsung smart TVs, Roku, PlayStation 5, Chrome and Safari browsers, Tivo Stream, and iPhone 12.

Can we watch live sporting events on Peacock?

Whether it is having access to every event at the 2022 Winter Olympics or being able to see the Super Bowl streaming, the platform has users more than covered when it comes to live sports. Even when two of the largest sporting events are going down on the streaming platform, Peacock has a lot to provide to its users. At any given time, users can watch motocross, golf, rugby, and even English Premier League soccer live on the platform. Apart from that, users can see a huge list of weekly and daily shows from NBC Sports, comprising The Rich Eisen Show, The Dan Patrick Show, and so much more.


In a nutshell, you just had a look at the details about Peacock free trial. In addition to this, you also saw that StreamFab Peacock Downloader is the best tool to download content from Peacock. The tool makes it easy to download Peacock videos so that users can download them and watch them later. The tool is available for Windows as well as Mac, thereby covering a wide userbase.