The most authentic, heart-touching technique of storytelling is something we can all learn from hip-hop music. Not only are these songs powered by strong lyrics and verses, but also the combination of hip-hop and rap makes for that extra element to an otherwise plain narration. Here are the top 10 picks for rap songs that tell a story in the most fascinating way ever! Downloading videos needs the help of video downloader. How about downloading music?

The Notorious Big – ‘I got a story to tell’

From the album – Life After Death, this track by The Notorious Big is a pure hip-hop and rap combination. It tells a very sad, heartbreaking story about the late legend Biggie’s affair with ex-girlfriend Anthony Mason, a revelation that came out much later than the release of the track. The story narrates him having an affair with a New York Knicks player’s girlfriend.

Scarface – ‘I seen a man die’

Here’s another legendary throwback track by Scarface that narrated a sad account of a man dying with all of his past regrets and guilt. It combines genres from the likes of G-funk, Southern hip-hop, and rap. The song tells a story about a recently released man who gets caught up in crime once again and is left to die by his enemies with nothing but remorse. 

Lil Wayne – ‘I feel like dying’

This is another storytelling rap song that has been composed and sung by the famous rapper Lil Wayne. Unlike slow rap songs ,the track narrates a rather personal account of Lil Wayne and his life struggles when his singing career had been at its peak. He talks about drugs, feeling of escape and being trapped, all of which paints a rather dark and gloomy picture of what the singer has had to go through!

Meek Mill ft. Young Thug – ‘We ball’

This 2017 release by Meek Mill featuring Young Thug is also amongst the top storytellingrap songs. It basically narrates the story of loss. Meek’s friends, whom he has referred to as niggas in the opening verses died from gun violence. The song is rather sad and it communicates a haunted sense of freedom that Thug and Mill are living with to this date. It’s a true and pure reflection of their pain of losing their closest and most cherished friends in plain sight!

Joyner Lucas – ‘I am sorry’

This track from Joyner Lucas came out in 2017 as part of his album 508-507-2209. This single is quite the depressing story of a man who is battling with suicidal thoughts, probably the worst an individual could go through! The man eventually dies and then the song transitions into his closed ones grieving over this loss. It basically portrays two perspectives – one from the suicide’s viewpoint and the other from the angle of his loved ones. Despite being morbid, it sends out a pretty strong message to all!

Ludacris – ‘Runaway Love’

‘Runaway Love’ features Mary J. Blige, and this single is from Ludacris’s fifth studio album that came out in 2007. The track narrates the story of young African-American girls who grow up in broken homes, face abuse, and struggle their way out of troubled households. It challenges male influence and encourages women empowerment and their rights as equal members of the society.

Slick Rick – ‘Children’s Story’

This is another powerful rap song that tells a story about two young boys who get caught up in the business of robbery. They are successful in the initial phases but then one of these boys continues to rob innocent people and ends up in a police chase. The story has a strong message about committing heinous crimes and the consequences of choosing to become a criminal. Although its name is "Children's story", it is not a kids rap songs.

Lupe Fiasco – ‘Kick, Push’

This one came out in 2006 from Lupe Fiasco’s debut album – Lupe Fiasco Food & Liquor. It narrates the story of a boy who develops a love for skateboarding from the time he is introduced to it. He grows up falling in love with a woman that shares his love and passion for a skateboard.

Eminem – ‘Stan’

Stan is a creation of the famous American rapper Eminem and singer Dido. It came out in 2000 and post-release, won hearts across the globe by securing number-1 ranking in as many as 12 countries. It narrated the story of a crazed fan who communicates with his favorite artist through a series of heartfelt letters and recordings. It’s truly a masterpiece!

Immortal Technique – ‘Dance with the devil’

This one tells another quite interesting and true story. It takes you along on a journey of a teenager who dreams big and wants to be known by the ‘real thugs’. It leaves the listener with a moral that in order to acquire status, committing crimes is not right, it’s sinister and it ends up landing you in hellfire!

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