Selena Gomez started her career in television but it didn’t take long until she started to expand into the music industry. It wasn’t an easy transition at first but Selena’s natural singing talent helped her quick rise in popularity and become famous around the world. Nowadays she seems to be spending most of her time acting and producing, however, music is still an important part of her life. If you haven’t been keeping up with her music career don’t worry because we’re here to get you up to speed by checking out some of Selena Gomez’s latest songs.

Part 1: Top 10 Latest Selena Gomez Songs

Back to You

It only seems fair to start off with the latest song from Selena Gomez, which came out a bit earlier this year. Even if you don’t know this song by name you’ve probably heard it before because it was heavily featured on the soundtrack of the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why.

Bad Liar

Our Selena Gomez latest songs list continues with Bad Liar, a track that was very well received by fans and critics alike. Bad Liar was voted by Billboard as one of the absolute best songs of 2017, which is really saying something.

Feel Me

This single was released officially but it still managed to gain a lot of popularity through word of mouth alone. Selena performed the song live on numerous occasions and there are also a couple of good studio versions floating out there on the internet in case you want to go and look for it.

Fetish feat Gucci Mane

A couple of Selena Gomez’s latest songs are interesting collaborations with various fellow artists. This particular track was created together with rapper Gucci Mane and has a very unique sound.

Only You

Back to You may be the latest song by Selena Gomez to be featured on 13 Reasons Way but it’s not the only one. The soundtrack includes another song performed by Selena that goes by the name Only You. This song is actually a cover of Vince Clarke’s 1982 song of the same name.

Wolves feat. Marshmello

Wolves is what you get when you combine one of the best voices in pop with one of the most talented EDM producers out there. Marshmello is a genius when it comes to producing great electronic music and Selena’s voice works incredibly well on this track.


Stained is another song that was never actually released but managed to make its way to the internet regardless thanks to a mysterious leak. Both Feel Me and Stained sound amazing so it’s possible that they haven’t been released yet because Selena wants to include them in her next album.

Good For You feat. ASAP Rocky

We couldn’t make a list about Selena Gomez’s latest songs without including at least a few entries from the Revival album even though it’s a couple of years old by now. This is a very slow song that’s just perfect for slow dancing or simply for relaxation.

Hands to Myself

Moving on to a song that’s slightly more upbeat but still great for chilling, preferably during a rainy day. Or, you could listen to it while sneaking into someone else’s home like Selena is doing in the music video, but we don’t recommend that.

Kill Em with Kindness

We’re wrapping up our list with Selena Gomez’s last single from the Revival album. Kill Em with Kindness is a fantastic blend of several different music genres, including house, dance, and EDM.

Part 2: How to Download the Latest Songs of Selena Gomez

YouTube is the platform of choice for many music lovers who prefer to listen to their favorite songs online. But what do you do when you want to listen to Selena Gomez’s latest song offline? Well, a very option for doing that is DVDFab YouTube to MP3. Just as its name indicates, this is a tool that lets you download any song from YouTube and converts it to MP3 format. You can use the software to download not just individual songs but entire playlists as well complete with all the available metadata. Here’s how it works:

1. Start by opening DVDFab and then look for the section labeled Utilities. There, search for YouTube to MP3 and then open it.

youtube to mp3

2. Visit YouTube and type In the name of one of Selena Gomez’s latest songs. Once the song is running go ahead and copy its URL.

youtube to mp3

3. Come back to the software and paste the URL in to initiate the download.

youtube to mp3

4. Wait for the download to finish and then simply go to the destination folder to access the song.

youtube to mp3


Selena Gomez’s latest songs are getting better and better, which is a clear sign that she is growing as an artist. Word on the street is that Gomez is currently working on a new album, though we’re not quite sure when it’s going to drop. In the meantime, you could go back and listen to some of her earlier work to get a better picture of how much she improved over the past several years. Just like with her more recent songs, you can download and convert any of her songs with DVDFab YouTube to MP3.