YouTube is the go-to place to watch funny cat compilations, internet shows, music videos or anything else you can think of. The amount of content available on YouTube today is truly impressive but the platform is often used for more than just watching videos. A lot of people use YouTube as their preferred music streaming service because virtually every artist out there uploads their latest songs there. The platform might not be ideal for that purpose but it does get the job done. However, if you really want to enjoy your favorite songs you’ll want to download them as MP3s files and listen to them on your mobile device. With that in mind, today we’re taking a look at some of the best software to convert YouTube to MP3 for iPhone.


Part 1: Mobile Apps to Convert YouTube to MP3 Directly on iPhone



Love the regular YouTube app but wish it would come with a built-in download button? YouTube++ might be the perfect app for you. This is basically just a modified version of the YouTube app we all know and love but comes with a few extra features, such as the ability to download and convert videos to MP3. The drawback is that YouTube++ is not exactly an official app so you will need to follow a tutorial in order to find the IPA file and install it on your phone. It’s not ideal for beginners but if you’re willing to jump through a few hoops, this is one of the best software to convert YouTube to MP3 for iPhone.



If you’re looking for a more traditional app that you can easily find on iTunes consider giving MyMP3 a try. The app can convert not just YouTube videos to MP3 but also any other type of video available on your iPhone. MyMP3 also makes it easy to share your converter MP3s on social media networks, email or instant messaging apps. A couple of other notable features include a built-in audio recorder and the ability to edit the metadata of your MP3s. All in all, a pretty decent software to convert YouTube to MP3 for iPhone.


Video to MP3 Converter

This is an alternative to MyMP3 that works very similar but offers a few more useful features. In addition to allowing you to convert YouTube videos to MP3 files, the app also lets you create playlists, import songs from your computer, supports sharing to messaging apps and social media, and more. The app also supports multiple themes and comes with a variety of equalizer settings for specific music genres. Aside from that, it’s basically your standard software to convert YouTube to MP3 for iPhone.


Part 2: Desktop Software to Convert YouTube to MP3 for iPhone


DVDFab YouTube to MP3

If you’re looking for the absolute best software to convert YouTube to MP3 for iPhone this is it. DVDFab YouTube to MP3 is a professional tool that will allow you to quickly and efficiently download any YouTube video and convert it to MP3 for easy playback on your iPhone. Not only that but this tool can even convert entire playlists in one go, which makes things so much easier and faster. Most converters can only handle one download thread at a time but with the premium version of this tool you can have up to five running simultaneously. What’s more, any available metadata is also downloaded alongside the song and will be displayed when playing it on your iPhone.When the download is complete, you can use the File Transfer built-in DVDFab 11 to transfer the downloaded mp3s to your iPhone.


Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter is a tool developed by DVDVideoSoft that does exactly what you would expect. You can use this software to convert YouTube to MP3 for iPhone in a reasonable amount of time, though it does seem to work slower than other similar tools. Still, the software does have its merits. Free YouTube to MP3 Converter is available on both Windows and Mac and has multiple quality presents for MP3 files. The converter also supports a few other common formats in addition to MP3, such as MP4, AAC, and WAV.


Basic YTD Video Downloader

This one works a little bit different than our previous entries but you can still use this software to convert YouTube to MP3 for iPhone fairly easily. The difference between this tool and other converters is that you will first need to download the video and only after the download is complete you can choose to convert it to MP3. If you don’t mind jumping the extra hoop, the tool is actually quite good all things considered and offers multiple quality presets, as well as the ability to cut the output or change its volume before starting the conversion.


Any Audio Converter

AAC is a tool that has a lot to offer but might be a bit difficult to use if you’re a beginner. However, once you get used to the user interface things start to get a lot easier. With Any Audio Converter you can pick the quality of the conversion and the size of the resulting file. You can’t convert entire playlists in one go but it is possible to queue multiple tracks to save a bit of time. AAC is another good choice if you’re looking for software to convert YouTube to MP3 for iPhone that can be used to download and convert songs from a variety of other websites as well.



We all wish YouTube would just add a built-in download button to make things easier for us but unfortunately that’s unlikely to happen anytime soon. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get your hands on software to convert YouTube to MP3 for iPhone. Finding a good converter app directly on iTunes is a bit difficult but not impossible. That said, it’s probably better to just grab a tool like the DVDFab YouTube MP3 converter and then transfer the resulting files from your computer to your iPhone. The software is surprisingly fast so you’ll actually save time by downloading songs this way even though you’ll need to download the tool first.