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How to Stop Videos from Automatically Playing on Facebook


   Posted by Wiki

2020-08-18 23:33:02


Summary: This article is dedicated to providing methods on how to stop videos from automatically playing on facebook and how to download Facebook videos.

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The Reasons to Stop videos From Automatically Playing on Facebook


Each coin has two sides. The same goes for “Facebook videos play automatically”. Advantageously speaking, playing Facebook videos automatically saves users from clicking them each time, making video watching easier. Nevertheless, how about “Facebook videos play automatically and loudly in the public”? How about your data traffic which is running out while the autoplay still continues? Considering these problems, it may be not a good thing for Facebook videos to be played automatically. So more and more users try to explore how to stop videos from automatically playing on Facebook, to avoid disturbing others around, to save their data traffic and to make their system run faster.


The Ways to Stop Videos from Automatically Playing on Facebook


Subsequently, I will show you how to stop videos from automatically playing on different systems. Considering users’ habit in using Facebook on various devices like PC, iOS iPhone/iPad and Android phone/tablet. It is very easy to disable the autoplay option for Facebook videos based on each of the devices.


1. Stop videos from playing automatically on PC


Follow the steps below to disable “facebook videos play automatically”.

(1) Log into Facebook with your account and password on your computer.

(2) Pay attention to the inverted triangle in the top toolbar when you come to the main interface of Facebook. Click the inverted triangle and “Settings".

(3) Click the "Videos" option in the left navigational column on the newly appearing interface.

(4) Select "Off" from the drop-down menu next to "Auto-play videos".



Here, you can also choose the video Quality from the choices of “Default”, “SD Only” and “HD if available”. Below Auto-play Videos, you are also allowed to enable or disable the video captions.


2. Stop videos from playing automatically on iOS iPhone/iPad


Follow the steps below to disable “facebook videos play automatically”.

(1) Open your Facebook app on your iPhone/iPad.

(2) Tap the three vertical lines in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

(3) Scroll down and tap "Settings and Privacy" > "Settings."

(4) Scroll down again to "Media and Contacts" and then tap "Videos and Photos."

(5) Tap "Autoplay" and select "Never Autoplay Videos" to turn off the function of autoplay.



3. Stop videos from playing automatically on Android phone/tablet


Follow the steps below to disable “facebook videos play automatically”

(1) Open your Facebook app on your Android phone/tablet.

(2) Tap the three stacked lines at the top right of the screen.

(3) Scroll down and click "Settings & Privacy" > "Settings."

(4) Scroll down and tap "Media and Contacts."

(5) Select "Autoplay" and choose “Never Autoplay Videos”.



For both Android and iPhone users, you'll also be able to set videos to autoplay "On Mobile Data and Wi-Fi Connections" or "On Wi-Fi Connections Only" from that final screen.


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2. Download and install DVDFab Video Downloader


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3. Use instructions of DVDFab Video Downloader


How to download a Facebook video


Learn more than how to stop videos from automatically playing on Facebook iPhone. You have two ways to locate your Facebook video first, either by pasting the video URL to the search bar on the main interface of DVDFab Video Downloader, or by using the built-in Facebook browser listed below the search bar to find your Facebook video. When your video is playing in this software, DVDFab Video Downloader will analyze it and show you the Download button when the analysis finishes. At this moment, move your mouse cursor onto the Download button and click Video. Then, choose your preferred video quality and click Download on the new panel. Pay attention to the option of Downloads in the left navigational column. Click Downloads>Downloading to enable the Turbo-Speed download function. Then, your download task will be processed very fast.



How to download a Facebook playlist


Learn more than how to stop videos from automatically playing on Facebook Android. Similar to downloading a Facebook video, you should locate your favorite Facebook playlist first before you downloading it. Also, two ways are available for you as what we have mentioned above. Either paste your playlist URL to the search bar of DVDFab Video Downloader, or directly find your playlist with the help of the built-in Facebook browser of this software. This video download expert can recognize a playlist automatically. After DVDFab Video Downloader finishes analyzing your playlist, move your mouse cursor onto the button of Download appearing on the video and click Playlist. Then a new panel shows up. Here you need to uncheck some videos you don’t want, click Video behind Download, choose the suitable video quality and click Downlaod at the bottom of the panel. Furthermore, the same way for you to enable the Turbo-Speed download function by clicking Downloads>Downloading on the left. To learn about other operations DVDFab Video Downloader can support, please refer to How to Download Videos with DVDFab Video Downloader.




Is it easy to know how to stop videos from automatically playing on Facebook? No matter what your device is to log into Facebook, specific instructions on how to stop videos from automatically playing on various devices compatible with Windows, iOS and Android have been illustrated. I hope you can find the answer you want after looking through this article. Besides the need to stop videos from playing automatically, if you also would like to download a Facebook Video or a Facebook playlist, DVDFab Video Downloader is always ready to help. You can follow the use instructions of this software to start the journey of video download. For music lovers, you can continue to try the best music downloader I am eager to recommend - DVDFab YouTube to MP3, the brother of DVDFab Video Downloader. With the help of this music download expert, any music from any website will be quickly located and downloaded with the best audio quality. Then, you are the king in the music world.

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