Top 17 Christian Artists 

Michael W. Smith

Michael W. Smith is among the top 100 Christian artists as well as a Contemporary Christian artist whose music have won the hearts of many in and mainstream and CCM categories. The musician has sold more than 18 million albums and his popular song, Place in this World, reached the 6th on the Billboard charts. You can download his masterpiece for you to enjoy in case of no internet with only one simple video downloader.

top christian artists:Michael W. Smith

Third Day

Third Day is one of the top Christian artists 2020 and a Christian rock band from Marietta, Georgia. The band gained stardom during the 1990s and carried on to create amazing Christian music till a few years back. The band was established by guitarist Mark Lee, lead singer Mac Powell, and Billy Wilkins.

Hillsong UNITED

Hillsong UNITED started as a worship and praise band in the Hillsong Church. The band was officially created as a part of the youth ministry and has gained a following of millions of fans all over the world. The band has rotating worship leaders from the Hillsong Church.

Matthew West

With five studio albums under his name, Matthew West is among the top Christian artists in 2018 and is an American contemporary Christian singer-songwriter, musician, and actor. He was nominated in 2005 for five Dove Awards.


Mandisa is among the top Christian music artists and is an American contemporary Christian recording artist and gospel from Citrus Heights, California. On the television show American Idol, she was the 9th-place finisher.

top christian artists:Mandisa

Chris Tomlin

Chris Tomlin is among the top Christian artists in 2021. With more than 7 million albums sold, the singer has turned out to be a superstar in the CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) genre. He is active in his home church as a songwriter and worship leader and comes from Grand Saline, Texas. He is also a social media sensation who has gained hundreds of millions of views and more than 1 million subscribers.


MercyMe is a widely-known CCM band from Edmond, Oklahoma. It comprises percussionist Robby Shaffer, lead vocalist Bart Millard, guitarists Barry Graul and Michael Scheuchzer, and bassist Nathan Cochran. Do not hesitate to catch them in concert live if you get the opportunity. The live performance of the band is always an exceptional worship experience.


Newsboys are a Christian rock band established in Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia in the 1980s. Throughout their career, the band has launched 17 albums comprising 6 certified gold records. It was started by George Perdikis and Peter Furler. But a few years back, the band comprised of keyboardist and bassist Jeff Frankenstein, lead vocalist Michael Tait (formerly of DC Talk), guitarist Jody Davis, and percussionist and drummer Duncan Phillips.

Steven Curtis Chapman

Steven Curtis Chapman is an American contemporary Christian songwriter, music singer, actor, record producer, social activist, and author from Paducah, Kentucky.

top christian artists:Steven Curtis Chapman


Lecrae is a Christian hip-hop songwriter, recording artist, actor, and record producer from Houston, Texas. The music sector has showered Lacrae with awards and accolades including seven Dove Awards and two Grammy Awards.

Jars of Clay

Jars of Clay is a Christian rock band from Tennessee. This band comprises Charlie Lowell on keyboards and piano, Dan Haseltine on vocals, Matthew Odmark on rhythm guitars, and Stephen Mason on lead guitars. The band has won and been nominated for several prominent awards, including Dove Awards and Grammy Awards.

Travis Greene

Travis Greene is not just a gospel musician, but also a pastor. He won a Billboard music award for his hit, “Made a Way” for Best Gospel Song. He also swept the Stellar Awards in 2017 with seven wins.


NewSong was established at Morningside Baptist Church in 1981 in Valdosta, Georgia. It is an American contemporary Christian music group with one Grammy Award Nomination and twelve GMA Dove Award nominations.

Bethel Music

Bethel Music is an American worship ministry and music label from Redding, California. The band originated in 2001 out of Bethel Church. Bethel Music has now turned out to be a global outreach involving of a collective of artists, songwriters, and musicians.

top christian artists:Bethel Music


Planetshakers is a contemporary Christian music group that serves as worship and praise leaders in Melbourne, Australia at Planetshakers Church. Their music catalog comprises a huge 30 albums. It has won several Dove Awards and is no stranger to the Billboard charts.


Needtobreathe is an American Christian music group from South Carolina. It was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2015 and has won a series of GMA Dove Awards. The band comprises Bo Rinehart, Bear Rinehart, Josh Lovelace, and Seth Bolt.

Israel Houghton

Israel Houghton is an American Christian songwriter, music singer, worship leader, and producer. He has won a number of Grammy Awards, GMA Dove Awards, and Stellar Awards. He is the creator of Israel & New Breed.

top christian artists:Israel Houghton

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What is the number one Christian song of all time?

As per the research, Mighty To Save by Hillsong Church is claimed to be the best Christian song with 8.5 Million Copies sold.

Who is the best female Christian singer?

Some of the best female Christian singers, as per the research, are

  • Lauren Daigle
  • Steffany Gretzinger
  • Kristene DiMarco
  • Kim Walker-Smith
  • Jenn Johnson
  • Amanda Cook
  • Kari Jobe
  • Kerrie Roberts

Who is the biggest female artist in the world?

As per research and popularity, Madonna is the best female artist currently. With more than 300 million records sold all over the world now, Madonna is the most successful female recording artist and the Guinness World Record holder.

Who is the best female gospel singer?

Some of the best American female Gospel singers, as per the research, are

  • Aretha Franklin
  • Dionne Warwick
  • Shirley Jones
  • Donna Douglas
  • Della Reese
  • Mahalia Jackson
  • Brenda Lee
  • Sister Rosetta Tharpe


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