Rap is a typical art form of music with full vocal and verbal lyrics performed by professional rap artists across the globe. Rap originated or integrated with the basic form of hip–hop music. Rap music has been influenced by hip-hop music by various artists. The earlier hip-hop version has been in as the new Rap culture.

Rap culture started in the South African region in the early 1970s. The word rap has got different meanings in the dictionary- “to strike”,” to utter sharply or vigorously”, “light blow” etc. As the meaning indicates rap songs can strike straight into one’s heart without losing the flow and rhythm of the lyrics.

Youtube is a trendsetter for all music lovers around the world, with a wide range of exposure. You can download each and every song you watch and enjoy, it’s just a touch away from your fingers tip. But how to download music from YouTube like Rap or other audio you like? Not every individual is aware of this thing, newly updated audio or video downloader like StreamFab All-In-One is available to download streaming audio you like on Youtube. We are here with the 10 fastest rap songs around the globe, the list is given below;

Part 1. 10 Fastest Rap Songs

1) Break Ya Neck by Busta Rhymes

Break Ya Neck is one of Busta Rhymes' fastest rap songs. The song is his second single featured in his fifth album Genesis (released in 2001). The background vocals were given by Truth Hurts and produced by Dr. Dre and Scott Storch. This song is still the table topper with the tag – “fastest rap song ever”.

2) Rap God by Eminem

Rap God is the fastest rap song by Eminem, released in October 2013 through YouTube. This song literally made him the “Rap God” as the lyrics contain the most number of words for a song i.e.  1,560 words. Eminem was even nominated for Grammy awards for Best Rap Performance. He even holds the Guinness World Record for singing 1,560 words in 6 minutes 4 seconds which makes this song Eminem’s fastest rap song.

3) Worldwide Choppers byTech N9ne

top fastest rap song:3) Worldwide Choppers byTech N9ne

Worldwide Choppers is rap song by Tech N9ne for his album “All 6’s and 7’s”. He bought some rapid-fire rap throughout the song, which made this song popular on the charts. The song was produced by Michael Summers who’s familiar as producer Seven. The track also features two other languages i.e. Danish and Turkish. Danish lyrics have been written by U$O and Turkish lyrics by Ceza.

4) Creep Fast by Twista

Creep Fast has been sung by Twista for his album Adrenaline Rush in the year 2007. This song is one of Twista’s fastest rap songs featuring T-pain. The album Adrenaline Rush has sold 365,000 copies all over the globe. Thus, hits in the top 5 fastest rap songs.

5) The Evergassin Gobstopper by Twisted Insane

The Evergreen Gobstopper is one of the fastest rap songs by Twisted Insane. The song was released on the album “Monster in the dark” in 2007. Twisted insane use chopper-style rap which originated in the Midwest. His first album “Shoot for the face” was released in 2006 and he was seen homeless during that period. He got a breakthrough in his carrier after featuring in Tech N9ne’s World Choppers track released in 2011.

6) From Da Tip of My Tongue by Twista

From Da Tip of My Tongue came in the debut album of Twista named “Runnin' off at da mouth”. The album was distributed by Zoo and this was released just after Twista won the Guinness world record for the world’s fastest rapper.

7) Can You Keep Up by Busta Rhymes

Can You Keep Up is another fast rap song from Busta Rhymes featuring Twista. The song is produced by just blaze. The two rapping machines made this fast as possible with their terrific rapping skills.

8) Midwest Choppers 2 by Tech N9ne

Midwest Choppers is a song by Tech N9ne for the album Collabos: Misery Lovely company released in 2007. Both the “Midwest Choppers 2” and “Worldwide Choppers” has made the term “Choppers” to describe Midwestern rapping styles.

9) Mr. Tung Twista by Twista

Mr. Tung Twista is one of the fastest rap songs in the world by none- other than Twista for his debut album “Runnin off at da mouth”. The song was written by Carl Mitchel and produced by Titan. It hit the fastest 10 rap songs ever in the world.

10) I'm on Everything by Bad Meets Evil

I‘m on Everything is a track on the album “Hell: The Sequel” by team Bad Meets Evil. Bad Meets Evil is a band of talented rappers including the Rap God- Eminem and Royce Da 5’9”. The album was released on June 24, 2012. Mike Epps was featured in this track along with the gang Bad Meets Evil. The album was produced by Eminem and Royce Da 5’9”.

Part 2. How to Download Rap Songs from YouTube and Other Music Platforms

Nowadays, music comes and goes on many different platforms due to license issues. We need to download different apps or music platforms in order to enjoy the music we want. Sometimes, although you subscribed to the platform, it is still in vain, because the cooperation between the musician and the platform may expire.

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Key Features:

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Refer to the steps below to see how to download these rap songs with this video downloader software:

Step 1  Download and install StreamFab All-In-One on your computer;

Step 2  Launch the software, and click the Paste URL button from the top left corner, then copy & paste the URL of your target music or playlist to the correct box;

top fastest rap song:Part 2. How to Download Rap Songs from YouTube and Other Music Platforms

Step 3  Choose the download format as Audio and select your wanted audio quality, and then click the Download button to start the download process; if you want to download the music as MP4 video, then you should choose Video as the output format, and then the video quality.
Step 4  Click the Downloading tab from the left pane to check the real-time download status.

Warming Tips

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top fastest rap song:Part 2. How to Download Rap Songs from YouTube and Other Music Platforms

Part 3. Burn the Downloaded Rap Song Videos on DVDs

If you decide to download rap songs from YouTube as videos, you probably also want to share the downloaded rap song videos with your friends or play them on your home DVD player. To make that possible, you can choose to burn the downloaded rap song videos to blank DVDs. In this case, DVD authoring software is what you need for the project. DVDFab DVD Creator is the world's most advanced DVD burning software that can burn videos of all formats to blank DVD9/DVD5 discs that are compatible with your home DVD player. 

Refer to the guides below to see how to make home DVDs out of your downloaded YouTube rap song videos:

Step 1 > Download and install DVDFab 12 on your computer, and choose the correct version that matches your operating system.

                         i  Free Download    i  Free Download  

Step 2 > Start up DVDFab 12, opt for the Creator module from the top menu bar, choose DVD Creator at the mode switch panel, and load the YouTube rap song videos you've downloaded to your hard drive.

Additional Tips: By choosing the Blu-ray Creator or UHD Creator here at the mode switching panel, you can burn your downloaded YouTube rap song videos to make home Blu-rays and 4K UHD Blu-rays, respectively. But before you do that, it's better to make sure the rap song videos you've downloaded are in 1080p or 2160p quality. If not, you can resort to the Video Enhancer AI to upscale them to 1080p or 4K videos first.

Step 3 > When the videos are loaded, click the Menu Settings button to customize the menus as you wish.

top fastest rap song:Part 3. Burn the Downloaded Rap Song Videos on DVDs

Step 4 > Choose your desired output size, either as DVD9 or DVD5, depending on which one you have at hand.

Step 5 > When you're okay with all the settings, click the Start button to start burning the YouTube rap song videos to DVDs.

Final Words

In this article, we briefed you on the top 10 best rap songs you can enjoy on YouTube, the video downloader software you can use to download streaming videos for offline playback, and also the Youtube to MP3 converter software for you to convert those rap song videos to MP3 audio files to listen on your portable MP3 music player or smartphone. Just feel free to enjoy your favorite YouTube music anywhere anytime you want.