Videos can be enhanced from many respects in different ways. How do you plan to enhance your video? Adjust its shooting angle, make it more clear and louder in image and sound, deshake the video to make it more stable, or others? For all your needs, there is more than one tool able to realize your dream. Now, follow me to see who is so powerful in video enhancement and choose your favorite video enhancement software.

Table of Contents: 

 1. DVDFab Video Converter (Windows/Mac)

 2. DVDFab Toolkit (Windows)

 3. Filmora (Windows/Mac)

 4. Windows Movie Maker

 5. Online Video Enhancement Software

 6. PowerDirector (Android)

 7. Videoshop (iPhone)

1. DVDFab Video Converter (Windows/Mac)

Have you ever heard DVDFab Video Converter compatible with Windows and Mac? This free and versatile video enhancement software cannot just be used to customize videos, but be used to AI video enhancer empowered by Artificial intelligence. Here, I am glad to brief you on its main features and use instructions on AI video enhancement.

(1) Main features of DVDFab Video Converter:

• Upscale video images with the help of “Enlarger AI”

• Customize videos by improving video quality, audio bit rate and other parameters

• Add credits, text, music and image to your videos

• Trim, crop, merge videos and adjust video playback speed

• Set video properties like brightness, rotation and others

(2) How DVDFab Video Converter works for video enhancement:

• Download and install DVDFab Video Converter

• Launch this free video enhancement software and choose the “Converter” module

Import your video to DVDFab Video Converter by clicking the “+” icon

• Focus on two tools including “Advanced Settings” like a wrench icon and “Video Edit” like a pen icon on the main interface of DVDFab Video converter, using them to change video quality and add video effects

• Click the option of “Profile Switcher”, enable the function of “Enlarger AI”, and choose preferred output video format

• Decide where to save your enhanced video and click the button of “Start” at the bottom

With the help of DVDFab Video Converter, the digital video enhancement software, you are going to make your videos more clear and colorful with every details.

DVDFab Video Converter is Video Enhancement Software

2. DVDFab Toolkit (Windows)

The second video enhancement software I am going to let you know is DVDFab Toolkit compatible with Windows. This free tool can be used to solve all kinds of problems you may encounter in videos, audios and images. Would you like to know its functions and how to use it to enhance video quality?

(1) Main features of DVDFab Toolkit:

• Offer video enhancement services while converting a video to the format you want

• Trim and merge videos and audios

• Rotate/flip a video in two/three-dimension space

• Sharpen/Unsharpen video images

• Speed up/down videos

• Crop video aspect ratio

• Adjust video volume

• Deshake and denoise GoPro videos

• Make videos to Gif or Pic

(2) Steps on how to use DVDFab Toolkit for video enhancement:

• Download and install DVDFab Toolkit with three clicks

• Click the “Little Triangle” in the upper-right corner >”Settings” to set the interface language and where to save your output video

• Click “Rotate’ under “Video Tools” to change the video angle in two-dimension space

• Click “Mirror/Flip” under “Video Tools” to change the video angle in three-dimension space

• Click “Sharpen/Unsharpen” under “Video Tools” to make video images more clear

• Click “Deshake (GoPro)” under “Video Tools” to make GoPro videos more stable

• Click “Volume Adjust” under “Audio Tools” to adjust the sound of your video

• Click “Denoise (GoPro)” under “Audio Tools” to make GoPro videos more quiet

DVDFab Toolkit, the free video enhancement software, is truly competent. Choose it and you will never feel disappointed.

DVDFab Toolkit is Free Video Enhancement Software

3. Filmora (Windows/Mac)

The third video enhancement software to be introduced is Filmora. This video editor can enhance video quality on Windows and Mac. Subsequently, let me show you its main features and how to use Filmora for video quality enhancement.

(1) The main features of Filmora Video Editor:

• Support any format of video, photo and audio import

• Support video resolution enhancement like brightness and contrast video volume adjustment, audio detachment and merging, and video color adjustment

• Support more than 1000 video effects like 3D LUT

• Support video output in any format, on any device and to any platform

(2) How to Use Filmora Video Editor for Video Enhancement

• Download, install and start Filmora Editor on Windows or Mac

• Import a video to Filmora by clicking “Import Media Files Here” at the interface center

• Drag the video to the section of “Timeline”

• Set video contrast, saturation, brightness, speed, etc, respectively, or click “Auto Enhance” to make the video automatically enhanced

• Add video effect using the 500+ built-in effects with regard to music, text, transitions, filters, overlays, etc.

• Improve video resolution by clicking “Export” > “Settings”

• Enhance video audio

Under the button of “Volume”, there are several options like “Fade in”, “Fade out”, “Pitch”, “Equalizer” and “Denoise”, to help you eliminate the noise of your recorded video or replace the original background music with your preferred song. In the meantime, you are also enabled to adjust the video sound, making it louder or add sound mixing effect Filmora offers to your source video.

Filmora, the digital video enhancement software, is also very competitive in providing video enhancement services.

4. Windows Movie Maker (Windows)

This is the fourth video enhancement software - Windows Movie Maker. It is compatible with Windows 10, Windows7, 8, XP, also helpful to provide video enhancement services. Follow me to learn about its main features and work principle.

(1) Main features of Windows Movie Maker

• Support video effect customization, such as Text, Transitions, Filters, Overlays and Elements

• Offer 30X faster processing speed with 100% quality output

• Play exported videos in any format on any device like PC, Mac and mobile phone

(2) How to Use Windows Movie Maker for video enhancement

• Download, install and launch Windows Movie Maker

• Set video brightness, contrast, saturation, temperature and add video effect

(Click “Tools” > “Video Editing Tools” in the top toolbar. Continue to click “Effects” on the new panel and follow the instruction to import your video. Now, it is time to set the value of brightness, contrast, saturation, temperature. Simultaneously, you can click use the option of “Filter” where the effects range from “Vivid” to “BW Noise, Fuzzying, Old Video, Rainbow 1, Rainbow 2, Aibao, VCR Distoration, and WS Old Photo”)

• Adjust video music volume

(On the same panel where you have set video brightness and others, click “Music” and decide the volume of your video music within a certain period. You can make the music fade in or fade out based on your need )

• Set video resolution

(Click “Export” and choose your preferred output video/audio format, play device or video-sharing platform. On this panel, click “Resolution” and make your video images more clear)

Digital Video Enhancement Software Can be helpful

5. Online Video Enhancement Software

Now, we come an online video enhancement software. If you don’t want to download any app on your PC, these free video enhancement online tools is your first choice. Let me show your the main features of each of them.

(1) HD Video Converter: able to convert source videos to full HD videos with no limit on video size. Its supported video formats include MP4, AVI, MOV, MP3 and others.

(2) Clideo: enable users to to brighten a dark video, edit its brightness, saturation, contrast and other settings using sliders.

(3) EZGif: is dedicated to deshaking shaky videos. Only support video size no more than 100MB.

Notes: Choosing online video enhancement software, you have to be patient, since it may take you a long time to process your video sometimes.

6. PowerDirector (Android)


PowerDirector is free and easy to use. You can download and install this video enhancement software to your android. It can help you edit multi-track timeline, add colorful video effect, and present you to green blue and green screen with chroma key editing, as well as voiceover tools.

7. Videoshop (iPhone)

There are a lot of video enhancement software helpful for video enhancement on iPhone or iPad, among which Videoshop is one the few video enhancement software charging no money. With this software in hand, you can add filters and effects to your videos, do voice-overs, add text overlays and accelerate or decelerate your video.


These are the video enhancement software I highly recommend. According to your device, you can choose a free video enhancement software on Windows/Mac/Android/iPhone, or directly enjoy free video enhancement services online. No matter which one you choose to improve your video quality, I hope they can be equally helpful to solve your problem. If you also want to know How to  Flip Video Horizontally, you can read this article.