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Best Video Enhancer Apps to Improve Video Quality


   Posted by Starry

2020-09-10 02:59:15


Summary: Since there are numerous video enhancer apps on the marketplace, this post is dedicated to generally summarizing apps that make pictures clearer to improve video quality. In this way, you will feel more ease to opt for the right one to serve your videos.

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Know any video enhancer app to enhance video quality on mobile devices? More and more people are eager to know some perfect video apps to improve video quality. With the increasing popularity of streaming service, numerous people tend to watch video clips online or love uploading video footage on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Vimeo. However, it is often the case that your shot videos are of poor quality, such as low resolution, compressed format, or insufficient lightning, which results in unpleasant viewing experience. What a frustrating moment, yes? Want to get rid of such a dilemma?


If you aim to capture more followers or viewers online, you shall rack your brains to seek good apps that make video pictures clearer. After all, with useful video quality enhancer tools, there is no need to worry about the quality of uploaded videos wherever you are posting video clips as long as you have enough traffic to do such work on a mobile phone. Now let’s go and check the best video enhancer apps used to improve video quality.


Table of Contents

PART 1: Most Perfect Video Apps to Enhance Video Quality

           ⚬ Videoshop

           ⚬ Videoshow

           ⚬ YouCut

           ⚬ Video Converter 

           ⚬ iMovie

PART 2: Best Video Enhancer Software on Windows

           ⚬ Enlarger AI 

           ⚬ Toolkit

PART 3: Conclusion



PART 1: Most Perfect Video APP to Enhance Video Quality


Most photo quality enhancers have a collection of stunning features combined together to improve video quality beyond your expectation. Nevertheless, each app excels in some aspects but fades next in others. Look at the following examples of how they work respectively.


1. Videoshop

Videoshop, as a versatile video enhancer app, has won wide popularity among all video editing tools. It boasts mixed features, among which free choice of video resolution like 360P, 720P and 1080P, and frame rate such as 30 fps and 60fps, contributes largely to the enhancement of video quality. With this phone quality enhancer, you can improve your videos from SD 360p to HD 1080p on your smartphone to ensure you a clearer screen for better viewing. In addition, this free video enhancer app allows for editing video in orientation (flip or rotate), speed (slow or fast), filter effects and transitions.


Pros: intuitive interface; multiple features

Cons: in-app purchase for advanced feature



2. Videoshow

Some video quality enhancer apps are expert in adding themes, stickers, subtitles, watermark, and sound (music, voice-over), adjusting aspect ratio and background effect, and changing filter or transition effects. Videoshow is typical of this category, whose multiple themes and effects work together to produce the best results to meet personal needs. This is an app that can make pictures clearer. For example, filters and effects can be applied to remove unwanted artifacts such as graininess or scratches in analog video files. Meanwhile, this perfect video enhancer app allows you to share the enhanced video onto social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.


Pros: numerous features; abundant library of filters and effects

Cons: 3-day free trial; full features available to premium version



3. YouCut

Some perfect video apps to enhance video quality can be achieved by making adjustments to video speed or orientation. Here is a good video enhancer application, YouCut, whose versatile features pave the way for quality video output. For example, you can adjust the video speed from 0.5x to 2.0x to apply in different situations, change video volume from 0-100 when the shot clip is too low or high in voice, flip the video horizontally or rotate it clockwise if you shoot footage upside down.


What’s more, this video quality enhancer app can support other features like trimming, cropping, adding music, text, stickers, filters and effects. Besides, you can change the resolution and video quality at the final conversion process.


Pros: simple interface

Cons: paid version open to advanced features



4. Video Converter

Some video converters can be used to improve video quality via converting compressed video format to uncompressed one, from lossy quality to lossless one. For example, though MP4 is widely welcomed by most popular digital devices on the market and can store video, audio, text and still image files, it offers low definition and few features than other formats like MKV, AVI and MOV. When you seek high quality video, you can resort to video converter app.


Below Video Converter is a powerful tool is able to enhance video quality by converting video between various formats such as MP4, 3GP, MOV, FLV, M4V, VOB and MPEG. Meanwhile, it can change video resolution from 240P to 1080P.


Pros: support various formats; convert & edit video and audio

Cons: pop-up ads



5. iMovie

Some apps to enhance video quality can be realized by trimming, adjusting video speed, brightness and contrast. Take iMovie as an example, you can adjust the video speed by moving the speed slider towards the ‘Tortoise’ or ‘Rabbit’ at both ends of the speedometer. In the meantime, choose ‘Brightness’ and ‘Contrast’ effect from the ‘Effects’ panel to adjust the lightning and highlights of the video via the sliders. When ‘Brightness’ is moved towards ‘Dark’, the video will turn black. Hence, with this free video enhancer app, you can produce your desirable videos.


Pros: always free; simple interface

Cons: only compatible on iOS and MacOS



PART 2: Best Video Enhancer Software on Windows


6. DVDFab Enlarger AI

There might be occasions when your smartphone fails to work as normal due to diverse factors. At this moment, if you plan to enhance video quality, you shall turn to desktop video enhancer software, with which you can successfully create your wanted video with unexpected results.


Here comes an optimal tool, DVDFab Enlarger AI, designed to upscale video quality by 300% from 480P t0 1080P, able to add in great details video image, thus bringing you reborn videos or movies. This video enhancement software adopts AI technology such as neural networks, machine learning and image recognition. Above all, this tool is dedicated to working together with DVDFab DVD to Blu-ray Converter, DVDFab DVD Ripper, Blu-ray Ripper, and DVDFab Video Converter modules. What’s more, it has 30-day free trial without any embedded ads throughout the whole converting process. Once you anticipate trying out its full features, you can subscribe to its paid version with a relatively competitive price.  


For example, when you convert videos between various formats, choose MKV.AI or MP4.AI as the output format from ‘Enlarger AI’ listed in the left profile panel. Then load video source and tab ‘Start’ button, waiting for the resulting video file. Note that DVDFab Video Converter can convert videos by changing video resolution, bit rate, pixels on its own, but it fades next to Enlarger AI because the latter can upscale video resolution by adding much details to the video image, thus making it clearer and perfect. Click here to know more about how to upscale video with AI-powered video enhancer.


7. DVDFab Toolkit

Actually, to enhance video quality, this versatile and professional toolkit is also a must-have tool in that it can be adopted to resolve all issues related to video, audio and image. Once you have this software, it can produce your desired videos, audios or images within simple clicks by means of improving video quality in all aspects such as video format, resolution, frame rate, speed, volume, orientation, noise removal.


As a Chinese saying goes ‘A sparrow may be small but it has all the vital organs’. Similarly, this video enhancer software can be installed on Windows, further devoted to substantially boost video image.





You might have understood how video enhancer app performs to improve video quality from diverse angles. Next time when you rack your wits to download pornhub videos for private play, do not forget to improve video quality with these video enhancement apps. Alternatively, desktop software can be made the best use of to achieve your aim. Apart from change in video format, you can use above desktop software to convert DVDs to Blu-rays, considerably enhancing movie quality and image. Besides, you can rip DVDs to videos in order to watch on your portable devices instead of viewing on home DVD players. ACT NOW to have a try.

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