The digital era welcomes technology to add life to shaky, blurred, or dull content, giving a seamless viewing experience without sacrificing quality. The market has introduced many ground-breaking AI upscalers over the years, including Video2x, to enlarge and upscale any video frame while preserving the quality and minute details.

Whether you are using Video2x or are new to the platform, this article will explore what is Video2x, its features, working, pros and cons, and more. You will also get to know the best Video2x alternative to use in case you need one. So stay with us for a detailed Video2x review.

Video2x review: how to use video2x

What Is Video2X?

Video2x is an AI video upscaling free and open source program that helps upscale images, GIFs, and videos by increasing the resolution and frame rate on Windows computers. 

Video2x upscale your favorite videos up to 4K resolution to view and enjoy them on high-resolution screens. Using Video2x, you can upscale GIFs, movies, and photos. You can even seamlessly convert your videos to GIFs. It is an image upscaling and frame interpolation software written in Python.  

Key Features of Video2x

Lossless Upscaling: Video2x makes lossless upscaling possible by increasing the frame rate of its image, GIFs, and videos through its advanced algorithms, such as RealSR, Anime4K, Waifu2x, and SRMD.
State-of-the-Art Algorithms: The program employs cutting-edge state-of-the-art algorithms to enhance video quality.
Google Colab Integration: If one lacks a powerful GPU, Video2x can be freely used on Google Colab. Users can borrow powerful GPUs from Google's servers like Tesla K80, T4, P4, or P100 for up to 12 hours per session. 

Other Features: Some of the Video2x's other features include: 

  • Upsizes old and low-quality videos 
  • Preserves the final video files as MP4 or MKV 
  • Absolutely free software and available for Windows users 

How to Use Video2X?

Video2x can upscale your multimedia content to make it look bright and appealing. It's pretty easy to use the program and enhance your videos, bringing more depth and sharpness to the content. As it has multiple configurable options, you will never outgrow the program anytime soon. Let's see how to use Video2x to upscale your videos.  

Step 1: Download and install the latest Video2x software from SourceForge or GitHub. 

Step 2: Select whether you want a light version or a full version. 

Step 3: The full version has all the dependencies and drivers, and the light version requires to install them separately. 

Step 4: Once you download and extract the ZIP file, you can efficiently run video2x_gui.exe to launch the GUI (Graphical User Interface) or video2x.exe to run the CLI (Command-Line Interface).


Step 5: You can now configure the program settings and start the upscaling process. 

Pros and Cons of Video2X

The Video2x review will only be complete if we weigh the software's advantages and disadvantages. This comparison of Video2x's Pros and Cons will help you see if it meets your required demands to make a wise and informed decision.

✔️ Pros of Video2X
  • Free and open-source software works without a cost
  • Focuses on user accessibility with an intuitive interface 
  • Upscales images, GIFs, and videos easily without any technical knowledge 
  • AI algorithms help deliver high-quality upscale results
  • Enhances the visual clarity and video details 
  • It provides multiple playback formats like MKV, MP4, etc.
❌ Cons of Video2X
  • Requires powerful hardware specifications  
  • Less powerful hardware takes longer processing time  
  • Lacks video editing capabilities 
  • Lacks advanced features that are available with other premium alternatives 

Video2x is an excellent AI upscaler program, but considering its cons, one can seek options and better alternatives, like UniFab-All-In-One, to manage their videos overall. 

Best Video2x Alternative: UniFab All-In-One

UniFab Video Enhancer is one of the best Video2x alternatives to upscale old and low-quality videos. It is a professional AI-based video enhancer program created to enhance video quality, like enlarging video clips up to 4K, improving clarity and video quality, reducing shakiness and blurriness, and more. In addition, it also has a comprehensive toolset to edit videos on the go and meet your personalized demands. 

Key Features of UniFab All-In-One 
  • Upscale SDR video to HDR10 or Dolby Vision 
  • Enlarges video resolution up to 4K
  • Enhance video quality for every genre 
  • Upmix audio to EAC 5.1 or DTS 7.1 standards 
  • AI technology helps deinterlace videos 
  • Compress videos to any format, retaining the original quality
  • Converts videos to multiple formats like AVI, MP4, MKV, WMV, and more at lossless quality 

How to Use UniFab to Upscale Video Files?

UniFab offers a user-friendly interface that does not require technical knowledge to get started. Boasting a smooth learning curve it helps act on your demands seamlessly. Follow these steps to upscale your videos.

Step 1

Download and launch UniFab

Install the UniFab All-In-One software on your device and enter the program's interface. Then, select the Enlarger module. 

Step 2

Load and edit your video file 

Click the Add Video button to choose the video to be upscaled to 4K. Then tap the Start button to edit your video file. You can adjust your video output parameters based on quality, codec, frame rate, audio, and more. 

video2x alternative: unifab-all-in-one

Step 3

Upscale your video file 

After customizing the restored video file, UniFab will gear up to complete the required video task at lightning speed. 

video2x alternative: UniFab

UniFab All-In-One vs. Video2X

UniFab is the best Video2x alternative, But do you know how it compares to Video2x on the same grounds? Let's look at the two software in terms of some common parameters. 

AI Tools UniFab Video2X
Video Resolution Up to 4K Up to 4K
Deinterlace Videos Available Not available
Conversion Speed 50x faster Time-consuming
Supported Formats  AVI, MP4, MKV, WMV, and more MP4 and MKV
Video Editing Features Offer a comprehensive toolset Not available
Adjusts shaky and blurred videos Yes No
Sharpen or unsharpen the video Yes No
GIF to Video Yes No
Video to GIF Yes Yes


How does Video2x work?

Video2x uses its AI algorithms, like CNNs, to upscale videos quickly. Convolutional neural networks (CNNs) are trained on massive high-resolution video data, making them familiar with the accurate upscaling patterns and features. The software analyzes the content of every video frame to generate high-quality versions and produce impressive results based on its learned knowledge.

Is Video2x safe?

Video2x is a nice and user-friendly upscaler with multiple options for different cases, including anime upscalers. Users can download it from SourceForge or GitHub to get started. 

What is the best alternatives to Video2x?

The best Video2x alternative is UniFab All-In-One, as it offers up to 4K Ultra HD resolution, supports multiple formats, and even offers comprehensive video editing features to help adjust the shaky and blurred videos and sharpen them significantly. Other try-worthy Video2x alternatives include: 

  • Upscayl
  • Scapix
  • Waifu2x
  • Waifu2x Caffe
  • Video Enhance AI
  • Quality Scaler
  • Magnific AI
  • RealScaler

Final Words

Using AI technology, one can easily upscale old and low-quality videos to 4K ultra HD quality. Fortunately, Video2x is here to improve the video frame with accurate details for a natural, high-quality video. We have discussed a comprehensive Video2x review to know if it is the one that will meet your needs. However, if you need a better solution, you can try UniFab, which boasts a user-friendly interface with a single toolset to edit your videos. For sharpenning video quality, our guide on AI video sharpen can dramatically improve your videos.