JK Rowling's sensational Harry Potter imaginary novels became a popular cultural attachment when Warner Bros. cast them in eight attribute movies. These films are the fourth highest-ranking film series ever at the box office, with $ 7.7 billion. Still, these days of streaming, the question "where to watch harry potter movies" online or offline, or is it possible to bind them on a large TV screen, smartphone or tablet, arises?

where to watch harry potter:

No doubt, Harry Potter movies are liked worldwide but are most streamed during Christmas time by all people. In Canada, these film series can be watched in various ways, but what if someone wants to enjoy them for free? People prefer to watch Harry Potter movies without investing much money. In this article, we will solve your query "harry potter where to watch" while mentioning eight different methods, including freemium and premium as well as online and offline. 

Where to Watch the Harry Potter Movies Offline (Paid & Free)

Google Play Store

Google allows its users to rent or purchase movies from Google Play Store. But it is a little more expensive than Amazon. Here, users can purchase films for $8.99 to enjoy in 4k. And for renting them, you have to pay $3.99 for 4K quality.

Where to watch all harry potter movies from the Google play store?

  • Go to the google play store app from your phone or computer.
  • See at the top left, click on "Menu" and then "Movies & TV."
  • Find out desired Harry Potter series.
  • Click on "The Item" to check the price, and buy or rent choices.

Amazon Prime Video

where to watch harry potter:Amazon Prime Video

Amazon's Prime services do not offer movies. However, they can be accessed using the company's video server. You have to pay $3.99 to rent each part of Harry Potter. But if you want to rent them in HD quality, you have to pay $7.99. Look at the following steps to watch Harry Potter on Amazon; Amazon prime video download is also supported if you paid, but note that all the downloaded content will expire after 48 hours.

Where to watch Harry Potter for free from Amazon Prime Video?

  • Click on Amazon, and choose the desired series.
  • Tap on "Rent Movie" if you want to rent an episode and "Buy Movie" to purchase any movie. 
  • Now, click on "Create your Amazon Account" and create an account. If you already have an account, just sign in to your Amazon account. 
  • Finally, enjoy the Harry Potter series on Amazon.

HBO Max 

HBO Max is more costly than the peacock. Its add-supported plan charges $10 for a month, and its ad-free plan charges $15 monthly. The ad-free package will allow users to download desired movies. Moreover, you will be allowed to stream all content in 4K quality. Here is how to access it for Harry potter streaming purposes;

Harry Potter movies where to watch with HBO Max?

  • You just need to go to the HBO box and choose the required package.
  • Once selected, download and install the HBO max on your Apple or Android system.
  • You can also use it directly from the browser.
  • After it, find the required movie title and stream it.


where to watch harry potter:YouTube

YouTube is another platform to deliver the Harry Potter series by renting and buying facilities. It will charge you $8 for buying and $4 for rent. However, you should keep in mind the YouTube rules to complete your series within two days after starting to watch it. 

However, if you are a non-US resident, you will not be able to access the YouTube movie part. Here you should use a video downloader and access the YouTube movies section. 


This is the cheapest option to enjoy the Harry Potter series. Peacock provides a free trial to users, but it cannot be accessed without signing up for its premium or plus subscribers. After login into these, you can use it freely for 7-days. Once you end your one-week free access, you can continue to its monthly package or remove your credentials.

There are two options for one monthly plan like;

  • Ad-supported program: $5 monthly
  • Ad-free plan: $10 monthly. 

The above choices are presented for those who are willing to purchase or exchange high-resolution and better-watching experiences with cash. If you are on a budget, no worries. There are also a lot of free options for you to find a way to watch Harry Potter movies for free. Let's look at these available options to watch Harry potter without investing any amount.

Starz Play

Price: Free/Paid

where to watch harry potter:Starz Play

Starz Play is an online streaming service to provide all series of Harry Potter. You can access it with a one-week free trial without entering your payment credentials.

After the seven-day trial, you can purchase it for $8.99 per month. But note that you can easily watch these eight series within a week. There is no need to extend the contribution as it is in no way comparable to Netflix, Hulu, or HBO in any way. 

If you are a US or UK resident, you can access Starz Play using a VPN. After installing any VPN, connect it to the Indian Server. Hence, you can access all desired content. 

Popcorn Time

Price: Free/Paid

where to watch harry potter:Popcorn Time

This free application for computer and Mobile versions is excellent for enjoying all Harry Potter movies with your friends. However, this free app may cause legal issues, so try to hide your IP address completely. 

If you buy it at $6.67/monthly for 12 months, you will get 3-month free use. Download the app's newest version and connect to a server of a VPN to hide your internet protocol. 


Price: Free

where to watch harry potter:Kodi

This open-source, free app is a great media player to watch Harry Potter online. After downloading and installing this app on a computer or mobile device, add a movie addon known as Exodus Redux. Hence, you can stream the latest TV shows and movies. 

It is an entirely legal app without add-ons. Like Starz Play and Popcorn Time, Kodi also needs to use a VPN to stream desired content.

How to download Harry Potter on your PC and mobile devices?

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, and Android

StreamFab All-In-One is a comprehensive package and downloading the program to get all desired shows or movies, including the Harry Potter series from HBO box, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, paramount+, Disney+, YouTube, Google, etc., offline. You will get all downloaded content in super high-quality. The program supports multiple file formats to play them on any device version.

Mostly, Harry Potter streaming platforms remove users' downloaded content when their subscription ends. But by using StreamFab, you will receive permanent downloads free from any restrictions. So, no worries if your subscription ends from Amazon, YouTube, HBO, or others. Furthermore, you can choose different audio tracks and subtitles in numerous languages. It will also help you save them as another SRT file or remux them into your videos. 


  • Download desired content from Amazon, YouTube, HBO, etc.

This software will let you have a complete Amazon, YouTube, and HBO max catalog. So, download the liked megahit, valued TV shows, or Harry Potter films without any limitation. 

  • Support high-quality audio and video formats

Download preferred movies in high-quality videos, like 1080p or 720p. It also supports AC3 5.1 or AAC 2.0 audio tracks. Moreover, the users can select their desired resolution setting to get a cinematic experience at home. 

  • Batch & fast-mode downloading support

If you want to download multiple titles at once from any platform to save time, then the "batch mode" comes in handy. Get all your desired titles just within 10-20 minutes. This safe and secure program returns your money after one month if you don't want to use it more within your 30-days trial period.

Step 1

Download the video downloader

Install the software on your device and open the interface

Step 2

Choose the streaming service

Tap the VIP Services or the YouTube icon on the left channel to find the platform to download Harry Potter. You can also copy and paste the URL of Harry Potter directly into the address bar on the Homepage.

How to download Harry Potter on your PC and mobile devices: streamfab

Step 3

Customize the file

Search for the video and play it, then a pop-up window will ask for your video options. You can choose the audio and subtitle language.

How to download Harry Potter on your PC and mobile devices: streamfab

Step 4

Click the download button

After finishing downloading, you can send your content to any device and enjoy it whenever you want without caring about your subscription ending. 


Harry potter tournament of houses where to watch?

It is available on Hulu TV, YouTube TV, and Amazon Prime with its one-week free trial. If you want to download it to watch offline, then StreamFab All-In-One is a great option to download streaming videos

Where to watch the Harry Potter series for free?

There are numerous options to watch harry potter, including HBO box, Hulu, Peacock, Youtube, Amazon Prime, Google Play Store, etc. But before utilizing these platforms, you may need to use a VPN or sign up for their premium package and get a free trial. To enjoy them offline on a long drive or in the future, StreamFab all-in-one serves best. Besides these, we have also mentioned some of its free options that can be streamed using a VPN.  


This article thoroughly explores each streaming platform that can help you answer the question "harry potter films where watch." We mentioned all possible online & offline as well as free & paid options. There is a particular detail about how to watch the Harry Potter series offline in FHD with the help of an offline downloader StreamFab All-In-One, which is an excellent downloader with unlimited functions like fast downloading, batch mode support, several subtitles, audio adjustments, high video quality, and many more.