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How to Convert WMV to MP3 Audio Format?


   Posted by Amanda

2020-02-16 23:20:53


Summary: How to convert WMV to MP3 audio format? Here we list some best WMV to MP3 converters and show you the detailed steps of using them to convert WMV to MP3.

The Most Complete DVD/Blu-ray/4K UHD/Video Solutions

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WMV, which is short for Windows Media Video, is a kind of audio and video file format, used to save audio and video content on a digital platform. WMV was developed by Microsoft, to hold several audio video codecs and to run them on Microsoft–supported operating systems and machines. Today, WMV is widely used by physical file formats, such as HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc, as the default format. 


While Microsoft users love WMV format, little do they know the troubles that other software users face using WMV format. WMV is proprietary to Microsoft, therefore is not compatible with most of the other operating systems. If you are an Apple or a Linux user, you will be spending a majority of the time converting WMV files to a format that is supported. 


In most cases, you will see conversions of WMV to MP3. MP3 file format is known for compressing a sound sequence into a very small file and yet managing to preserve the original level of sound quality when it is played.

Here are software using which you can convert WMV to MP3.


Convert WMV to MP3 with DVDFab Video Converter

DVDFab Video Converter is one of the best software available to convert WMV to MP3. All the features that you can find on the internet supporting this conversion are offered by DVDFab alone. Considering that DVDFab works with multiple file formats any audio/video content that you want to convert, DVDFab will carry out the conversion for you without a glitch. 


1.      With DVDFab Video Converter, you could process all formats available on the internet, digital camcorders, capture cards, etc., Use DVDFab as it will support the conversion of your file to any mainstream video/audio format.

2.      You get to customize your output until you are satisfied. Whether it is the entire file that you want to convert or just a part of it, you get exactly what you want. 

3.      You could also make professional technical changes using DVDFab Video Converter thanks its built-in video editor options with which you can experiment with more specific video and audio parameters than other regular converters. This way your output is personalized to suit your preferences.

4.      Because of its carefully designed simple and intuitive UI, DVDFab Video Converter is super easy, even for those who are new to editing.

How to convert WMV to MP3:

First, launch the DVDFab converter 

Double click DVDFab 11, and then click the Converter in the options bar. Drag and drop the source video into the main UI for loading. Alternatively, you could navigate it through the Add buttons on the main UI.

Choose your profile and customize the output video

Go to the left pane and click the profile switcher. Choose a format or device profile you need after source loading and enter the output content including the titles, audio tracks, and subtitles. If you want to make any particular changes in the output video, you can modify the video and audio parameters in Advanced Settings, and deeply customize the output content with a DVDFab built-in video editor.

After that, move on to Save and click the folder icon to select the output directory.

Start to convert video

Once you click the Start button, DVDFab will immediately begin converting WMV to MP3 and provide you with the detailed progress details during the process. You have the option to stop the conversion at any point. Alternatively, you could set your PC to shut down automatically, exit program, hibernate or do nothing when the task is done. 


Convert WMV to MP3 with Convert2MP3.Net

Using, you can download your favorite videos from popular sites such as YouTube, Dailymotion, etc. You even get to change the file format and make specific changes in its settings when you are downloading your video. It’s quite simple to convert WMV to MP3.

 How to convert WMV to MP3:

·         On the homepage of the website, you are asked to put in the link of the video you want to convert/download.

·         Enter the URL a specify the format you want to convert the file to. 

·         Hit ‘Convert’ to start the conversion process. And, you're done!


Convert WMV to MP3 with Online Video Converter

Log on to to convert WMV to MP3. The website is super simple as it is mainly used by newbies who are looking forward to some quick conversions and not by professional video editors. 

•    On the home page, you will come across the ‘How this works” section if you scroll down. 

•    Enter the link of the video file you want to convert. You can also upload the file from your system.

•    Select the format you want to change it to. Also, specify your custom settings. 

•    Click ‘Start’ to start the conversion process.

•    Once the file is downloaded, you can save the file in the location of your choice. 



Hopefully, we have given you useful, necessary information for you to convert WMV to MP3 online. And the WMV to MP3 converter from DVDFab is definitely your best choice. 

Convert any audio & video files from one format to another

Featuring the most advanced audio & video conversion technologies, DVDFab Video Converter allows you to convert audio & video files of all sorts from one format to another, for playback on desktops, laptops, notebooks, and portable & mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, PDAs, game consoles, even car infotainment systems as well.

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