Back in the day, you had to clear your schedule and buy tickets to the cinema if you want to watch a movie. Either that or wait a few years and then watch it on TV. Modern computers and the advent of the internet changed all that. Not only can you buy DVDs and Blu-rays to watch at home now but you can also watch them directly online and there are plenty of platforms that allow you to do just that. A lot of people prefer Netflix but sites like YouTube and many YouTube alternatives are also great places to watch movies online. Even better, you can watch movies there and even download them in some cases without paying anything.


Part 1: YouTube and How to Download YouTube Movies for Free

YouTube is a website that everybody should be aware of by now as it’s the most popular video streaming platform in the world. Between music videos, internet shows, fail compilations and original videos uploaded by content creators, there’s a little something for everybody on YouTube. But did you know you can also watch free full-length movies there? In addition to the mix of free and paid movies offered by the people who are running YouTube, you can also find plenty of channels dedicated to uploading movies that everybody can watch for free.

Thanks to YouTube Video Downloader, you can also download these movies very quickly and without any hassles. The tool is very easy to use and converts everything you download to MP4, a format that’s compatible with pretty much every multimedia player and device out there. Before we discuss some good YouTube alternatives let’s first take a look at how DVDFab’s software works, just in case you do want to stick with YouTube and want to download all your movies from there.

1. Open the main DVDFab 11 client click the Utilities section to find a tool labeled YouTube Video Downloader.

download youtube videos

2. Open the tool and then use the search bar to look for the movie you want to download. The tool’s interface is very similar to the default YouTube UI so feel free to also use filters and other features provided by the platform to make your search easier.

download youtube videos

3. Once you search for something on YouTube you’ll be greeted by a list of videos that match your keywords so pick a video from the list that best matches what you are trying to find. Once the video is playing click the Download menu to select the video quality. Once you select an option, the video will start downloading automatically.

download youtube videos

4. The last thing you need to do is go to the Download section to check on the progress of the download. After the download has been completed, click the folder icon to jump straight to the movie’s location and feel free to play it or transfer it to another device if you want to save it for later.

download youtube videos


Part 2: YouTube Alternatives for Watching Videos and Movies



Dailymotion is probably the most popular YouTube alternative currently available and the closest one in terms of content variety. There’s not quite as much content here but there are definitely enough videos to keep you busy for quite a while. One major disadvantage to note is that only premium users are allowed to upload HD videos to the platform, which isn’t the case on YouTube. On the bright side, Dailymotion has more relaxed rules when it comes to removing content so when you do upload a video there, you can be certain it will remain online for a long time.

youtube alternative



Another one of the best YouTube alternatives that you’re probably already familiar with. The on Vimeo is a bit more streamlined and focuses on a few specific categories so you’re less likely to find crazy obscure videos here. If you’re an aspiring or even a professional artist, musician or filmmaker Vimeo is a great YouTube alternative because the website encourages people to upload their own original work. The bad news is that the platform also imposes a 500 MB weekly upload limit for all its non-premium users so you will only be able to upload fairly short videos. You can raise this limit to 5GB per week but only if you’re willing to pay a monthly fee.

youtube alternative



Veoh might be one of the lesser known YouTube alternatives on this list but it’s definitely still worth checking out. Unlike a lot of other similar platforms, Veoh allows users to upload videos of any length and size. This is a pretty big perk for content creators and film students that want to upload their own movies on the internet without having to worry about length restrictions. The UI is fairly minimalistic but works well as all the content on the website is neatly categorized and easy to find.  Most of the movies you can find on Veoh are pretty old but you can also come across a few recent films if you look hard enough.

youtube alternative



If you’re a Facebook user (and who isn’t these days?) chances are you’re already pretty familiar with 9Gag. The website that popularizes countless internet memes also has a section known as 9GagTV, which is dedicated entirely to videos. If you’re already a fan of 9Gag, you pretty much know what to expect here – cat videos, fail compilations, dank memes in video format, obscure movies, and so much more. 9GagTV is the perfect alternative to YouTube if you’re looking for a website that hosts funny videos galore. Don’t get me wrong, YouTube is great for having a good launch, but 9GagTV is even better.

youtube alternative


The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is an open source project that aims to be a sort of library for the whole internet. Not an easy task, but much like Wikipedia, the platform is taking its mission very seriously and is coming closer its day to achieving its goal. In addition to the popular Wayback Machine tool, The Internet Archive has a few other notable features, including a very interesting video library. Due to its very nature, The Internet Archive focuses on acquiring a lot of old videos that you won’t find anywhere else. This includes a lot of great movies, TV shows and documentaries, all of which you can watch and download entirely for free. It’s definitely not the best YouTube alternative if you’re into random funny videos and music clips but if you’re looking for an ever-expanding library of old movies and TV shows, there’s no better place to find them than The Internet Archive’s video section.

youtube alternative



YouTube is often considered the best of the best when it comes to video content but that’s not necessarily true for everybody. At the end of the day, it’s all a matter of preferences and if you’re looking for a very specific type of content, chances are you can find a website that offers more of it than YouTube. If the YouTube alternatives we covered today are not what you were looking for, consider using DVDFab YouTube Video Downloader the next time you want to watch a movie that’s available on the platform. YouTube has a bit habit of randomly removing videos so make sure to download all your favorite YouTube films so you can watch them offline whenever you want.