Do you wish to download and convert YouTube into MP3 files on your Mac? Well, you aren’t the only one. A lot of people wish to listen to music on their PC and Macs. While YouTube is an excellent and revolutionary website, it does not let you download videos from it, so you can only listen to what you want if you have an internet connection. This is where a YouTube MP3 downloader for Mac comes in.

You can use a quality YouTube to MP3 downloader for Mac to get the job done. We are here to deliver the best downloaders for Mac. One commonality among them is that they are all quite easy to use. Peruse the list and decide which YouTube MP3 downloader for Mac is the best for you.


Airy has been lauded by users for being the best YouTube to MP3 downloader for Macs. The popularity of the downloader stems from its user-friendly experience. It is very easy to use and delivers excellent features. A great feature of Airy is that it allows you to download videos in whichever quality and resolution you wish. The fact that it also supports other formats is also a breath of fresh air. You can use the downloader to download videos in MP4, 3GP and FLV formats.

Additionally, you are given the option of saving your whole custom YouTube playlist in one go on the hard drive of your Mac. The process of downloading videos merely includes three steps. All you need to do is run the app, paste the link of the video in it, select the format and download.

For those of you who are looking for a free to download YouTube converter to MP3 for Mac might be a tad disappointed. While the first two downloads using Airy are free, you will have to purchase the app eventually.

Any Video Converter Free

All those of you who are on the lookout for a free YouTube converter to MP3 for Mac will be satisfied with the value proposition of Any Video Converter. This downloader is a free version of the premium option, called Any Video Converter Pro. While the pro version is packed with value-added features, the free app also gets the job done in an efficient manner.

You might think that because the downloader is free, you won’t be given a lot of features. However, this is not the case with this video downloader. Instead, you are provided with a wide range of features. The interface is easy to use, which makes converting videos a piece of cake.

The only known problem with the Any Video Converter Free is that the speed of the conversion and downloading process is slow. Thus, you won’t be able to download more than one video in one go.

MacX YouTube Downloader

You can find both a premium and free version of this downloader. The premium version is quite cheap and worth the purchase, but if you don’t wish to make the investment, it isn’t like you will be delivered with subpar experience with the MacX YouTube Downloader. Its free downloader succeeds in satisfying the masses as well.

You can even use the free downloader to download 4K quality videos. Additionally, the interface and look of the downloader are stylish and simple. The only problem with the downloader is that the download process is not automatic. You need to click on the “download now” button even after queuing multiple videos for download.

However, at least the free version is not limited. You can download as many videos as you want and that too in high quality.


Among the three YouTube converters, Airy is the best in terms of speed and functionality, but if you are looking for a free converter, any of the other two will work just fine. Make sure to research on the YouTube MP3 downloader for Mac before choosing it.

Individuals who are not Mac users or wish to download YouTube videos on Windows as well, don’t worry, as we won’t leave you high and dry. DVDFab YouTube downloader and DVDFab Video Converter together can be the answer to your queries.

DVDFab YouTube Downloader is a free desktop program that allows you to download YouTube videos regardless of what format they are in. You can download them all in MP4 format. Once you do so, you can make use of the DVDFab Video Converter to convert them to MP3 specifically. Make sure to give the two a try if you are looking for a fast way of downloading and converting YouTube videos on Windows. Download your favorite videos and listen away!