When YouTube Red launched in 2015 it initially sounded like YouTube is launching an adult only video website. YouTube already has so much free content to let keep one busy for an entire lifetime. So the only reason why somebody would want to pay for it is if YouTube starts hosting premium content from known Youtubers or it gets into tie-ups with movie distribution houses. At $10 a month, one not only gets a lot of premium content but a total ad-free experience on the website. Alongside it, you get a free subscription to Google Play Store which itself costs $10 and the ability to play the videos on YouTube app in the background.

Becoming a YouTuber is now an aspiration of quite a few people, youngsters and old alike. With original and entertaining or information content, many people are making a living out of their video earnings through advertisements and paid placements. With YouTube Red, Google is further motivating these creators to create original content for YouTube by upfront sponsoring their work. The creators are expected to do their normal logging only but the work will remain exclusively available for YouTube Red subscribers.

While there are still no award-winning YouTube Red movies yet but there are definitely some original movies and award-winning documentaries on YouTube Red that you can check out if you have already taken the subscription to the premium service.

Part 1 - Top 10 Best YouTube Red movies

Lazer Team (2016)

Directed by Matt Hullum, the movie stars guys from Rooster Teeth, the famous gaming YouTube channel. The storyline is an amusing action movie where the guys from a ragtag team of the town discover an alien spaceship packed with battle gear and arms for outer space war.  This YouTube Red original movie shows the guys trying to learn the battle gear found in the alien spaceship and then using it to save earth from an alien invasion. If you like the movie then you will be glad to know that there is a sequel of the movie too produced by YouTube and Rooster Teeth.

The Thinning (2016)

The Thinning shows a society where the natural resources of the Earth have become highly limited and only the meritorious will be allowed to live and others eliminated. It is a social action thriller YouTube Red movie that stars Paul Logan and Peyton List amongst a big list of actors and actresses. The children have to pass an aptitude test to survive. However, soon they discover that the tests are rigged and they go on a mission to expose the system and the conspiracy.

Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated (2017)

This is a documentary in our YouTube Red movies list which stars Demi Lovato talking about her drug problems, eating disorder, alcohol and mental issues. If you have ever wanted to look deep into the life of a pop-start, this is best movie on YouTube Red that you should watch. The movie shows different portions of her life. At one moment she is surrounded by fans and the other moment she is there in her car crying alone. The movie shows Demi’s personal life with no sugar coating and gives you a lot of life lessons.

Kedi (2017)

If you like watching cute cat videos on YouTube then this documentary is the best YouTube Red movie for you. The movie follows the life of 7 cats in Istanbul and how their presence shapes the beautiful culture of the country. The background tracks on violin might feel a little overkill but the success of this YouTube Red movie has proven that the love of cute animal still sells and makes for a great business idea.

Vlogumentary (2016)

Always wondered how your favorite YouTubers create the content. What all goes behind the scenes to create the entertaining content that you get to watch as the end product? You don’t need to request any of your favorite YouTuber to create such a content because Vlogumentary shows just that and too from multiple famous YouTube bloggers. This YouTube Red movie has been directed by Morgan Spurlock, the director of Super Size Me. The end result is an in-depth documentary on how the content is created and how is the offline lives of these famous YouTubers. A few of the famous YouTubers covered in this YouTube Red movie are Shay Carl, Hank and John Green, iJustine, and Grace Helbig.

Dan and Phil's Story of TATINOF (2016)

A documentary by YouTubers danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil. It has been rated 9 out of 10 on IMDb. It follows the journey of these 2 YouTubers to making their live show. The movie is an end product of documenting their 1 year of struggles and adventures. See the moments they will never forget as well as those they definitely want to leave behind. Watch their journey starting from the stage, to their time spend on the roads and looking back at it all.

Dance Camp (2016)

Directed by Bert & Bertie, this is the first YouTube Red movie to be made. It takes you back to those old “I found my first love in the summer camp” stories. Targeted towards a teenage audience, it can be watched as a complete family movie too. The lead character Hunter doesn’t want to go to a summer dance school but soon changes his mind when he meets Cheyenne and the love candle is lighted. Soon they are competing with a troupe at the camp’s competition.

This Is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous (2017)

Documentaries form a major part of the best YouTube Red original movies currently. Gigi Gorgeous is a touching documentary on a transgendered woman who was previously known as Gregory Lazzarato, a champion diver and a promising athlete for Olympics. However, with her heart not in it, Gigi went on a mode of self-discovery and acceptance of her gender and all this was recorded for her YouTube audience. Before the transformation, Gregory had a famous YouTube channel where he used to give makeup tips and beauty tutorials. The YouTube Red movie provides a true insight into the life-transforming experience for both an individual and their family and also provides its viewers with details of the many surgeries that one has to go for such transformation.


Ghostmates (2016)

As the name suggests, this YouTube Red movie is a ghost movie but with a comical genre. Charlie movies into the new house and encountered the last roommate who died in the house. As it is, only Charlie can see Eddie and therefore he has to help him complete his unfinished business with his girlfriend. Once that is done Eddie can leave the earth peacefully. The comical part comes from T-Pain, who is also a ghost and kind of Charlie’s guardian angel.

Lazer Team 2 (2017)

Produced by Fullscreen Films and Rooster Teeth, Lazer Team 2 is a sequel is an attempt to cash in on the original Lazer Team movie. The movie was created by crowdfunding of over $2 million in just 30 days. The original cast came back together to go into space to bring back one of their own. The movie has had a good run with Rooster Teeth’s 38+ million subscribers. The movie relies on its crass but optimally timed jokes and blood pumping action scenes.

Part 2 - How to download movies from Youtube

If you are paying for a movie then chances are you might want to see the movie again after some time. However, it is not fun to have the limitation of being able to watch it only from on YouTube. After all, you have paid for the movie and you deserve to watch it wherever you want. We suggest using DVDFab YouTube Video Downloader for this purpose.

1. Download and install DVDFab Youtube Video Downloader.

2. Go to the Utilities tab and scroll down to find “YouTube Video Downloader”. Click on it to start the Video downloader application.

3. Use the software to browse and watch the YouTube Red movies or other free videos.

4. Search for the YouTube Red movie you want to download.

5. When the video starts playing, you will be able to see a Download button appearing at the left top corner. Click on the down arrow to see the resolutions available and click on one of them to start download of your YouTube Red movie in that resolution.

6. Watch other YouTube movies and videos and if you like them too, you can start another download in batch while the previous one is still happening. Your downloaded files will be stored in the path mentioned in the “Download To” directory.

7. You can monitor the progress of the downloads in the Downloads tab of the application.

8. For sharing these movies, you can also convert the YouTube videos to DVDs or Blu-rays with DVDFab DVD Creator or Blu-ray Creator and share them easily.