When everything is working properly, YouTube is the perfect place to watch videos and enjoy all your favorite online content in full HD. But the platform isn’t perfect and every once in a while you’re certain to come across a situation where a YouTube video freezes apparently for no reason and there’s little you can do about it. In reality, though, you can do something about it because there are solutions to all the common problems that cause YouTube videos to freeze. But in order to apply the solution, you first need to know the cause and that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today.

Part 1. YouTube Video Freezes – Causes and Solutions

Check Your Internet Connection

This first one is pretty obvious but a slow or unreliable internet connection causes YouTube videos to freeze more often than you’d think. The problem is particularly common when there are multiple devices sharing the same internet connection and gets worse when one of those devices is downloading something. The best way to check if YouTube videos keep freezing because of slow internet is to restart your internet connection and try playing the video again. Ideally, you should try playing a video when you’re certain nobody else is using your internet connection at the same time to eliminate an additional possibility.

Try Different Browsers or Apps

If you’re sure your internet connection is solid, the problem might be with the browser or app you’re using to watch YouTube videos. To eliminate this possibility try downloading a different browser/app to see if the problem persists. You’ll want to try at least three different browsers or apps just to be on the safe side. If YouTube videos keep freezing regardless of the browser or app you’re using, the problem might be with your device instead.

Restart Your Device

A simple restart can fix a lot of software-related problems, especially when restarting a device that has been running non-stop for long periods of time. It’s obviously not a guaranteed solution but it’s always worth trying out whenever something doesn’t work right on one of your devices.

Uninstall Adobe Flash

There was a time when Flash was needed to play most content online but that’s no longer the case. Nowadays, Adobe Flash can actually cause a lot of problems and might even lead to YouTube video freezes. A lot of people forget to uninstall programs when they’re no longer needed so there’s a pretty good chance that Flash is still running on your device. Since you don’t really need for anything anymore, it’s probably best to just uninstall it and then check if that fixes the problem.

Part 2: Solve the Problem for Good – Download YouTube Videos

If you’re sick of YouTube video freezes you may want to download your favorite YouTube videos instead of watching them online. The best way to do this is by using a very simple and straightforward tool known as DVDFab YouTube Video Downloader. The tool features a user interface that looks exactly like the one YouTube uses, however, this one includes a new button that lets you download videos from the website quickly and painlessly. All the videos you download using the software are automatically converted to MP4 files so you can then transfer and play them anywhere since the format is supported by pretty much any type of device. So, whenever YouTube videos keep freezing here’s what you can do:

1. Download the new DVDFab 11 client from the official website and then go to the Utilities section. You can find several very useful tools there, including DVDFab YouTube Video Downloader. Go ahead and open it.

fixed solution to youtube video freezes

2. You will be presented with a new window that looks identical to the home page of YouTube and can be used in the same way. Use the search bar to look for the video you want to download and then open it.

fixed solution to youtube video freezes

3. Once the video is playing, you should see the aforementioned Download button in the upper left corner of the UI. Click the little arrow to open up a menu that lets you select the video quality of the output and then pick one of the options.

fixed solution to youtube video freezes

4. After you select an option the video will begin downloading automatically so go to the Download section to check on the progress. Click the folder icon once the download is complete and enjoy your new video.

fixed solution to youtube video freezes


 It’s pretty annoying when a YouTube video freezes and you’re not sure why so hopefully this article can help you find a solution to that problem. The solutions we discussed in the first part may seem surprisingly simple but they actually do work most of the time so don’t hesitate to try them. If none of them work for you or if you’re simply looking for a permanent solution to the problem make sure to check out DVDFab YouTube Video Downloader so you won’t have to worry about freezing YouTube videos ever again.