The fourth season of Netflix's hit show "Stranger Things" is now available on the service, and it's available for free! This is great news for fans of the series, but it has also been the source of much piracy. Piracy sites have been blocked by the service, but they bounce back just as quickly. These leaks of popular series need more serious action from the service. Here is the rule information about "Stranger Things" and ways to use the Netflix video downloader to download Stranger Things season 4 episodes for free.


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Downloading Steps

Step 1: Software Launching

Launch the software on your Macbook or Windows PC to reach the VIP Service option.

Step 2: Website login

Locate the Netflix website from the right-side list and sign into your account with your official credentials. After that, select the Netflix title to download.

how to download stranger things season 4:Downloading Steps

Step 3: Download initiating

While playing your selected titles, you will get "Download" pop-ups & you need to click on them to initiate the downloading process.

Although the downloading function is supported by Netflix, there are still a lot of restrictions. For example, users are only alerted about the limit when there is only one last download. For many users, it is not convenient. Are there other solutions? Of course. If you want to download Stranger Things 4 for offline watching or to save it for a long time, you can use a video downloader called StreamFab to reach your favorite episodes. This is a convenient way to catch up on the show when you're stuck in the middle of traveling on holiday weekends.

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how to download stranger things season 4:Downloading Steps


Fans of the Netflix show have a lot to look forward to in Stranger Things season four. This season's main villain is Vecna, who is similar to Kali in terms of mind manipulation. Vecna manipulates people's perceptions, making them see things they shouldn't and even perceive spiders as threats. However, Vecna appears to be more powerful than Kali.

Fans of the show have been curious about the role of Kali, who last appeared in the season's finale. The episode depicts her as a young girl begging Eleven to stay. While her journey is relatively short, fans wanted to know more about the mysterious power she possesses. The Duffer brothers have been laying the groundwork for a layered, intricate ending for the series. Kali, the older sister of Eleven in the previous seasons, is a central figure in the series, but the character's absence is not the only reason for this.

The first step is to log in to your Netflix account. From there, navigate to the Stranger Things Show page. Then, select "Season 4" in the Episodes and Info section. Afterward, click "Download" and follow the on-screen instructions. This should give you the final two episodes of Stranger Things. You can also view this content on your mobile device if you subscribe to Netflix.


Fans of the hit Netflix series will be excited to learn that Vecna is on a revenge mission. She's an evil figure and has captured Nancy in the Upside-Down. Now, the duo must fight against Vecna to save Nancy. Download Vecna season 4 to watch the episode now. This week's episode was filmed in Moscow, and we're already eager to see what happens next!

The character of Vecna is played by Jamie Campbell Bower, who has also starred in the Twilight series and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. Bower revealed that he spent seven hours transforming into Vecna. The actor also said that he learned to connect with Henry's anger during the transformation process. If Vecna is successful in her mission, she'll be able to use her psychic powers to kill people from alternate dimensions.

Vecna has also managed to get Eleven to join her on her mission. The team had to race to find Nancy before the Vecna could get to her. Once they escaped, they must find the way to find Nancy and save the town. The time is now, because part two of Vecna is coming out on July 1.

The Upside Down

The Upside Down of Stranger Things season four has many fans wondering what exactly happened in the Upside Down. While there are no direct answers to this question, the creators did tease that the Upside Down and the world above have always co-existed. The episode introduced the Upside Down as a realm with a hive mind and is inhabited by hybrid life. While the Upside Down was created by Eleven, it has a history that is far more complicated than that.

When Nancy, Mike, and Steve enter the Upside Down, they're greeted by a new enemy - Vecna. This monster possessed by the Upside Down is the son of Victor Creel, who killed the inhabitants before Brenner took him in. But, how do the Upside Down residents interact with each other? It's not entirely clear why Vecna would want to live among humans, but he does want to use them for her own selfish purposes.

Hopper's return to Hawkins

The second episode of Stranger Things season 4 begins with Hopper's return to Hawkins. After learning that Eleven is alive, Hopper finds purpose in losing a game of entertainment against a Demogorgon. Eleven bursts into tears upon hearing the news. As she reflects on their relationship, she is overcome with emotion and wonders what she did to earn the title of "Sadistic" in the first place.

Mike and Eleven grew closer when they met in Hawkins. They both had similar backgrounds, and Mike and Eleven were childhood friends. However, Hopper was a bit more sympathetic and responsible after Eleven joined the cabin. Hopper feared that Eleven might run away from the cabin, so he put tripwires around the cabin to prevent her from doing so. Eleven eventually left and went to her mother, but Hopper confronted her about the danger she had put herself in and apologized to her.

The return of Hopper to Hawkins in Stranger Things season 4 follows his escape from prison with Yuri and Murray. Yuri claims to have a helicopter, but it is too small to fly. Joyce and Hopper finally make out, but Hopper knows that they won't make it to Hawkins in time. The next episode of the series is set to premiere on October 6, 2018.

The Battle of Starcourt

The Battle of Starcourt is one of the most thrilling episodes in Stranger Things season 4. The battle takes place in a mall where the characters from the Upside Down (aka "the Demons") are hiding. The Demons' headquarters are located in Kenosha, Wisconsin, within the Chicago Combined Statistical Area. The Demons are known to have possessed Eleven and Will Byers in seasons two and three. They have also been possessed by the Demogorgons (David Harbour, Winona Ryder).

After the previous episode, the events of the Battle of Starcourt continue to build suspense. The Demons are led by the "Mind Flayer" and their allies, and they must stop him from doing his dirty work. The Demogorgons' plans for the Upside Down are complicated, and their actions have a disproportionate impact on the world. While the Demogorgons may be the most important people in the world, the Demogorgons are an important part of the story, and the show does not disappoint.

The mid-season hiatus

We're already two episodes into Stranger Things season 4 and we've already learned that the main cast won't be back together in the final episodes. Director Ross Duffer said as much during a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly. In the previous seasons, different groups of characters shared information and went off to fight the forces of evil. While this year's hiatus will likely be much more dramatic, it may be a relief for fans.

While Stranger Things' fourth season came to an end with two episodes that lasted almost four hours each, the show's writers may have been a little self-indulgent by going this far. After all, it was the show that turned Kate Bush's song "Running Up That Hill" into a hit 37 years later. And despite the mid-season hiatus, the finale was still a solid season, but it's no Emmy-winning drama.

In this mid-season hiatus, we find out why Eleven and Jonathan left Hawkins for the Upside Down. As they try to free Nancy from Vecna, Steve tries to save her. But the evil spirits have other plans. Meanwhile, Jonathan is on his way to Nevada, where his friends have been hiding. The Mid-Season Hiatus is an opportunity to see if the new characters will still be there.

The trailer for Stranger Things season 4

The trailer for Stranger Things season 4 has dropped. As a fan of the hit Netflix show, you'll be thrilled to see a new trailer for this season's second part. The trailer opens with Max at Billy's grave, and teases a war to come. It also gives you a sneak peek at the return of the gang to Hawkins Lab. If you've been hanging out on Netflix, you've probably seen the trailer.

The second trailer for the new season is here and it's pretty epic. The upcoming season is going to pick up where Season 1 left off, and we're getting a sneak peek of how the gang deals with the ramifications of their actions. The trailer is set to Kate Bush's 'Running Up That Hill'. In the trailer, Eleven refuses to listen to the advice of Doctor Brenner, despite the fact that her friends might not be prepared for a fight. This stubbornness may ultimately be her downfall.

The second trailer shows some of the characters getting together after their separated lives. The new season features the gang, including Max (Sadie Sink), David Harbour, Millie Bobby Brown, and Noah Schnapp. This season also features Brett Gelman, who returns as Murray to help Joyce Byers decode the mystery of Hopper. Another new character is Eduardo Franco as Argyle. Hopefully, this new season will be even more exciting than the first.

As we mentioned before, if you want to download Stranger Things 4 for offline watching, you can choose Netflix directly. However, if you have higher requirements on watching experience, or if you want to watch the video at any time in spite of location restrictions, using the StreamFab Netflix downloader may suit you better.