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Jacob, senior English editor and translator of DVDFab Software. He've been writing informative posts related to multimedia technology for seven years. It gives him great pleasure to assist users in locating appropriate software. During the spare time, he also enjoys making things out of clay and doing woodworking, which feeds his creativity.

Latest Posts

  • "Can I Convert GIF to Video for Instagram?" Of Course!

    Instagram attracts many users to post and share their personal works on it. However, you may have aware that this social website doesn't support users to upload GIFs on it. Yet the truth is GIF has also been a popular thing in our life. Most importantly, people like it. So can you convert GIF to video for Instagram? Well, the answer is positive. Read this article and let's find out together.

    Jacob 08/17/2020
  • How to Convert 3GP to MP3 Easily and Quickly on Windows and Mac?

    If you want to convert your 3GP videos to MP3 for playback on various devices, you are in the right place. Here is a detailed guide of how to convert 3GP to MP3 easily and quickly.

  • How to Play MKV Files on Android Devices?

    How to play MKV files on Android devices? You can either convert MKV to Android supported formats or take advantage of a third party Android MKV player. Now read on for the details.

  • Top 10 Best Adobe Premiere Alternatives

    What are the best Adobe Premiere alternatives? Here are top 10 best video editors with some advanced features that can replace Adobe Premiere from some ways.

  • Wonderful GIF Maker Apps for Your Smartphone

    It is no doubt that there are many GIFs out there waiting for you to search or share. But it is more fun than using the already existed ones. The most essential thing to do is looking for the best GIF maker apps. No worry as this article has packed the free GIF makers app, best GIF maker apps for Android as well as the GIF maker apps for iPhone. Just follow our lead and learn about these apps.

    Jacob 01/19/2020
  • Best Video Blur Apps for You [iPhone & Android]

    It’s normal for us to encounter a situation in which we need to blur faces or background in videos for different reasons. Having the right equipment for the job is the first thing you need to do. Lucky enough for you. We prepared the best video blur apps to give you a hand in blurring faces in videos or blurring the background in it. Therefore, you don’t have to waste so much time searching for it. Now, let’s see what apps are there together.

    Jacob 01/19/2020
  • Top 10 Best Video Editing Apps for Instagram

    Instagram offers some editing features but they may not always satisfy you. So here we will list top 10 best video editing apps for Instagram with some advanced features you can use.

  • [Solved] How to Take a Picture from a Video on iPhone?

    Your iPhone can be used to shot and play videos. But do you know how to take a picture from a video on the iPhone? There are several ways of capturing a photo from a video on the iPhone. In this article, we will introduce multiple ways to extract pictures from a video on the iPhone. Here we go!

    Jacob 12/27/2019